University Professor Hard at Work

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The nutty professor

Via WTMJ Radio: A University of Wisconsin professor is caught on audio tape telling students about petitions they can sign to recall State Senator Randy Hopper and Governor Scott Walker, both republicans.
WTMJ reports that “A recording released by the Republican Party of Wisconsin exposes Professor Stephen Richards using class time to actively campaign for the recall of State Senator Randy Hopper, encouraging his students to sign recall petitions offered by circulators present “outside” his classroom.

“In the tape, recorded during a criminal justice class,Richards can be heard encouraging a female student to sign the recall petition even though she thinks she lives outside the district, and instructing students to sign using their campus address instead of their parents’ home address.  He also tells students to look for petition circulators all around campus and “in the bars.”
“This incredible misuse of power by a person in a position of authority cannot be tolerated,” said Mark Jefferson, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Professor Richards used valuable class time to actively campaign to his students, over whom he has influence.  The incident goes way past poor judgment – this is egregious professional misconduct.”

Professor Stephen Richards can be heard saying the following to his class (I removed all the “ums):

“And the reason you see this on campus a lot is that,  the effect of the, of Walker’s budget on this university is number one, will be an eight percent pay cut for all faculty and staff, eight percent pay cut. There’ll be, there’ll be a legal [inaudible] to be, belong to a union. And you should know that, all the faculty, janitors, maintenance people secretaries, they all belong to a union, they’re all in a union right now.  So there union will be decertified.
That and this affects teachers, professors, parole officers, corrections officers, and a lot of police and fire.  Police and fire are not exempt from this.
All public employees. So the uh, big salary cuts, uh is eight to ten percent of their wages are cut, not just one year but from here on out, and, they’ll make it so that we won’t be able to belong to unions. Which once that’s done then all the wages will get lower and lower.”
“Either he’s purposely lying to students in an effort to provoke them to sign the petitions, or he is woefully misinformed and spreading severe inaccuracies along to students who rely on him for factual information,” says Jefferson. “Teachers and college professors have a responsibility to their students and to their communities. We trust them to deliver facts and stay above the political fray – at the very least when they are at the head of a classroom.  This Professor has seriously failed his students.  One has to wonder if this is an isolated incident or a more common occurrence in our state’s classrooms.”
I’m going to say that the Professor is woefully misinformed and more concerned about his pay cut than he is in educating the children.
The full audio recording is available for download here:
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0 responses to “University Professor Hard at Work

  1. Mad Angel is on FB

    For once a teacher informing students that they CAN make a difference instead of the usual indoctrination to follow blindly and do what they’re told.

    • So you think a professor misusing his powers by telling his students to sign a political petition is not indoctrination? You don’t think the students would sign the petition for the simple reason that they fear they’d be given bad grades for not signing it? Then you don’t know students. Neither do you know what the proper role of a teacher/professor should be.

    • Uh sorry to break this news to you MA but THEY WERE BEING TOLD TO BLINDLY DO WHAT THEY WERE TOLD! These kids were not asked their political affiliation (though they should not have been) or they’re opinion on the matter. These kids were not asked to do a report on the political happenings or the legality of what transpired on both sides of the debate in WI. These kids were told to actively influence one side of an issue without hearing the other side and to come to their own conclusion as to what should be done.
      You are either a Union teacher, ignorant or as your name implies truly, truly mad.

    • Your out your freakin mind. That is indoctrination big time. He is paid by taxpayers to teach not to recruit for dems. On top of that he quoted numbers that were outright lies. Your an idiot big time.

  2. Richards is quite typical of many liberal profs. The only difference in his case is that somebody actually reported him.

  3. I hope that he is fired so he receives a 100% pay cut.

  4. lowtechgrannie

    Listen to this. He’s claiming progressive college professors are “targeted”!

  5. Liberals are truly the biggest danger to freedom and security in America.
    Their ignorance and malice are corrosive.

  6. I wonder what perfesser Richards will do with a 100% pay cut if his state goes Tango Uniform financially, as there isn’t going to be any federal bailout.
    America is beyond broke.

    • Since he teaches “criminology, corrections and theory”, I doubt this perfesser understands basic econ 101. Idiot…

  7. I just posted on the,I think we should designate a state for Left wing,hollywood, that covers quite a bit. But on second thought,I think we should ship them to another country. Wouldn’t they be happier there?? I know I would be happier with them there.

  8. Stephen Richards is now under “investigation”….wonder he’ll face any serious punishment. Not holding my breath…


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