US Postal Service Employee of the Year

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Your tax dollars at work!

The United States Postal Service should add “nor your garden lawn” to its official “Postal Service Mission and ‘Motto’


Seriously, if she could bring herself to WALK, she wouldn’t be so obese.


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0 responses to “US Postal Service Employee of the Year

  1. Aside from the vandalism, I can’t help thinking, “How is this woman a US Postal Worker?” She looked winded just waddling to the steps. Unbelievable.

  2. Public-sector unions strike again… even FDR thought they were a bad idea.

  3. What a sow! I can’t get over the fat people who shop with those scooters at the grocery store. I would be ashamed to use those unless I was really old or was injured and handicapped. One woman on a scooter you could tell had spent all this money on her hair and nails and makeup, but was obese.

  4. After fifty years in horticulture and education of competent workers, I find this blatant disregard of the garden, the home-owner, and the degradation of what must be union minimum standards EXTREMELY irritating.

    First off, it’s VERY bad practice to drive on any wet soil: it’s now compacted to where soil atmosphere is lost, the entire plant community suffers, and the soil structure will require renewal.

    Secondly, it’s clear this creature never got permission for this act of vandalism; maybe she heard a voice say “Just do it!” and did so.

    Thirdly, the hoses are likely a non-commercial grade; plastic ones –which have a memory of insults, and why they always kink at the site of damage– are what home-owners usually buy, so these are now likely damaged.

    Finally, WtH is w/the porch toss? That was fine when I was a paper boy throwing them up a flight or two, but does this creature have X-ray vision? What if it were a unique glass Civil War photograph of historical import? Does the USPS have insurance to cover this BS?

    As a supposed union worker, does she not have any idea of the damage she’s done to all her union brothers and sisters? If not, she should either be disciplined by that union or drummed out ASAP. As in immediately, if not sooner.

    OK, took my meds, BP’s on its way back down.

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  6. I wonder if this would have been tolerated in Lysander Spooner’s postal service?

  7. Betcha she has tattoos on her ankle. They always make porkers look pretty. Especially when they’re wearing stretch pants. Oh no. Now I need bleach for my mind’s eye.

  8. Give me strength Oh Lord! I’d like to slap her silly! Sickening!

  9. Did I hear something break as it landed on the porch? So much for caring about others’ property! C.O.W.

  10. She looks like a cousin of the Kardashian’s , only her last name is Lard-asshian .


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