Update on Hero Dog Kabang

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Treatment Postponed After Vets Find Tumor

Remember the hero dog Kabang I wrote about on October 13th? She was brought to US Davis to have her face re-constructed after losing her upper jaw in front of a speeding motorcycle.  Her surgery is being postponed.

DailyMail: A courageous dog who became an international hero after losing her nose saving two young girls, has had her muzzle-surgery postponed after it was discovered she needs chemo.

After local veterinarians failed to help her, the dog was flown to the U.S. where her doctors now say she needs treatment for heart worm and chemotherapy before she can undergo facial reconstruction.

The veterinarians are ‘cautiously optimistic’ that Kabang will make a full recovery and return to the Philippines, Dr. Jane Sykes of the University hospital said. ‘She’s a very sweet dog and everyone here became attached to her quite quickly,’ the director of the facility’s small animal clinic said. ‘We’re eager to help her get better.’

Once recovered from the chemotherapy and heartworm treatment, Kabang will undergo dental surgery and facial reconstruction. Her veterinarians at U.C. at Davis have said there are no plans to give her a prosthetic nose to replace the one she lost.

Let’s hope Kabang gets well soon so she can get her new snout!


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  1. What a dear and heroic pooch. Please say a prayer for Kabang, a creature without sin — that she recovers quickly and get a new nose. God bless the vets at U. of California, Davis!

  2. Kabang had her second chemo treatment. Doctors report that the tumor shrunk significantly from last week. 3 more chemo treatments to go!


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