Union Thuggery on Display

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I saw this on Michelle Malkin’s website. Tabitha Hale, an employee with FreedomWorks is assaulted by a CWA union bastard while filming a heated exchange outside of the FreedomWorks office:

And we also have this prime example of civility.
Warning, profane and offensive language:

Now I’m not the type to go looking for trouble, but if trouble comes looking for me or a fellow patriot in the form of one of these union goons then rest assured that any violence encountered will result in overwhelming retribution.
I won’t be interested in debating them, just taking them…out!
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Union Thuggery on Display

  1. saw this too, can’t believe this. what is america coming to?

  2. Goonions are now little more than organized mobs for people too unintelligent to negotiate their wages directly with their employers themselves, and need someone else to do it for them.

  3. Good grief….this man needs to be prosecuted ASAP. Such civility…

  4. slow motion is way way more betta…..


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