UPDATE: Facebook Removes Palestinian Intifada Page

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Facebook Inc. said it took down a page promoting a new Palestinian intifada against Israel because it made “direct calls for violence,” in violation of policies set forth by the social-networking site.
The administrators of the page, which Israeli officials had asked to be taken down earlier this month, initially removed comments that promoted violence, Debbie Frost, a spokeswoman for Facebook, said in an e-mail. The page’s administrators later joined in the calls for violence, she said.
“We continue to believe that people on Facebook should be able to express their opinions, and we don’t typically take down content that speaks out against countries, religions, political entities or ideas,” Frost said. “However, we monitor pages that are reported to us and when they degrade to direct calls for violence or expressions of hate — as occurred in this case — we have and will continue to take them down.”

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0 responses to “UPDATE: Facebook Removes Palestinian Intifada Page

  1. What do the women suicide bombers get when they go to Muslim paradise? 72 teenage boys? Sounds like hell to me!

  2. Well thank took a while, didn’t it…..and several million complaints!

  3. They should have left it up.
    This ignorant, politically correct world needs to see Islam for what it truly is.


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