US medical schools give preference to Blacks & Hispanics

Affirmative Action Racial Preference raises its ugly head, again.
It’s one thing to admit lackluster or worse, sub-par, candidates into universities and law schools. But when it comes to medical school admissions, the consequences can be more serious.
U. of Michigan Economics Professor Mark J. Perry writes in his blog, Carpe Diem, on Feb. 11, 2012, that medical school acceptance rates show a pattern of preferential treatment toward Blacks and Hispanics.

The chart above (click to enlarge) shows medical school acceptance rates for Asians, whites, Hispanics and blacks based on data from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) for the years 2009-2011 (aggregated).
For 2011, the average GPA (grade point average) of students applying to medical schools was 3.53 and the average total MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) score was 28.  The chart displays the acceptance rates for students applying to medical schools with average GPAs (3.40-3.59) and average MCAT scores (27-29) in the highlighted blue column, and the acceptance rates for those students with slightly higher and slightly lower than average GPAs and test scores in the other columns. In other words, the table displays acceptance rates by race and ethnicity for students applying to medical school with average academic credentials (or just slightly above or below average).  Here are some observations:
1. For those students applying to medical school with average GPAs (3.40 to 3.59) and average MCAT scores (27-29), black applicants were almost three times more likely to be admitted than their Asian counterparts (85.9% vs. 30%), and 2.4 times more likely than their white counterparts (85.9% vs. 35.9%).  Likewise, Hispanic students with average GPAs and average MCAT scores were about twice as likely to be accepted as white applicants (68.7% vs. 35.9%), and more than twice as likely as Asian applicants (68.7% vs. 30%).
2. For students applying to medical school with slightly below average GPAs of 3.20-3.39 (the letter-grade equivalent is B+) and slightly below average MCAT scores of 24-26 (first column in the table), black applicants were more than 8 times as likely to be admitted as Asians (67.3% vs. 7.7%), and more than 5 times as likely as whites. 
Professor Perry concludes with this “bottom line” observation that instead of being race-neutral, i.e., free of any racial preferences, “medical school acceptance data suggest that medical schools must have admission policies that favor blacks and Hispanics over Asian and white students.”
H/t FOTM’s Eyes Wide Open
The plain and unhappy truth is that human beings are not equal in our biological attributes. Most of us are average in height, looks, and intelligence. Some of us are short, ugly, and not very bright — though only a very very few have all three unfortunate attributes.
Due to sheer randomness, when human beings are gathered in groups — any group — there will be differences of attributes between one group and another, as well as within each group. Those attributes will include intelligence.
For example, if we were to compare the intelligence (measured in IQ or Intelligence Quotient units) of the readers of FOTM with each other, there will be differences:

  • Most of us have average IQs;
  • Some of us have somewhat below- or above-average IQs;
  • A few of us have really low or very high IQs.

And if we compare the average IQ of readers of FOTM with the average IQ of readers of another blog, there will also be a difference. Hopefully, ours is higher than HuffPo’s! LOL
And so, a plain truth that has been confirmed again and again and again, over the course of decades and by different scientists, is this:
There are differences in the average IQs of racial-ethnic groups — whatever the reasons are, whether nature or nurture or both.
Races, as Steven Pinker wrote in The Blank Slate, are just rather large families; families share genes and thus, genetic disposition.
The average IQ of human beings is 100. In his book on race and IQ, The Global Bell Curve, Professor Richard Lynn found that, across the world, there are “consistent hierarchies of IQ and achievement” which can be summarized as follows:

  • East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans): Average IQ of 105
  • Europeans: Average IQ 100*
  • South East Asians: Average IQ 87
  • North Africans: Average IQ of 84
  • Sub-Saharan Africans: Average IQ of 67–80
  • Australian Aborigines: Average IQ of 62

