Update on White House Party Crashers

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Remember the couple who sneaked into the White House with no credentials?



 They’re still there!

H/t beloved fellow Doc’s Wife  😉

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0 responses to “Update on White House Party Crashers

  1. You got that one right!!! He is always looking down his nose and if you really look in her eyes…you can see evil. He has a bit more practice at hiding his evil however…in his EYES that is. But he can’t hide it from God.
    I love when the Lord answers prayers. While he was campaigning, I prayed about him and whether or not I should vote for him and my prayers were answered by the next day. When HE looked into the camera, I looked deep into his eyes and got so nauseated I almost had to run for the bathroom. It came on all of a sudden and left when I changed the channel. Imagine that! God DOES answer prayer IF it is according to His will.
    He is shaking the world to wake up…preparing the world for His coming…so WAKE UP CHRISTIANS!

  2. Thanks Steve… I overlooked that one I guess. I had a look How sad is that? My youngest granddaughter, if she seen someone she didn’t like, she would not only NOT look at them bust scream bloody murder.

  3. Patriot Angel you are a very disturbed person who needs help! I hope you don’t have any children! I prey your kind of hatred ends with you!


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