US soldier refused service at Muslim-owned Texaco station

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UPDATE (July 10, 2012):

The gas station owner apologized. Go here for my follow-up on this story.
An American soldier in uniform walks into a Texaco station on Highway 10 in Bogalusa, Louisiana. The Muslims who own the station tell him:

“We don’t sell to your kind here.”

If the video is deleted censored by YouTube, what it shows is the exterior of the Texaco gas station, with patriotic protesters lining the road. The voice-over narrator describes the denial of service to a serviceman and that there was a previous similar incident.
H/t my friend Mark S. McGrew and FOTM’s beloved Tina.
Mark, who’s running for El Paso County Sheriff, asks this question:
“What would it be like if Jews refuse to serve Christians, blacks refuse to serve whites, whites refuse to serve Mexicans, Democrats refuse to serve Republicans, etc. etc., and everybody refuses to serve anyone not exactly like them?”
My question to the Muslims at that Louisiana Texaco station is:
“If you hate America so much because our soldiers are in ‘your land’ — Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Middle East — why are you in America? Why don’t you go back to your Muslim homeland?”


My apologies to Terry who’d already posted this news! (See his far superior post, “I dun did it now, Cher!“). But I’m not deleting this duplicate post because it’s already received two Facebook clicks and 6 Twitters from readers who missed Terry’s original post.

Will Terry forgive Eo the dolt?


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0 responses to “US soldier refused service at Muslim-owned Texaco station

  1. Fork the camel-washers and feed ’em couscous.
    Then deport their camel-flea infested asses whence they came.

  2. Maybe someone should put posters up around town saying, Servicemen are refused service at these stations, and list them, if everybody quit going to them they will have to go back home cause the damn cavemen dont know how to do real work.

  3. Yes. My booboo!
    I’m waiting for Terry to say he’ll forgive me…. 🙁

  4. Boycott his workplace and/or sue him for discrimination.

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    US soldier refused service at Muslim-owned Texaco station

  6. Thank you Terry and Dr.Eowyn for exposing this prejudice! I agree with Dr. Eowyn’s last question, which would also be my question. Why do you live in America? We serve everyone here, of whatever race, creed, color or heritage. We don’t have a “your kind” elimination in the United States of America.

  7. Or somebody could load up a back pack sprayer with pigs blood, thinned, and go on a spraying spree…

  8. If a Mulism was refused service for the way he or she is dressed, bet video would not be deleted by facebook or Utube. We can be sure it would be repeated as a Breaking News event 100 times a day. Appears Anti- American policies are alive and doing fine with Utube and Facebook.

  9. brolin1911a1

    Youtube says the video here was “deleted by the user.” The original video to which the visitor here is referred has been deleted by Youtube for alledgedly violating Youtube’s terms of service. One could get the impression that Youtube does not want the bigoted behavior of these Muslim gas station owners publicized.

    • Im sure someone made a copy of this and will just repost it. This is bigoted behavior, by an illegal class of muslims from a third world country. They were suppose to have a big protest today by the american veterans. And you are right, Im sure this site is owned by liberals who try to cover up things. I hope the soldier sues them for discrimiation and any other charges he can dream up and I hope the town boycotts this Texaco station store.

    • YouTube is run by libs. They are too obvious by what they choose to delete.

  10. WEll perhaps we should quit using word press and go to another medium such as newmax or drudge report. They have a much larger audience anyway IMO

    • marliio,
      1. WordPress is NOT YouTube. YouTube censoring that video has nothing to do with WordPress.
      2. Neither NewsMax nor Drudge Report posts videos, YouTube or otherwise.
      3. WordPress is the host for Fellowship of the Minds. Neither NewsMax nor Drudge Report hosts blogs.

  11. brolin1911a1

    I believe that Youtube is owned by Google.

  12. I want to see the covered by the MSM, but I’m not holding out much hope.

  13. i would declare ’eminent domain’ on the texaco station, and deport the dickheads back to their homeland and let ALLAH deal with them.

  14. brolin1911a1

    Given the cultural, racial, and ethnic makeup of the city of Bogalusa, LA., my prediction is that gas station owner may as well leave town and the sooner the better it will be for him. That’s a very blue-collar town in a region that traditionally supplies a large percentage of our nation’s military members. If he does try to stay in business I very much doubt that said business will thrive.