* Two European sub-groups — Ashkenazi Jews and Scots — have average IQs of higher than 100, higher than the 105 average IQ of East Asians.
Before East Asians, Ashkenazi Jews, or Scots start congratulating themselves and getting all puffed up with pride, just remember this:
1. The IQ score — of 105 and higher for these three groups — IS AN AVERAGE IQ SCORE FOR THE ENTIRE GROUP! That doesn’t mean any or every East Asian, Ashkenazi Jew, or Scot you meet has that high IQ score. As with any group, there is variability in intelligence within and among East Asians, Ashkenazi Jews, and Scots. And so most East Asians have an IQ of 105; some have IQs of somewhat lower or higher than 105; a few will have really low or really high IQs. In other words, there are plenty of stupid East Asians, Ashkenazi Jews, and Scots.
2. Intelligence isn’t and shouldn’t be made a fetish. Between intelligence and goodness, I will take goodness every time. History has plenty of examples of intelligent men who perpetrated horrors of great evil.
Besides, I don’t understand why anyone would take pride in something that we got from our biological inheritance. It’s not as if our height, natural good looks, or intelligence is something that we achieved. They are God’s entirely gratuitous (unearned) gifts. Our obligation is to use our gifts well, so we can account for them to the Creator in the end.
That being said, the reality is that there are racial-ethnic differences in IQ, whether we like it or not.
That American colleges, universities, law schools and medical schools insist on using politically-correct racial-preference criteria for their admissions is a willing blindness that is not only foolish but, in the case of med schools, can have disastrous consequences.

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0 responses to “US medical schools give preference to Blacks & Hispanics

  1. Scary stuff!!

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this most informative and well-documented, researched post. The percentage factors reflect extreme racial prejudice that has dire consequences, as you pointed out, affecting life and/or death. I would have suspected more fairness in the medical profession, especially their educational entities, in order to protect potential patients. It is tragic that their goal of being politically correct (which is also questionable) takes precedence over the welfare of humanity. God, help us!

  3. Nothing new here. When my husband was in med school at Ole Miss the minorities were given free tutors to get them through the classes. In residency, minorities tended to be slackers or back-stabbers. The ones that we have kept up with have not amounted to much and do not have well-respected practices. They will do great under Obamacare as your new MD!

  4. You would think the only correct basis for entry would be merit. With lives on the line, it’s not the time to play social engineering games.
    ~ TD

  5. Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    US medical schools give preference to Blacks & Hispanics

  6. Political correctness, like its parent liberalism, is a mental disorder.

  7. Whoever say left/liberals were sensible… and, if they are, they’ll just shrug and say “you can’t make an omlette without breaking a few eggs.”

  8. Just wait until they begin to give Muslims preferential treatment.

  9. Let the blacks who push for affirmative action go to these Drs. Look what happened to Kanye West’s mother and Michael Jackson. Both had affirmative action Drs and both are dead. Some of the horrible abortion Drs in New Jersey and New York were affirmative action Drs. I was going to a gastroenterology group and they brought in a black Dr. and I was assigned to him a couple of times. After seeing him a couple of times I suspected he was an affirmative action Dr. and I requested another Dr. when I needed a procedure done. If they had given me one iota of crap I would have left and found another Dr. Don’t let them foist these second rate Drs on you. God help the ones who don’t have a choice.

    • Stupid question but what makes someone an affirmative action Dr? Do URM have to apply or check a certain box on med school app to become affirmative action Dr? Or are you just generalizing that all minority Dr’s are the biproduct of affirmative action, as opposed to honestly working hard to get into med school.

      • MM,
        Affirmative Action (or racial quota) applies only to certain racial-ethnic “minority” groups, “minority” defined as what those groups and the U.S. govt believe to be their insufficient numbers and percentages in coveted slots, including college-university-professional schools, govt jobs, and any industry (e.g., military contractors) who receive govt funds. Note that there’s no Affirmative Action in U.S. basketball teams, where blacks are over-represented.
        In practice, those favored “minority” groups are blacks, Hispanics (Mexicans) & Latinos (Central & South Americans), and “native” Americans.
        Affirmative Action does not apply to numerical minority groups such as Asians and Jews, although they are much smaller in numbers and percentages than blacks and Hispanics. That’s because both groups are successful, as measured by college admissions and their representation in professions such as law & medicine.
        Curiously, all this is correlated with various racial-ethnic groups’ average IQ. But that is opening another big can of worms.

