Update on my soldier Matthew

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He’s been in the sandbox for almost two months now. So far, so good. Despite the Taliban sending them some rockets on Christmas Day, everything is going good for him and our fellow soldiers over there.


They’ve got about six inches of snow now.


Their Christmas tree – looks like a “Charlie Brown” tree to me!

If you’d like to support a soldier currently serving, go to Soldiers’ Angels or anysoldier.com.

Pray for all our soldiers serving the in sand box!


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0 responses to “Update on my soldier Matthew

  1. Thank you DCG so much for this update on Matthew. I continue to pray for him and I hope he received his Christmas card. Much love to you!

    • Thank you Joan! No card yet…mail is taking a long time recently. Long way to travel 🙂

      • DCG, I know it must really stink, but let’s look for the bright side.
        2 down, and could you imagine just going back to the gulf war you could not even Skpe. Skpe is cool right about now I bet. 😀

  2. DCG, I like the tree, I like the snow. Ahh rockets not so much. May the next one blow right on the launch pad.
    2 down….and counting. 😀

  3. DCG–thanks for the update. I continue to pray for this brave man of yours.

  4. So glad Matthew is okay!
    Just like the Taliban to shell our soldiers on Christmas Day, the day the world celebrates the birth of Jesus, whom Islam supposedly honors as a prophet.

  5. He is in my prayers!

  6. Like your thinking Steve! Thanks all, Skyped w/him tonight & doing ok!


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