Union Goons at Work…Again

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US Video: Mob of Angry Protesters Corners Wisconsin GOP Senator

Wisconsin state Republican Sen. Glenn Grothman found himself in a frightening situation at the Wisconsin State Capitol after being tailed and cornered by a large group of angry protesters who screamed and hurled curses at him as he tried to enter the building.   Fortunately, a Democratic state assemblyman — Rep. Brett Hulsey  — stepped in to help.
(Warning: Video contains graphic language.  Viewer discretion is advised.)


So far these goons are depriving the children of Wisconsin of an education, faking illness to protest, trashing the capital building and harassing and threatening senators and legislators. Did I miss anything?
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Union Goons at Work…Again

  1. Compare that to how the Tea Party demonstrators behaved when congressmen and the gavel-wielding Pelosi marched through the crowd – all smug – on their way to force “healthcare legislation” on us. They then had the audacity to accuse the protestors of Racism when it was all said and done. Thank goodness that cameras are capturing the vulgarity, vileness, and violence – both literal and rhetorical – from these People of the Lie.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Were all these public employees taking time off work to protest? I say fire them all! There are thousands of qualified unemployed people who would gladly take their places on under the new terms of the legislation.

  3. Despicable….
    I have been to two Tea Party demonstrations and the only vile language I heard was from the left complaining about, yep, Bush. These people need to sign up for the new ‘national civility institute’ .

  4. Damn, even FDR thought public sector unions were excessive… left/libtards, grow the heck up!

  5. Teacher tards.

  6. Where in hell are the police> This is anything but “respectful” as Hulsey was heard to say about the demonstration. I thought the demonstrations the teacher took part in en masse was bad enough. Signs and behavior and trash talk was anything but respectful. Now in these latter days of the protests; most of these people are now, college , union, and Communist Party USA, and other Socialist group agitators. If there are still any teachers out there with them, then shame on THEM! This is ugly and teachers our kids nothing. I always say if teachers spent as much time in the classroom as they do wasting time thinking up programs that brainwash kids with Socialist ideas; our kids could actually learn to read, do math, and know a little about science and history.


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