        • Thanks for the reply. Still sounds as though there is a simple generalization of ALL Afro/Black American, Hispanics, Latinos and “Native” Americans as being affirmative action employees or doctors etc. Basically no one should “suspect” someone has been the recipient of affirmative action by their race. Just like no one should expect better treatment (or worse) depending on what school or what the average GPA of a particular Dr is. In fact I’d be deathly afraid of the Dr who graduated with honors from Harvard Med, whose father had influence over the school (say financially) and was a mediocre student who happened to have the right circumstances; then I would be of the affirmative action med student who grew up in less than preferable conditions
          (i.e. fatherless/motherless home, no financial/family support) and still managed to get into med school, survive it and complete residency. My point is everyone should get grade A care no matter what color, gpa or how many teeth the Dr has. But doing anything with the preconceived notion that something will go wrong, is a recipe for failure. There are great doctors all over, some happen to be a minority in which we should respect them instead of assuming that their being part of an affirmative action system was A) by their own choice or B) was in any “easy” for them to become Doctors.

          • (Edit)- B) was in any way “easy” for them to become Doctors

          • MM,
            Did you read an entirely different post than the one I posted? My post never said we should have the “preconceived notion” that if a doctor is a minority we should assume s/he is a doctor because of an affirmative action program. The post is about medical schools LOWERING their standards to admit applicants of certain racial-ethnic groups. Surely, you would want the physician treating you to actually be qualified and skilled instead of an incompetent who got in simply because of the color of his/her skin or eyes?

          • Renaissance Woman

            I agree with your post, although I resent the term Afro-American as opposed to African American. Otherwise very good ideas that you have set forth. For the others: Affirmative action should not be deemed as “lowering standards” to admit disadvantaged groups or for a lack of better words “minorities” (Who actually make up the majority of the population). I feel like if we identified these persons properly as disadvantaged groups, then the phrase Affirmative action would be better received. It is just a matter of not allowing disadvantageous circumstances from early in life set a precedent for what the person is able to achieve or how far they are able to go academically. I look at it as more or less putting people on a even playing scale, given ALL circumstances. And I agree I would be more skeptical of a Harvard grad with family pull than I would of an “Affirmative Action” doctor. If this is a matter to be discussed then issues of nepotism and so forth should be addressed as well.
            No matter which way you slice it if mechanisms are not put in place to allow members of disadvantaged groups to compete in academic and professional settings then it will take generations more for them to bridge the gap on their own and that is because white Americans dominant entrance into these programs simply because they have implemented the qualifications deemed necessary to be competitive.

            • To the grandiose self-proclaimed “Renaissance Woman”:
              Did you even read the article? So you’re saying that you favor giving preference to certain “disadvantaged” racial-ethnic groups EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE LESS QUALIFIED? In other words, “social justice” trumps achievement standards and competence. I sure hope you don’t end up with such a doctor treating you for a serious illness.

  10. I always ask my doctors GPA and class ranking …if it’s not
    higher than mine,he get’s to practice on someone else

  11. Hi Minority haters! 🙂 just a couple of advices: 1. Your hate harms only yourself. Once you die, it will so hard to see your grandsons reaping the effects of the seeds of hate you are planting now.
    2. Your so called country was built on rivers of blood and tears; but apparently you are still very proud of that.(BTW pride is what got lucifer here)
    The reaping is coming. Anyone will have to pay for any single hatefull deed, thought or action. Nature will make sure america reap what she has sown…
    “Let the one who does what is evil continue to do evil, and let the filthy person continue to be filthy, and the righteous person continue to do what is right, and the holy person continue to be holy.”
    May the Almighty have mercy on you souls.

    • “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”
      For any professional service I seek, I go to the one I feel is most qualified and provides the best value for my dollar. I don’t seek someone out based soley on the color of their skin.
      Advice for you: Acquire some debating skills.

