UNREAL: Biden tells African Americans “You ain’t black” if torn between him and Trump

Imagine if a republican had said this.

Just. Wow.


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Steven Broiles
2 months ago

Many black and brown people are very tribal in their thinking. They adhere to their racialistic ideology out of pride and fear, and although leftist ideology and persons steer and guide them, they ignore that and focus on their group identity instead. So they think they are free but are not. In plain English, they seek a fictive or fictitious unity that isn’t there. I am no friend of Joe Biden; someone is guilty of elder abuse in encouraging him to run for President. Yet he speaks the truth of what the ideology speaks: Democrats want black people on their… Read more »

2 months ago

Biden is a mere shell of a man. But when he surfaces to make a statement, it comes out like this. Wow!

Jackie Puppet
2 months ago

The Trump campaign doesn’t have to spend any $$$$$$$$ on political ads – all they have to do is play this clip, as long as Joe is the Demonrat nominee.