US Rep McClintock-Speaks Out Against Redevelopment Agencies

According to Rosa Koire, Redevelopment Agencies are a threat to property rights and a large component of the ICLEI / Agenda 21 Program.  It’s good to see California Rep. McClintock is taking a stand against them!  This would be a great issue for Tea Partiers to take up. ~LTG


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And not just this horsepucky, there’s also Agenda 21 for Culture “The Agenda 21 for culture a tool to promote the role of culture in local policies. The present canonical triangle of sustainable development (environment, social inclusion and economics) either it doesn’t include culture or it is considered an instrumental element. Therefore, the Agenda 21 for culture is a tool to turn culture into the forth pillar of sustainable development. This confirms the importance of having solid and autonomous cultural policies as well as the establishment of bridges to other dominions of the governance.” As if the first three… Read more »

Dr. Eowyn

McClintock is that rare, very rare, California Congressman who is intelligent, talks sense and cents, and has rock-solid conservative principles. I wish he is Governor.


[…] But property rights advocates also charged that redevelopment used eminent domain to take the property of homeowners and small businesses to give to “big box” stores with political clout. […]