    • Why don’t you worry about your own country’s (Italy) finance crisis and the effects your grandsons will be reaping?
      Our country was built by the blood and tears of American soldiers that fought traitors during WWII, including your dictator Benito Mussolini.

    • Hi, muddled-thinking SD over there in Siena, italy! 🙂
      The most charitable thing I can say about you is that it must be because you are handicapped in your English reading comprehension ’cause you’re confusing facts and statistics with “hating minorities”. As for “minority,” Asians are a smaller numerical minority in the U.S. population than blacks or Hispanics. But I have a feeling that’s not the “minority” you mean. [snark]
      I’m so sorry for you that you confuse truth with hate, and so you come onto this blog to spew your venomous hatred against us for a post that simply cites medical school admissions statistics that we didn’t make up. You may want to live in your wishful-thinking fantasy world, but I’d much rather live in the real world.
      May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on you and help you to see the light that is truth.

    • This person stole 2/3rds of my moniker. Glad y’all know where he’s from and that he ain’t me!! LOL

    • To SD–people who don’t want to acknowledge legitimate facts always play the name-calling game, ie: haters, bigots, phobes—. Sometimes the truth can be painful, but to deny it doesn’t change facts!

  12. Well after Medical School isn’t that easy seems you got to pay for exams to get your license to practise MD.

  13. Exams have been known to be manipulated, so that more of certain groups (Umm) pass. In many different and important professions too! It’s called “dumbing down” tests & qualifications—has been reported on —!

  14. Concerned Citizen

    Totally expected, considering the hidden agenda of the pharmaceuticals.

  15. @ Dr Eowyn(Dr Egowin???): Apparently an action was taken for my comments to be blocked. This is my last comment.
    Hi, SD! Know that this comment of yours has also been blocked, as will every future comment of yours! Cheers! 😀
    ~Dr. Eowyn

  16. Renaissance Woman

    Regardless of everything we need Black, Hispanic, and Asian physicians to serve the communities from which they came from. The most empathy and compassion can be found in people who have spawn from and overcome like circumstances. How often do you see white physicians sincerely running to the aid of impoverished neighborhoods in America? And besides we are all looking at PERCENTAGES but lets look at raw numbers. Regardless of increased acceptance rates in the last 3-4 years, the mentioned groups are still over all underrepresented in medical school. PERIOD. And a 3 year increase doesn’t put a dent in that. With the projected physician shortage projected to be in existence by 2030, how about over analyzing how physician assistants and nurse practitioners are being used to fill that gap by being given more authority similar to that of a physician.

    • Once again, did you even read the article?
      U.S. medical schools are giving preference to Blacks & Hispanics by lowering their admission standards for those groups. Medical schools don’t give preference to Asians BECAUSE THEY ARE HIGH ACHIEVERS AND GET INTO MEDICAL SCHOOLS (and other professional schools, e.g., law schools) ON THEIR OWN without admission standards having to be lowered for them.
      As for minorities having more “empathy and compassion”, show me the evidence. I’ve encountered plenty of “white” physicians who not only are kind, more importantly they are COMPETENT. When it comes to any profession, especially the medical profession, I want competent people, not “empathy and compassion.” When my husband had a quadruple bypass heart surgery, we wanted a cardiac surgeon who is excellent at what he does, not compassionate. Luckily, the surgeon is excellent. He also happens to be “white.”

      • Heck, our politically correct universities try to raise standards on Asians and penalize them for being too successful.

    • Give assistants and nurses more authority? I’m sure that’s coming under Obamacare. “shudders”….
      You presume a lot about white doctors, as if their race and spawn means they can only show compassion for people similar to them. Unfortunately you’ve never met my doctor nor know of the great things he does. And the doctors/nurses from my church that do medical missions around the world.

  17. well i think if we had the same affirmative racism crap for basketball more white and asian players regardless of their skill level maybe the point that is being made may sink into some of the slower, less intelligent people (renaissance woman) that would be you. end affirmative racism now.

