Update on LTG and Tom's Mom

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We have good news on both ladies!
LowTechGrannie saw the orthopedic surgeon this morning. She doesn’t need surgery for that nasty fracture in her left leg! She has a cast on that leg up to her hip and is on pain meds. The cast will stay on for probably 6 to 8 weeks.
Here’s a message from Tom in NC about his elderly mother:

My Mom is doing better, she got 3 units of blood yesterday and her H&H has greatly improved, her CAT Scan was negative and now they are keeping her under observation to make sure her H&H levels don’t drop again.

Thanks for all of your prayers, I know they haved helped her and me and my wife as well.

Hallelujah! Thanks and praise to the almighty and loving God!
Thanks to all for your kindness and prayers. Please keep praying for a swift recovery for both Grannie and Tom’s mom.
God bless you!

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0 responses to “Update on LTG and Tom's Mom

  1. Great news on both accounts – yeah!

  2. Thank Goodness!

  3. Fantastic news…Praise the Lord! All glory and honor to our Savior and Redeemer Yeshua.
    I am just really surprised they casted LTG leg. I was 49-50 when I fractured my tibial plateau and they wouldn’t cast it because of my age. She might have to have physical therapy!

  4. What wonderful blessings! God is good.

  5. Yes, good news!

  6. Best news all day! 🙂 AMEN!

  7. I hope she gets addicted to the pain meds and overdoses. That would suit her just fine.


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