"US Special Forces are in North Korea" Army General sacked

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Remember that general who said U.S.  special forces are in North Korea?

At a conference in Florida last month, Army Brigadier General Neil Tolley, commander of US special forces in South Korea, said that North Korea had built thousands of tunnels since the Korean war, which are hidden from our satellites. And so, Tolley revealed, “we send (South Korean) soldiers and US soldiers to the North to do special reconnaissance.”

Brig. Gen. Neil Tolley

A day after the UK’s Telegraph reported that news, quoting its source as the website of The Diplomat, the National Defense Industrial Association’s magazine, The Diplomat issued a disclaimer:
In response to the controversy that has attended yesterday’s story on North Korea, The Diplomat has sought corroboration. While the author strongly disputes the contention that any quote was fabricated, we acknowledge the possibility that Brig. Gen. Tolley was speaking hypothetically, about future war plans rather than current operations. The author insists he heard no such qualification, but if there has been a misunderstanding then we regret any confusion.”
Indeed, both Tolley and the U.S. military insisted that no special operation forces have been sent into North Korea.
Now comes news that the same Brig. Gen. Tolley has been sacked!
The AP reports, June 5, 2012, that Tolley “has been replaced after reports quoted him as saying U.S. and South Korean special forces have been parachuting into North Korea on espionage missions.”

The U.S. military command in Seoul said Tuesday the departure of Tolley is a routine personnel change. Tolley had begun his job as chief of U.S. special forces in South Korea in October 2010, and officials say the posting usually lasts about two years.
If you believe that, you must also believe in the Easter Bunny!  😀
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0 responses to “"US Special Forces are in North Korea" Army General sacked

  1. The only things that are left unrevealed in this administration are the pResident’s past and his covert operations in our own country.

  2. The general should have been sacked.
    And the Obama administration stooge that told him to reveal that sensitive information should be arrested, tried, then thrown up against a wall and shot.

  3. Sorry, GF. We don’t manage FOTM’s subscription. It’s WordPress. 🙁

  4. Dennis H. Bennett

    Notwithstanding error in The Diplomat’s reporting, the release of General Tolley gives the appearance of him having made a “major” intelligence gaffe. I find this hard to believe, especially for a soldier who has reached the level of Brigadier General. Given the stream of leaks out of O’s administration, this “firing”? could be just a conveniently placed band aid.
    Inaccessible to O-drones, these tunnels have been “special-op’d” for years.
    to control unwanted traffic and weaponry. It seems to be a pattern of the Obama admin to scapegoat one for the leaks they they’ve promoted. But the leaks continue!
    Sen. Richard Burr, on the Senate Select Intelligence Com, recently published in his newsletter his awareness of the leaks and their gravity with regard to national security. From his comments, I believe they are quietly investigating this

  5. Call 202-224-3121(Washington D.C.) to have this switchboard put you through to your particular state’s elected officials office in Washington D.C. and ask them to vote for HCR107 (No war as is stated in the U.S.Constitution, which you are sworn to uphold… without Congressional approval)(Article 2 Section 4 in U.S.Constitution)


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