Japan Mega Disaster: Continuing Updates

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Please pray for the suffering people of Japan in their time of great trial and hardship — that they have the strength, fortitude, and endurance for which Japanese are noted. If you have a dollar to spare, please consider donating to help. The Japanese people need to know that Americans and the world care about them and are with them in spirit. Be cautious, however, because it’s times like this when charity scams also proliferate. Go HERE for tips on donating to Japan disaster relief.
For pics of the disaster, GO HERE.


Japan admits nuclear emergency is radiation deaths-causing "Level 5"; nuclear plant boss breaks down in tears
AP: 'Minuscule fallout' reaches USA...  REUTERS: 'Very low radiation' detected on west coast...  UN: Radioactive plume to hit US (southern Calif) tomorrow, Friday, but radiation expected to be diluted, "extremely minor health consequences."
Japan Nuclear Disaster Caps Decades of Faked Reports...
Chernobyl solution may be last resort...  Bury plant? 
Mayor of town near plant: 'They're leaving us to die'...     
USA: Evacuate families of US govt personnel from Japan; urge all Americans to leave   Feds deploy more radiation monitors in western US   Ann Coulter: danger from radiation sensationalized
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman: all water gone from spent fuel storage pond of Fukushima Dai-ichi's Unit 4 reactor. Japan officials deny it.
JAPAN TO USA: HELP!  Radiation spews into sky -- again...
Wind to blow toward Pacific Ocean, America... 

U.S. Surgeon General Encourages West Coast Residents to Buy Iodide Tablets... Sudden run on pills...
ANOTHER PLANT EXPLOSION...   Radiation fears spark panic buying, evacuations in Tokyo    Radiation rising; heading south  Could Reach Tokyo by Nightfall...
USA West Coast in Path of ‘Fallout’?   Run on iodine tablets — in Finland… A map allegedly issued by Australian Radiation Services showing the expected path of nuclear fallout across western United States IS A HOAX
MELTDOWN ALERT...  Rods fully exposed for 2.5 hours...  Higher radiation recorded north of Tokyo...  RACE TO SAVE THE REACTORS...  Japan Asks USA To Help... PM asks public to act calmly...  Emergency Cooling Effort at Reactor Failing...  'UNSTABLE'... Crisis 'Uncharted Territory'...  HUGE EXPLOSION AT FUKUSHIMA REACTOR NO. 3... VIDEO... 200,000 Evacuated…  SIXTH NUKE REACTOR FAILS 
 MAGNITUDE OF EARTHQUAKE HIKED TO 9.1 (from previous 8.9) 9.1 MAG CAUSES CHAOS… Biggest earthquake in Japan’s history; 5th biggest recorded earthquake in human history Quake moved Japan coast 8 feet; shifted Earth's axis...  Swarm of aftershocks continue into Sunday... 'Worst Crisis Since World War II'... PM calls to build 'New Japan'...  Deploys 100,000 troops...  Powerful 6.4 quake hits southwest of Tokyo (3/15)
US WARSHIPS OFF JAPAN COAST… 17 U.S. Navy crew members suffer radioactive contamination…  US airline pilot’s letter from Tokyo quake zone
HUMAN TOLL-MISERY RISING:  POLICE: DEATH TOLL 10,000 REPORT: Nearly 10,000 people missing from town of 17,000... KYODO: Death toll feared to top 1,700…  Military finds 300-400 bodies in one coastal city…  Nearly quarter million stranded in shelters… 6 million homes without power… Survivors hoard food, supplies… Hundreds line up at grocery stores, gas stations…  Japanese behaving decently: no looting
EXTENT OF DAMAGE HUGE: Dam breaks, washes away homes… Agency: N American plate snapped upward… HUGE WHIRLPOOL CREATED… Thousands roam Tokyo streets… Cruise ship, entire train missing… Japan Rushes to Contain Damage…

Americans to evacuate: US Amb. to Japan Warns Americans to Evacuate...

RING OF FIRE?:  Indonesian volcano erupts hours after Japan earthquake...  Shinmoedake volcano in southwestern Japan erupts, sends ash two miles into sky…  See Wikipedia on "Pacific Ring of Fire" 
A personal note from Eowyn:
Early this morning (Sunday, March 13), I received this e-mail from my former student whose Master’s Thesis I had mentored. I’m overjoyed that he and his family are all right.

Dear Dr. __,
It was terrible earthquake, but my family is OK. I want to tell you so many stories about earthquake, but I am taking care of old people who are living close from my house. I got to go. I email you again.
Wish me luck,

Tsunami Hits Japan Live Footage
Texas Tech U. map of Japan earthquakes

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0 responses to “Japan Mega Disaster: Continuing Updates

  1. Oh my, I hope they get the nuke plant under control. Not good in any way what’s happening there. Prayers.

  2. On the local evening news tonight I heard that KIRO TV in Seattle is sending their own reporter over. Seattle has a very large Japanese-American community, Japan is the State of Washington’s largest trading partner. The Community College just around the corner from where I live is about 80 % Japanese students studying in a foreign exchange program. They’re young kids 18-19 years old, frantic about their families. This is just devasting!

  3. Here’s what happened at Three Mile Island in ’79… the reactors in Japan are basically the same in design.

  4. Watching CNN & showed explosion at plant. Japanese can’t confirm meltdown at No. 3 because they can’t get close enough. Scary stuff…

  5. Saw this link tonight on HA of reactors 3 & 4. Hope the link works as I’m posting from my iPhone:

  6. well that didn’t work…let’s try this:

  7. Based on how Obama handled the gulf oil spill I pray that nothing of this magnitude ever happens in the US on his watch. I think I’ll take a page out of the treasonous leader’s playbook and release some stress by playing yet another round of golf and pick a few ncaa winners.
    In all seriousness… I pray for all those involved in attempting to get things under control in Japan and for all the families who have lost relatives and their homes in the devastation there. I can’t imagine what its like on the ground there.

  8. This is a very nice Blog Post and I am glad I found it. I will stop in from time to time. It is hard to find blogs that are as informative as this. Thank you for your efforts.

  9. It’s just their karma,they invaded philippines and let tens of thousands of filipino suffer during world war II,they deserve their suffering

    • “They” – as in the millions born after WWII who have nothing to do with what the Japanese Imperial Army did?
      I used to feel as you do, Linda, full of resentment against all Japanese for what Imperial Japan did to its Asian neighbors from 1930 to 1945. Chinese suffered even more than Filipinos. And don’t forget the poor Korean young women (“comfort women”) forced into prostitution for the Japanese soldiers.
      But the millions of Japanes born after WWII have nothing to do with the storm troopers of Imperial Japan did. Take a look at this article “War and Its Remembrance: The Perspective from Japan,” in the journal Democracy & Security 3(1):45 – 88 (2007). You’ll then know that the post-WWII Japanes government had apologized for its terrible deeds many, many, many times.


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