US Intel Report Drops Iran From Terror Threat List

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Bradford Thomas

The most recent unclassified version of the Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Communities removed Iran and its proxy group Hezbollah from the list of terror threats.
The report, published Feb 26, 2015, was delivered to the US Senate by National Intelligence director James Clapper. Despite Iran and Hezbollah being included for years as terror threats, the unclassified report conspicuously dropped them from its list amid the administration’s ongoing negotiations with Iran.
The assessment cited Iran’s efforts to combat Sunni extremists, most notably those affiliated with the Islamic State, and the nation’s “intentions” to “dampen sectarianism, build responsive partners, and deescalate tensions with Saudi Arabia.” The Iran-funded Shiite Lebanese terror organization Hezbollah has been working against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, The report did warn, however, that some Iranian security leaders were “pursuing policies with negative secondary consequences for regional stability and potentially for Iran” and the nation’s aggressive support of Shia communities was “fueling growing fears and sectarian responses.”
The report also addressed the issue of Iran attaining a nuclear weapon, stating that should Iran choose to build a nuclear arsenal, it would face no “insurmountable technical barriers to producing a nuclear weapon.” The most likely delivery system for a nuclear weapon, the assessment found, is intercontinental ballistic missile technology.
Israeli think tank Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center said the removal of Iran and Hezbollah from the terror threat list was motivated by the Obama administration’s ongoing negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program and the war on ISIS.
“We believe that this results from a combination of diplomatic interests (the United States’ talks with Iran about a nuclear deal) with the idea that Iran could assist in the battle against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq and maybe even in the battle against jihadist terrorism in other countries,” MAITIC’s analysis states. The US Defense Intelligence Agency, the institute points out, still lists both Iran and Hesbollah as terrorism threats.
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0 responses to “US Intel Report Drops Iran From Terror Threat List

  1. More b.s. flowing downhill and they are hoping the ignorant will fall for it ..

  2. Thanks for the update Kelliegh,
    Calling these enemies safe is unbelievable! I had a friend in the 1970s who was from Iran, and a moderate muslim family, who married an American scientist and converted to Christianity. And it was no small conversion; she was absolutely filled with the Spirit and with devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Well, when her moderate muslim parents found out about her conversion, they held a funeral for her in Iran.
    However, there is some good news I want to bring, too. It is illegal in Iran to have a satellite dish, but almost the entire population has them anyway. And they are watching Christian television in great numbers. There is a huge move of God in the general population. And on the streets of Tehran, you will find many people who love the West, especially America. This is a very complex situation. I believe we need to increase our prayers for the people of Iran, and pray they be set free from their despotic theocratic government.

  3. Kelleigh, thank you for this most informative post–even though it is rather depressing.

  4. Iran, at one time, was a very progressive western oriented country. Under the Shah, they had a booming economy, wore western styled clothes, restaurants, manufacturing, etc. I am sure there are still elderly people alive in Iran that remember a much freerer, much more open society than they have today. Still, I would not take them off the terror list since they are supporting the opposing terriorist organization in Iraq and Syria. Albeit Iran is not as ‘radical’, shall we say, as ISIS/ISIL/IS.

  5. This report is seriously flawed… NOT because Iran was removed as THE terror orchestrating nation of these times but because the report didn’t blame Israel for ALL of the world’s maladies included, but not limited to AIDS, Ebola, Global Warming/Climate Change, Cancer, Gingivitis. Psoriasis, Birth defects of all kinds, Erectile Dysfunction, racial discrimination, mental retardation, learning disabilities, the sickle cell, and Anal leakage. How in the world have we allowed these freaking morons of satan’s spawn passage through the gates of hell into the halls of these United States of Amercia? I’ve put a call in to St. Michael the Archangel but his answering service said he had more pressing matters elsewhere, but he would get back to me before the beginning of the End Times.

  6. friends please watch Paul Hellyer former Minister of Defense of Canada,”USA In Grave Danger” you tube. Also, General Stubblebine on 9/11, thanks, wrapping your mind around the plan here is huge

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