  15. edward oleander

    Um, before we start distributing torches and pitchforks… Efforts by the local Bogalusa media (The Daily News – NOT any part of the MSM) failed to turn up any evidence that this event actually occurred…

  16. The next best thing to throwing a match on their fuel pumps is to NOT GO THERE.

  17. Boycott all Texaco stations, until this owner is replaced!


    You need to post the vidoe on they dont take videos off like youtube does.

  19. Jesse A. Davila Jr.

    Funny how all this hasn’t made Local or National News! Wonder, if it was any American refusing a Muslim service it would have made World News!! Everybody in that town should protest that station, along with every Vet and active servicemember until that place closes their business. God Bless America. And all our Service Men and Women who serve our Great Country. Jesse A. Davila Jr. Sgt./USMC 1984-1992, 2003-2005
    Waco, TX

    • Thank you for your service to our country, Sergeant Davila!
      Semper Fi 😀

    • Toadthewetsprocket

      Marine, this situation was based on a lie. Don’t fall for it. I’ve served 33 years and know well what I speak of; seven war zones, four of them in Arab nations.
      Davila, have you ever once heard an Arab repeat what those in the south do: “We don’t serve your kind here”?
      Negative. Arabs don’t talk like that. Racists in the south do. The same racists I’ve delt with much of my life.
      SMSgt Cole

      • Battle of Hoth Ribbon w/ Endor Clasp? Codename was Agent Orange? (C’mon, level with us… )

        • Toadthewetsprocket

          Not certain your question; be more specific please. I wasn’t in Vietnam; i.e. Agent Orange era.

          • Okay, sounds legit. (Darn– and I was looking forward to tales of a classified Medal of Honor on the restricted fiche from a covert joint military-CIA battle with an anti-government militia that’d joined up with Al Qaeda in Montana or, maybe, just getting Dominos delivered fresh and hot in Afghanistan… )

        • Toadthewetsprocket

          If you doubt my sincerity I am willing to give you my personal email address and we can discuss further:
          I have been in the military for 33 years thus far, married 33 years to the same woman as well, have one daughter in the Air Force, one in the Marines (top shooter, btw), and a son joining the ROTC.
          My global resume speaks for itself and am not afraid to discuss any issue with anyone; which is why I have published my email address as I have an a multitude of sites.
          I will also add I am not confrontational. I save that for the true ‘bad guys’, and I am certain none of them are on this site.

          • Thank you for your service Toad.
            I don’t doubt your sincerity as a military member. Your global resume may be of something yet know we have many other global and military friends here as well.
            We are open to debate. If you doubt the authenticity of this vid, please take it up with YouTube or offer rebuttal of its origin.

  20. anyone have any updates here as to what is going on?

    • Toadthewetsprocket

      Yeah, the ruse was based on a lie to feed into hatred and anger.

    • Toadthewetsprocket

      Fair enough, DCG, I appreciate that. I tried but ‘youtube’ took the video off and I’ve yet to find a means to obtain ‘JerryT602’s site so I could confront him. I was prepared to, trust me.
      I’m not here to cause dissention nor further anger (though that video did anger me because once I researched it I realized there was no militay member this ‘jerry’ was referring to). I’m a stanch conservative, tea party member and the media is looking for any reason to attack us as being racist.
      I refute that: The Progressive party is the maintainers of racism and do so by mmaking certain all supposed minorities stay on their ‘plantation’ by dividing this nation as they have so successfully.
      It is the conservatives that need to illustrate to all people’s how to succeed in our free market system. The DNC is hell-bent on destroying that and don’t care what damage they do in their wake in order to garner power over others.

      • Thx Toad. YouTube is a proggie site, as you know, that will do their good little agenda. They remove all PC baloney…
        We can only stick together to fight the good fight.

  21. Jordan Busch

    Post signs throughout the neighborhood as to what this Muslim dirtbag is doing to Americans and American soldiers. Force him out of business and back to his dirthole country.

  22. Toadthewetsprocket

    I’m not certain if any of you have received this email but here are my thoughts of it: Where is the military member who was told this and why have we not heard from him or her?
    Muslims don’t use phrases like “We don’t serve your kind here”. Those racists born and bred in the south do. I know, I’ve experienced the racism there and that EXACT same phrase even via my wife when we were stationed there. I am rather sensitive to racism because I have experienced it as a ‘gringo’ going to school in a primarily Hispanic district besides what my wife suffered outside my presence not far from where this video took place as well as what she too has in the past.
    Wahhabists are borne ignorant. Racism is borne of ignorance. One does not out-trump the other because hatred is hatred. Why are conservatives exacerbating the belief they are racists by posting such an unsubstantiated story and who is responsible for posting this mockery of supposed truth?
    I abhor racism! It infuriates me! There is little on the planet less ignorant.

