Update!!! Grouchy!!! Update!!!

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Grouchy is Kicken Butt!!!!!!
Just rec’d e-mail from Rose Ann.
Hi Steve,
What a difference a couple of days make.  Grouchy is on the mend and I spoke with 2 of his doctors today.  They took him off IV’s and put him on a regular diet and said if could tolerate that, they would release him tomorrow into my capable hands.  LOL
I have to be honest with you Steve.  We almost lost him because of his cardiologistNeedless to say that cardiologist is no longer going to get near him. (
Hey Give me the word, I’ll have a chat with him. ) We have a new one who worked very hard over the weekend to keep him here with us a while longer and he told me that the one up in Denver almost killed him with the drugs he prescribed. So Grouchy fought hard to stay and I will be happy when I get him here.
Thank you for remembering him in your prayers.
Rose Ann

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0 responses to “Update!!! Grouchy!!! Update!!!

  1. I’m not gonna stop praying for Grouchy this time ! 🙂
    Thank heaven for good doctors and pretty nurses
    (…and yes,they’re ALL pretty angels of mercy to me…)
    Whew…wouldn’t want him to miss these
    ‘interesting times’ we’re about to go through.
    Thanks for the update,Steve

  2. Good news for us all!

  3. Great news! This business about the medication is a wake up call to everyone. Prescription drugs can have dire complications. We need to be aware of that.

    You can’t keep a good man down!

  4. Thank you, dear Jesus. 😀

  5. Yay! 🙂

  6. yahoooooooooo!! can’t wait til your back here takin’ names Grouchy!:) we need you. thankyou Steve and Rosie.

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  8. Very glad to hear it. 😀
    You go, Grouchy!

  9. Great and mighty is He, great and mighty is He, throned in glory, arrayed in splendor, great and mighty is He.

  10. Good news indeed!

  11. So glad he’s on the mend! Prayers for his continued recovery.

  12. Thanks for update. Hooray for good news, you go Grouchy…

  13. Apologize for my spelling blunder, Great and Mighty is HE. Not her, sorry everyone.

  14. Dear beloved Grouchy, I read your message with tears in my eyes and joy in my heart. Praise God!!!

  15. Take care GF and get lots of rest!

  16. Grouchy, I am so pleased that you are doing well! I shall continue to pray for you and everyone at FOTM!


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