US Marine Corps commandant openly blasts CIC Obama

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Retired U.S. military officers and a former secretary of defense have spoken out against Obama, but this is the first time that a still-serving officer is openly critical.
And not just any officer, but the 4-star commandant of United States Marine Corps — a significant indicator of the profound alienation of the military from their commander-in-chief.
Thank you, Gen. Amos, for speaking the truth.

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0 responses to “US Marine Corps commandant openly blasts CIC Obama

  1. FINALLY!!! We need to see more of our top military brass speaking this way before the Stain-in-the-White-House manages to replace all of them with his stooges!

  2. He needs to take 4 companies to Washington and place Bama under arrest! Take him to Leavenworth, Kansas to wait for a trial and execution for TREASON! Semper Fi.

  3. Mr. Amos sounds like a true leader.
    Too bad Dempsey doesn’t have the guts to do his job. He has the power to remove him, but chose the lapdog position instead. Probably waiting for a cushy Ambassadorship

  4. It takes a Marine to step up and say what needs saying. Hope MANY others in the Military back him up,and honor THEIR Oath.

  5. Thank you Commandant Amos FOR BLASTING THE FRAUD ILLEGALLY SITTING IN THE WH. Hopefully, others in the military will back the Commandant up with their support.


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