    • You mean like the racist Chris Rock born in the south?

      • Toadthewetsprocket

        Chris Rock is a racist by my account based on his prior statements. I realize he feels he is not but he’s been given a ‘get-out-of-jail’ free card thanks to the last three decades of African American studies that is prevalent in our colleges and universities.
        Such a degree requires the student to accept certain premises; 1) only whites can be racist, 2) no blacks can be racist, 3) all whites are racists. Only then will the supposed higher learning begin.
        I’ve a black conservative friend who made me privy to these theses concepts two decades ago via paperwork he received from the racists who have found means to excuse their own racism.
        Racism is racism and God knows well the hearts of men.

        • So Chris Rock is racist, yep. And those born and bred in the South racist, check. It’s a shame to generalize all in one pocket.
          Racism sucks, for sure. You can either rise above it or be a victim.
          As for Muslims and their “speak”, you should know their true motives if you have been around so many. This post is from a YouTube vid. Trying to turn it on racists southerners and conservatives does no good here. Suggest you read our About Islam page and explore our site more. We have no use for Islam nor racists.

          • Toadthewetsprocket

            I did not intent to generalize all members born in the south as being racist. My oldest daughter was born in the south when I was stationed there.
            However, I was back for a conference in the south four years ago. People around me were still spouting racists jokes, thinking they were somehow funny. I was sickened. It is not all from the south yet the south is where is persists more than anywhere I’ve experienced in the U.S.
            As far as Wahhabists and radical Muslims, I know them extremely well. I don’t need to read about them, I ‘experienced’ them in real time. I could tell you stories of what I know that should cause you to throw up.
            Trust me, brother, I know well what these bastards do and what they want. That is the reason I still serve.

  23. Toadthewetsprocket

    If this is indeed a conservative mindset site, I have dozens of like-minded friends who are looking for a new home for conversation.
    Let me know and I’ll send out the message.

  24. sleeper cell must be a newby to our land. dont be so blind people they are laying in wait.

  25. The sad thing about this story is that the owner of this gas station ended up apologizing out of pressure for something they did not even do in order to stop the protesting … The woman in line behind the serviceman who started this story misunderstood what was being said and that has been verified by other customers there at the time and by the fact that ‘all’ servicemen in the area were ordered by their superiors to come forward if this had indeed happened to one of them … Not one serviceman came forward …
    We may not like certain groups of people and we may feel threatened by them, rightfully or not, but let us always remember to thoroughly check out all of the facts of a case before jumping to conclusions … How would you like it had this been you and you knew you were completely innocent but because of the word of “one person” total hell broke loose ???

    • It just fascinates me to no end how you, deeliynn, somehow know the truth of what happened — a “truth” that’s not reported by any reporter, anywhere. But deeliynn knows!
      And, for the record, if you’d actually read my post, it was a man who claims to have witnessed the incident, not a woman. Gosh, if you can’t even get that tiny piece of fact right, sure makes me wonder about your claim to know THE TRUTH.

      • Dr. Eowyn, is there really a need to make nasty remarks simply because you don’t happen to like someones post? Did it ever occur to you that someone else just might actually know a little inside scoop?
        As for reported facts several ‘reporters’ reported it was a woman who said she overheard the statement and immediately posted it to the internet so please forgive me that I didn’t mention it was a man like your post says.
        As for how I know firsthand that there were others who said what the station owner was accused of was not true is personal and those two people wish to remain anonymous. Rightly so considering how hateful people would be towards them which is apparent by the way you yourself have vehemently reacted to what I was trying to share.
        As for reporters, just how many thrilling stories have been reported in the heat of the moment but never, ever were given follow up information? Hmmm, just sayin’ …
        PS – Am not going to continue to banter back and forth with you so please feel free to just believe what you want to believe …

        • Excuse me, but how was my comment “nasty”? Your first comment gave NONE of the purported information you now provide in this second comment. Even here, however, what you’ve related are not facts but hearsay. So now we have two opposite hearsay versions of what happened. Were you there? Are you a percipient witness? If so, then you should come forth, tell a reporter, and give us details and your real name.
          I don’t know what really happened, but I sure wouldn’t take one side or the other based on pure speculation and hearsay.

  26. Comments on this post are closed because those leaving comments are not reading an update on this story: