US soldiers coming home for Christmas!

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10 responses to “US soldiers coming home for Christmas!

  1. And even more will come home because of President Trump’s withdrawal of our troops from Syria, over which the neo-Con war-hawks are having a meltdown.

  2. Our brave soldiers are in Syria, ILLEGALLY!

    • And “NoName” was using them to support the “brave freedom fighters,” who seem to also show up in photos of ISIS.

  3. DCG and Dr. Eowyn, Merry Christmas, and thanks for the welcoming shots captured in the film, sure bring a tear or two, and a happy heart with emotion.

  4. Yes, coming home where our soldiers belong, not in foreign unfriendly far away land. Our men go to war to win, the enemy was crushed and now is time for a big welcoming, to honor their sacrifice. WELCOME HOME, BROTHERS AND SISTERS WE LOVE YOU.

  5. Remember this is under the “evil””secular” Dr Assad.
    WATCH: Syrians Celebrate Christmas In The Streets Of Aleppo And Damascus

  6. Wow, DCG – you sure know how to find videos that cause wet cheeks! Merry Christmas and thanks for reminding FOTM readers of the sacredness of family by providing us the opportunity to witness the joy of children, wives, parents and most especially dogs this Christmas morning.

  7. Hooah amen! We need troops on our own borders equipped with anti-assault assault weapons. Make America a sovereign nation again.

  8. Very special, thanks for posting J.C.

  9. Another promise being fulfilled. And yes, the neo-cons are throwing hissy fits all over the place.


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