US Has a Secret Weaponized Space Plane!

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Looks like it’s no longer a secret since we now know about this….
Did you know that the United States Air Force has built an unmanned space plane called the X-37B, which is able to carry out combat missions outside Earth? Star Wars, anyone?
What does our government know that they’re not telling us?

Secret US Air Force unmanned space plane set for launch

DEBKAfile Special Report – April 20, 2010

USAF X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle

Blastoff of the unmanned X-37B space plane from Kennedy Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida Space Center was delayed until Thursday, April 22, to allow Discovery to return to earth at the nearby Kennedy Space Center. With many of its features kept secret, the project has sparked speculation that the little Orbital Test Vehicle is the space version of the US Predator drone.
The shuttle with its seven astronauts made a safe landing to earth Tuesday after a 14-day journey of more than 6.2 million miles in space.
The 4.9-ton spacecraft – which has a wingspan of 4.27 meters and is 8.84 meters long – will be testing the long-duration ability of reusable space vehicles to stay in space for up to 270 days at an altitude of 200-800 km from earth before making an automatic landing at the Vandenberg Air force Base in California.
The duration and exact nature of the Orbital Test Vehicle’s mission have not been disclosed by the US Air Force Capabilities Office which oversees the project. Some space experts are calling its launch the onset of the “weaponization” or militarization” of space. Our military experts describe the X-37B as the first unmanned space craft able to carry out combat missions outside Earth.
The X-37B will be launched Thursday by an Atlas-5 rocket.
Originally built by Boeing’s Phantom Works Division as NASA X-37, the space agency closed it down when funding ran out and turned the space plane over to the Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In 2006, the Air Force took over the prototype.

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3 responses to “US Has a Secret Weaponized Space Plane!

  1. Steve,
    The source of this news article, DEBKAfile, is Israeli. And if Israel knows about this, you can be sure China & Russia also know. The only people who didn’t and don’t know are the American people!

  2. Steve & Eowyn,
    I remember a long time ago, back in 1954 I was on radio duty and received an encrypted message from a Japanese source complaining about the American Air Force flying over their air space at speeds in excess of three thousand miles per hour. Naturally, we did not have vehicles capable of those speeds so I sent the normal reply. ‘BS’ and be careful. Authenticated DGBSAES.
    They never replied back to my message. Considering the equipment I worked with in 54, I have no problem believing we have weaponry that would boggle the minds of the American people. I wasn’t allowed to mention my job or anything about it for a six year period after I got out of the service. I would also bet that whatever we have the Russians, Germans, Israelis, Iranians, and a host of other countries have the schematics. I’m sure Obama, like Clinton gave them up for a pittance.

  3. Ron, just like he gave up our nukes.
    Vox Populi


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