Union Leader Wants Mail Carriers to Thwart Terrorists


The USPS is in severe financial distress – they lost $8.5 billion in fiscal 2010.  There has been talk of cutting mail service back to 5 days a week to save money. But the President of The National Association of Letter Carriers, Fredric Rolando, has a much better idea – use letter carriers to help fight terrorism!

Here’s what he said in this video:

  • There were lots of ideas for new services that could be provided “adding to what letter carriers already do to protect community and national security.”
  • “They could be doing things for Red Cross.”
  • “They would be the first ones on the scene for disasters and so forth, weather issues. Cuz they’re the first ones in there, the only ones that can get in to every neighborhood on a daily basis.
  • “There’s things they can do with sophisticated scanners because they go everywhere.”

Like an ambulance or police car can’t get into my neighborhood quicker than a mail carrier? And if we let more union goons help “protect us”, like the TSA, are we going to face a pat down to get our mail? Instead of finding ways to save money, this union leader wants to increase the size and role of government. Always a bad idea.


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Mail carriers can’t even thwart a chihuahua attack.

The USPS’s days are numbered, and even their goonion leaders have figured it out, and are just trying to justify their continued existence.

Remember the buggy-whip story?

Same thing, different time.


lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

The way they keep raising rates, even the junk mail is dropping off. Except for Comcast advertising. I keep getting their “special offers” in the mail 3 or 4 times a week.


ok so now our mail carriers wil need an AR15, intel training, body armor, etc. Better give them a pay raise.

Is this guy nuts.? WHAT A MORON!!!!!!!


and the poster boy for the mail carriers the carrier who was caught on tape taking a dump in someones back yard… yeah those are the sort of people you can rely on to be inept, clueless, bungling and low class. you could find a higher class of being in a canine training class.