US Public School Students Learn to Pray to Allah

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Public prayers and mentions of God (Christ) and of Intelligent Design are verboten in America’s public schools, but Allah is okay! More than okay, a group of public school students actually took a field trip to a mosque where they learnt to pray to Allah — that all-powerful “god” who is beyond reason and human comprehension and who enjoins his believers to undertake violent jihad in his name.

In late May of 2010, Wellesley, Massachusetts public middle school students took a field trip to the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center – a controversial Saudi-funded mega-mosque run by the Muslim American Society of Boston. There, the students were separated by gender and the boys were asked to join the Muslim adults in their prayer. Several of the public school boys took part.
H/t beloved fellows Tina, May, FS, and Dave.

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0 responses to “US Public School Students Learn to Pray to Allah

  1. Where’s the ACLU? Someone even mentions Jesus in a public school and they’re all over it…

    • Anyway, they should be glad that wasn’t me and my friends… someone would’ve smuggled in Spam just get away with it, and we would’ve gone “Jihad!” and asked “Hey, do we get to riot and holler ‘Death to America!’ today?” until they kicked us out. (Little kids are too agreeable [i.e., wusses] today.)

      • Well, I often put the bastard in “rotten little bastards” as a kid. (Today I’d ask if it were possible to get 72 more skilled non-virgins instead as a martyr and if I could drink all the Johnnie Walker Black I wanted as long as I burned my forehead with a hot spoon to show how devout I was hitting my head against the floor during prayers like some guys I saw… which the PC crowd would probably call “incitement to riot” now.)

  2. Joseph E Fasciani

    Ain’t multi-kultcherism grand? We have our fill of it in Kanada, as well.
    As much as I like and admire the Sikhs, whose monotheist religion espouses nonviolence, prayer, and good acts, for 90% of them, –all truly fine people whom you’d love as friends and neighbours– 10% foster violence because of their allegiance to their mystical homeland back in India. The other 90% are happy to be Canadians, and want nothing to do w/the 10% crazies. Rather like Jews who detest Zionism and its violent racism, and want nothing of it.
    Recently we had the spectacle here in BC of certain Members of Parliament who were so vote-hungry that they marched in the annual parade by the violent sect which features as a hero the murderers of the Air India bombing, the one that killed more than 200 innocent people, mostly of Indian birth, but about a third non-Indians as well. No doubt you can look forward to this abomination coming to your town soon.
    Then there are the multi-god/esses Hindus, who are far more difficult to understand, and now have violent gangs here in Kanada. In my business dealings w/them none has been satisfactory. None. Out of three dealings, all went bad due to their intransigent cheapness and determination to best the nasty white guys who conquered their nation.
    Uh huh. So this means my ancestors in Italy [I’m the first-born here] took time off from red sauce and pasta-making to colonise India and set one Rajah against another. I thought that was the Brits, but I guess if you’ve seen one white guy or gal you’ve seen them all….
    My best client, a prominent lawyer in Victoria, has given up negotiating w/a group here over a new house on five acres which they’ve been trying to sell for two years. Even though he’s the only buyer of interest in the last 16 months, they continued to reject his very fair offer of C$ 1.325 million. I expect we’ll see them in Bankruptcy Court ere long.
    Clearly it is impossible to be equally fair to all religions and sects, as equal time for all means no time for anything else, whatsoever. Is this the future we really believe the Founders set out to create? In the end, unlimited freedom for all is really freedom for none, or at least, only the most privileged few. Which, then, shall these be?

  3. Is Massachusetts even part of America anymore?

  4. Well guess that means they’ll be going to a Catholic church next to experience communion…

  5. I have made sure my daughter is ALL OVER what my grandchildren learn in school so she can either “opt out” or just keep them home. But back in the “midwest” it is pretty tame yet. They are country folk for the most part although it WILL catch up. Nonetheless, I tell my daughter to keep on her toes, and teach her what to look for and what questions to ask. Thank you Lord that she listens and respects her mama enough to do what I say. She KNOWS I have raised her right.

    • Patriot,
      Good to see that another American had noticed his evil eyes. I actually collected pics of his eyes. You have inspired me to update the post, “Obama Left Out the Creator,” with one of the pics. Thanks, and God bless!

  6. So, they actually prayed to no-one. Bottom line. Since allah is not God, the so-called prayers’ went nowhere.


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