US Army Charges Lt. Col. Lakin With Felonies

A sad day for America. A Bronze Star patriot is charged with felonies for questioning Obama’s elibility to be president and commander-in-chief.
H/t beloved FellowshipOfMinds member tina.


from Safeguard Our Constitution
Decorated Army Physician formally charged with felonies by Obama’s Army leadership as the first formal step in the court-martial process.
Terry Lakin has now been officially charged in writing with two crimes.

  • The first is “Missing Movement” a serious crime in the nature of a felony for failing to deploy to Afghanistan.
  • The second is disobeying a direct order, and there are four specifications (separate instances) of this charge. Any soldier convicted on all charges and specifications would expect to be sentenced to years at “hard labor” in the penitentiary.

In facing court-martial, LTC Lakin is just the latest victim of the determined effort of the President not to provide simple proof of his eligibility under the constitution to hold office.
Click here to see the charges
frontpage201004222LTC Lakin faces lengthy prison term for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan
Obama Administration unleashes Army lawyers instead of releasing birth certificate
A vigorous defense of this case presents the ONLY present hope that Americans will finally learn whether their president lawfully holds office. If you want the proof, you can only hope to get it by supporting LTC Lakin NOW. MAKE A TAX DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTION NOW TO TERRY’S DEFENSE FUND NOW.
American Patriot Foundation’s Legal Defense Fund will pay for all of LTC Lakin’s attorneys fees and costs, and so we urgently need your tax deductible contribution. A noted civilian California trial lawyer has now been hired to be LTC Lakin’s lead counsel. It is expected these fees and costs will exceed $500,000 and therefore it is essential that LTC Lakin’s supporters come to his aid NOW.

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LtCol Lakin,may go down in history as saving a nation. He-is a brave,courageous true patriot. He shines! I will back him every step of the way.


Wouldn’t you think a Constitutional lawyer would step forth and defend him pro bono?
I mean, it’s the Constitution we’re defending here, not only Terry Lakin. And think what a publicity plum that would be if he won the case for him!


And one more thing.
Isn’t this a case, of conscientious objection?
I could not go through with an order if I believed it was given by a fraud president.

Ron Schaeffer
Ron Schaeffer

Tina, May, Eowyn, and Steve, I have been in a few legal battles myself but I’m not sure Lakin’s refusal to obey a direct order falls under the category of Obama having to prove his citizenship. I’m sure Laken’s attorney’s will make a motion in that direction but it will be denied. That might be cause for a mistrial, but that’s only speculation. I don’t blame him for his stand on the issue and I believe in his cause, but his demand for the evidence supporting his stand will be rejected on the grounds that Obama was duly elected by… Read more »


You have to remember that Nobama is on an ego trip. If he backs down he fuels our fire and loses face. His narcissism couldn’t handle that. If he goes through with the scam, he can refuse documents which will force the matter to go to appeal. The Supreme court will refuse to hear the case and a lower court will work it out, not to Lakin’s liking or ours.


Hi May,
This case is not a matter of conscientious objection. The word connotes a deeper meaning than the application here. A good lawyer could argue the point but would most likely lose because Lakin did not refuse battle or duty on a moral or religious issue but a civil one. He is directly challenging his boss and in any organization that is a no-no.


It would seem to me when it comes to someone’s freedom, that discovery in this case should be liberal, and the discovery in this case is clearly all of the documents that Lakin has brought to the forefont as to Obama’s eligibility to become president. It will be most remarkable if such discovery will not be allowed. He is a true hero and I have been praying for him daily! We all must pray for him and pledge to do so!