US Credit Downgrade is the Constitution's Fault!

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That’s what longtime newswoman Cokie Roberts said, yesterday on ABC’s “This Week.”

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Cokie Roberts was the co-anchor of the ABC News’ Sunday morning broadcast, This Week with Sam Donaldson & Cokie Roberts from 1996 to 2002, while also serving as the chief congressional analyst for ABC News. She covered politics, Congress and public policy, reporting for World News Tonight and other ABC News broadcasts. Now in semi-retirement, Roberts is a senior news analyst for NPR and a political commentator for ABC News, serving as an on-air analyst for the network.
Yesterday, August 7, 2011, on ABC’s “This Week”, Roberts blamed the U.S. Constitution for S&P’s downgrading of the U.S. Treasury’s credit from AAA to AA+:

“[T]he problem that we have here is the Constitution of the United States of America which actually does require people to come together from different perspectives whether it’s divided government or not. We have divided branches of government under any circumstance.”

Hey, Cokie. What you call “divided branches of government” is the Separation of Powers, which precisely was the intention and design of the Founding Fathers for the new America, the purpose of which is to prevent government tyranny.
You think “divided branches of government” and the Constitution are the problem for America’s credit downgrading? You’re an economic and political idiot.
S&P’s downgrading is because of the federal government’s addiction to debt — a national debt that now equals 100% of U.S. gross national product, and a debt with which your grandchildren are saddled.
And if you think the Constitution is the problem, go to China or Vietnam or North Korea where the communist party monopolizes all three branches of government, and see how you like it there. Moron.
See the video of Roberts on NewsBusters.
H/t America Coast2Coast.

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0 responses to “US Credit Downgrade is the Constitution's Fault!

  1. Am I The Only One?

    Cooky Roberts blaming the Constitution was a Welcomed Statment to George W. Bush after three years of receiving All the Blame for Everything Else!

    • Yeah, it’s a different excuse, at least. Thanks for spelling her name right.
      These intellect worshipers don’t bother with making sure what they say makes sense-they just care that it sounds good and…intellectual!

  2. The Big Lie! (Joseph Goebbels would be proud.)

  3. Good grief…and people (like my lib mom) will actually believe the insane words that come out of mouth..

  4. lowtechgrannie

    That pesky Constitution! There must be a way around it….. in their dreams.

  5. wow insanity with a side dose of stupidity. why not blame obama
    that of course would probably not be politically correct.

  6. Cocaine (Using) Roberts is correctly aligned with the ultra leftist ABC network. She is living proof that Democrat Congress critters (both parents) are mentally damaged.


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