Update on Obama Eligibility Hearing in Atlanta

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Please go here to read two  on-the-scene reports of the hearing.
1:37 PM, Jan 26, 2012
ATLANTA (AP) — A Georgia judge has heard arguments and is considering a complaint that seeks to keep President Barack Obama off the state’s ballot.
Obama’s local attorney Michael Jablonski boycotted Thursday’s hearing in Atlanta. Plaintiff’s attorneys urged Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi to hold him and the president in contempt. The judge didn’t set a timeline for a ruling.
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0 responses to “Update on Obama Eligibility Hearing in Atlanta

  1. Though the initial report was an immediate default, the reports I am reading now say that the judge needs legal briefs from all the lawyers and will make a decision on February 5th. I think that gives the BO goons time to threaten him and time for the judge to be influenced by the SOS and governor. I believe I will keep on praying! As I told my daughter’s boyfriend who is very liberal, I just want the truth.


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