URGENT APPEAL: Marines Need Your Help!

Cena, the bomb dog at Cpl. Jeffrey De Young’s side

Jeffrey De Young is 19 years old and a Lance Corporal in the US Marines stationed in Afghanistan. He is a dog handler, and his dog is a 2-year-old black lab named Cena, the shortest Marine in Afghanistan.

You can read all about him and Cena HERE.
UPDATE: For more pics of Jeff and Cena, CLICK HERE.
Jeff and Cena were both recently injured. Jeff is asking for olive drab shirts and socks for him and his fellow dog-handler Marines. His mom also asks that IV supplies be sent to them as well.
UPDATE: Jeff has dropped off a couple of e-mails since I put up this post. He says they also need the following:

  • IV supplies — for dogs
  • A dog anatomy book/manual
  • pillows (the Marines are using their wadded-up clothing as pillows)
  • protective safety eye GLASSES (not goggles!)

Please be big-hearted and send your care packages to lcpl De Young at the following address:
LCpl Jeffrey DeYoung
2/2 Golf Co 3rd Platoon Dog Handler
Unit D 3080
FPO AE 09510 3080

P.S. Some dog treats tucked into those care packages would be so cool! Also, a couple of paperback books, CDs, or movie DVDs will be so appreciated by our Marines!
Semper Fidelis!
Thank you, and may God bless and protect Jeff, Cena, and all 2- and 4-legged Marines serving in harm’s way in that hell-hole called Afghanistan,
~Eowyn, Steve, & Joan

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