Union goons stealing Romney signs

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Look for the union label…

Toledo Union Members Caught with a Truckload of Stolen Romney Signs

Media Trackers: Four men caught in a Sheet Metal Workers International Association (SMWIA) truck full of Romney/Ryan signs were issued summons for receiving stolen property early Friday morning in Perrysburg. Local police responded after residents reported seeing men stealing Romney signs in the middle of the night.

A Perrysburg Police incident report published by the Ohio Liberty Coalition listed four adult males: Corey Beaubien, Christopher Monaghan, Sean Bresler, and John Russell. The police report indicated the vehicle in question was registered to SMWIA Local 33 of Parma.

John Russell and Chris Monaghan are listed as Business Agents for the union’s Toledo district on the SMWIA Local 33 website. Additionally, Facebook accounts appearing to belong to Beaubien, Monaghan, and Russell identify the three as employees of SMWIA Local 33.

Monaghan, age 41, uses as his profile picture a “Yes on 2″ logo supporting the ballot issue from union front Voters First Ohio. He lists The Ed Show on MSNBC as his favorite TV show, and “Likes” union front We Are Ohio as well as a page titled “I will vote for Barack Obama in 2012.”

Russell, age 39, “Likes” Obama for America – Ohio. Beaubien, age 37, “Likes” Barack Obama, Obama for America – Ohio, and Sherrod Brown.

The Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 33 – Toledo page on Facebook is awash in liberal talking points promoting Obama and attacking Romney. An October 27 status update pleading with members to help distribute campaign literature closed with, “We have 10 days left lets not wake up on Wednesday with our heads hung low because we lost. Remember right to work for less will be the death of us all.”

Romney has voiced support for a national right-to-work law, which would allow employees in unionized workplaces to opt out of union membership without being forced to pay “fair share” fees.

The Ohio Liberty Coalition release quoted John McAvoy, president of the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition, who said, “This morning 4 men driving a pickup truck registered to the Sheet Metal Union, Local 33 were arrested and charged with receiving stolen property – in the form of a bed full of Romney/Ryan yard signs, some measuring as large as 4′x8′.”

“Also in the truck were tools such as drills, which were possibly used to take the large signs down,” McAvoy added. “The signs were allegedly removed from several private property and business locations across Lucas and Wood County.”

Tom Zawistowski, president of the Ohio Liberty Coalition, claimed that theft of Republican signage has been reported by conservative activists from across Ohio this year. “In Portage County, we had gotten advance notice that lots of signs were going to be taken last night and sure enough entire streets of signs were missing this morning. Most of which were on private property and many that were not near the road,” Zawistowski said.

“It will be interesting to learn from the investigation if those caught in Perrysburg were being paid by the Union while they were taking the signs. Our member groups will not hesitate to prosecute individuals who are caught taking signs and we encourage anyone that has a sign stolen to file a police report.”

Stealing yard signs? Not surprising. Stupid though. That won’t convince anybody not to vote for Romney/Ryan.

My car has been keyed three times during the past six months, most likely due to my anti-Obama stickers. Keep it up liberals – your childish pranks only make us stronger!


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  1. Petty and rotten to the core, the whole lot. They can — and do — pull out all their devious tricks, but we’ll still bury them next Tuesday. Count on it.

  2. de-cert by the NLRB and charges by DeWine


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