Unprecedented Recall of All US Ambassadors to Washington

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What does Hillary know that she’s not telling the American people?
~Eowyn & Steve
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U.S. Ambassadors of the world called back to Washington
All Ambassadors Called Back to Washington!
ModernSurvivalBlog.com February 7, 2011
In an unprecedented move, apparently one that has never happened before, nearly all U.S. Ambassadors to all nations have been called back to Washington for a summit conference this week.
politico.com reports, “Ambassadors from almost all 260 U.S. embassies, consulates and other posts in more than 180 countries are expected to convene at the State Department for what’s being billed as the first meeting of its kind.
huffingtonpost.com, “Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is convening an unprecedented mass meeting of U.S. ambassadors.
The first logical thought that comes to mind…
Looking back at all previous world crisis, what might now be so important, evidently more-so than anything ever in the past, to call all Ambassadors back to Washington?
The sky’s the limit with ideas and conspiracy…

  • leaks of something very important to discuss
  • To get all their stories ‘straight’ ahead of time – for something
  • To prearrange settling the debt score between nations prior to a new world currency roll-out
  • A dollar currency devaluation
  • China is calling in our debt
  • New severely damaging Wikileaks about to release
  • Afraid of electronic communication

While the main stream and most Americans are involved with the SuperBowl at the moment, hardly any reporting on the event can be found. Fine time to do something ‘under the radar’.
Could this actually be simply a ‘first time’ of such a gathering to discuss ‘normal’ business? At first instinct, suspicion is aroused.
stay tuned…
Update, found this link from the U.S. Department of State website ‘Notice to the Press’ on February 1. This meeting was ‘officially’ about something named QDDR.
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton convened the first ever Global Chiefs of Mission Conference. This will be the first time U.S. Ambassadors will gather from around the world simultaneously. A principal aim of the conference will be to prepare for the implementation of the recommendations in the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR)
“The QDDR provides a blueprint for elevating American “civilian power” to better advance our national interests and to be a better partner to the U.S. military.”
Some of the objectives of the QDDR

  • Creating an Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment
  • Establishing a new Bureau for Energy Resources
  • Creating an Under Secretary for Civilian Security
  • Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Affairs
  • Establish a Bureau for Counterterrorism
  • Establishing a Coordinator for Cyber IssuesIn summary, it appears that the U.S. State Department is trying to establish more effective control over their foreign ambassador offices and programs. The QDDR is the only official explanation offered by the State Dept. as to the reason for calling in all foreign ambassadors. Who knows what else goes on behind closed door meetings…
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0 responses to “Unprecedented Recall of All US Ambassadors to Washington

  1. I wonder if it has anything to do with this:

  2. Every single one of those QDDR objectives is creating more government employees…business as usual in DC I see.

  3. This is very frightening to me. On a positive note we could believe that mr. soetero will resign but it is highly likely that it will be financial setbacks or our homeland security that will be challenged. It would be innocuous if it were only the Wikileaks but I have become too cynical and leery of the information presented to be comfortable. The one thing I can be sure of is that prayer will be essential. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  4. Something is up that we’re going to announce to the world… scares me to think what that might be, I agree.

  5. Not gonna happen. 🙁
    If she had the goods on the Fraud, she would have deployed it in the 2008 primaries. Why wait till now?

  6. If that were true Obama would already be on a plane for Venezuela to beg Chavez for asylum

    • Tom,
      I’m picturing Obama on a C-47 going down the runway at Reagan National with mortar rounds going off all around, and Herr Robert “Goebbels” Gibbs running behind, screaming, “Wait for me! Wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

  7. Any more news of this?
    I hadn’t heard this anywhere but here, and when I googled it, it seemed that all I could find were repostings of the original from BI.
    This story creeped me out and I was curious that I saw nothing about it on The Blaze.com , and when I tried commenting with a link to this story on another Blaze story about “look what the Obama administration is doing while you’re all busy with the Superbowl” my comment was never posted.
    What is the deal?
    I’ll check back later, maybe someone will respond w/ more news, thank you.

    • An article was posted over at CBS News on January 31, 2011.

    • Artist,
      This is what I found about the ostensible reason, Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR), for the rumored meeting of US ambassadors from across the world.
      Here’s what Wikipedia says about the QDDR:
      “The Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR) is a study by the United States Department of State, first started in 2009 and intended to be done every four years, that analyzes the short-, medium-, and long-term blueprint for the United States’ diplomatic and development efforts abroad. It seeks to plan on a longer-term basis than the usual year-to-year, appropriations-based practice, and to integrate diplomacy and development missions under one planning process.”
      Here’s what Hillary Clinton said about the first QDDR:
      “How can we do better?…we will build up our civilian power: the combined force of civilians working together across the U.S. government to practice diplomacy, carry out development projects, and prevent and respond to crises. Many different agencies contribute to these efforts today. But their work can be more unified, more focused, and more efficient. The State Department and USAID will take a lead role in making that happen.”
      “Civilian power”…
      Sounds familiar? Remember what Obama said in 2008 that “we must have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful just as strong, just as well-funded” as the military?
      The first QDDR was completed in December 2010 — which is why Hillary is convening our ambassadors, presumably to discuss the Review and to make plans accordingly.

  8. hmmmmmm??
    how could an article report on January 31 on an event that is said to have happened on February 4?
    now I’m even more confused

    • Sorry, it was from the 30th, reporting it would occur the following Monday, which would be the 7th, as stated happened in the article above. That being said, when I went hunting for the article again at CBSNews, through a search engine, I found: January 30, 2011 | 11:58 PM PST. Clinton Convenes Mass Meeting Of US Ambassadors … Copyright ©2011 CBS Interactive Inc. However when I click on the link I receive the message: “We’re sorry. The story you have requested is no longer available.” Did more hunting under “all us ambassadors recall january 30 2011” and found the AP article published January 31, 2011, still available for viewing at sfgate.com.

  9. @BestArtist
    Your post is there. Thanks for the link. Not sure what to make of this, but my spidie senses are going beserk. The growing distrust of my own nation is exponential.

  10. Thank you Eowyn…..I DO remember The Fraudulent One’s weird call for a “civilian national security force”, sounded creepy then, really creepy now.
    Thank you Judy for responding…..
    and thank you Bryan for letting me know you saw my link at TheBlaze…it’s very difficult to sift through the comments there.
    There is something very wrong ( spidie sense indeed!) about this story…you’d think since this has never occurred before, that alone would be BIG news….sort of like someone spending 1.5 million $ or thereabouts to have ALL information about themselves, their origins and history hidden and locked away and then wondering why anyone finds that unusual.
    Creepy and wrong……..

  11. You people are hilarious! But only after the nausea wears off. The only reason she called everyone home was for dramatic effect. She’s got a new program she gets to put into her resume (one she stole from General Meyers) and wants to christen it with a bang. If there is any conspiracy here it is that she is unilateraly positioning the State Dept as the lead agency for crisis engagement (see Chief of Mission). What you should all really be worried about is the March 15th pole shift.

  12. How about half the Middles east and North Africa all starting revolutions simultaneously? Might that be a reason for pulling out ambassadors?


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