  18. Ok. Lets get something straight, not all minorities that have been admitted into medical school got in because they are minorities and have been aided by affirmative action. I am proud to say that I am a medical student as well as a Latina. I received a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a 3.9 GPA and an average MCAT score of 30 in the subtopics. I don’t think that people should jump to conclusions and say that all minorities are handed everything in this country and that people’s health is at risk. This is just ignorant. In order to become a doctor you do have to pass an exam people, meaning that the doctors who are Hispanic and Black are doctors because they are QUALIFIED to be doctors. Yes, affirmative action does help but that doesn’t mean that all minorities are doctors because of it. Doctors should receive merit regardless of race. They did after all go through all of the training, education and exams as all of the other Caucasian doctors. Stop saying that your health is in danger people, these are professionals.

    Percentages are very misleading.. if we were to just go off of percentages.. than the aggregate 47.9% whites that get into Medical school.. is a hella lot better than the 39.6% blacks that get into Medical school. The percentages don’t convey the near 8-fold difference in the amount of whites that apply to medical school versus the amount of blacks that do. They don’t show that in the aforementioned ‘average GPA and MCAT Bracket’ (3.2-3.5/ 27-29), 7 times more whites get into medical school than blacks. Nor do the percentages convey the socioeconomic demographics of these applicants. There’s one thing that these numbers tell me… that Affirmative action is a far cry from an invisible magical hand that lowers the standard to allow less qualified black applicants into medical school. It seems to me that getting into medical school strongly favors white people at every gpa/mcat bracket. What this also tells me is that there is a strong mechanism in place in the application process that discriminately limits the amount of East Asian applicants that place into medical school.

    • You might want to look at those charts again if you think that medical school strongly favors white people at every gpa/mcat bracket. I’d love to apply as a URM with my stats right now. Unfortunately, I cannot and therefore, I have a much tougher path statistically speaking. Nice try though.

  20. For all the people crying “ZOMGMYHEALTHISINDANGERIFIGETAMINORITYDOCTOR”, you do realize that all physicians need to pass all steps of the USMLE exam right? Without passing these exams, no MD degree is granted and no practicing Medicine, at least not in the US. I repeat for the ones who cannot understand written words easily: ALL PHYSICIANS PRACTICING IN THE US, TAKE THE SAME EXAMS AND MUST PASS THE SAME EXAMS IN ORDER TO BE ALLOWED TO PRACTICE. With that being said, training and experience are far more important factors for being a good doctor than exam scores alone. I would be more worried about what hospital my doctor was trained in and how long he has been practicing before Im concerned about his college GPA and MCAT score.
    BTW, it’s not fair to judge minority doctors when you see them. Even if they did get into med school through AA, succeeding in med school is a heck of a job and anyone that completes it should be respected regardless. Besides, I know plenty of smart black guys that I’ve gone to school with who were pre-med (many are now med students at places like Johns Hopkins, U Washington, Columbia and Boston U.) and they certainly did not need AA (lowest MCAT score between these guys was a 33 and lowest GPA was around a 3.5/3.6). It’s just not fair to judge people’s merits because of their color.

    • LEK,
      I thank God that there are still objective standards, tests, and exams in America, specifically that all medical school student-graduates actually have to pass the USMLE exam in order to be a practicing physician. But I won’t be surprised if that, too, will change in the future.
      You might also try and be consistent in your own moral prescription. For if, to quote you, “It’s just not fair to judge people’s merits because of their color,” then why do medical school admissions “judge people’s merits because of their color”? Admission into medical (and any) school is a zero-sum game: There is a finite number of slots, so if someone is admitted, that means someone else is denied admission. As you pointed out, admission into med school is only the first step toward being a physician. However, admission into med school is a NECESSARY (though not sufficient) CONDITION of being a physician. But countless Asian and White applicants are denied admission into med school, although they have higher scores than Blacks. Why aren’t you upset about the INJUSTICE done to them?