UNION DUES: It's All About the Payroll Deduction

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If you go on Google News and search “Union Dues” and “Payroll Deduction” you’ll see numerous states with legislation introduced to take government entities out of the dues collection loop for Big Labor.  In addition to Wisconsin;  Florida, Alabama and Tennessee are all in the news today.  
The unions are stirring up their  masses about  “worker’s rights” and “collective bargaining” but, I believe the heart of the matter is dues collection.  They simply do not trust their members to voluntarily pay dues —- to gratefully sit down and write out that check and mail it in month after month.
If the payroll-deducted union dues system is lost, what other payment options do unions have?   One that comes to mind is requiring members to provide their Visa/ bank account information authorizing the union to automatically deduct it from their members’ accounts each month or online dues paying with Visa.    That would be a very interesting scenario!
In my opinion, in this day and age, unions are an unnecessary evil.  The federal government established the  Department of Labor in 1913 to address the issues of workers’ rights.  It’s grown exponentially since that time.  They even do random personnel audits of individual businesses to assure compliance with all the federal labor regulations!   A  Dept of Labor auditor once spent a week at a union business  where I  worked, combing through all the employee and payroll files and doing private interviews with minority employees.  In addition, each state has their own complex regulations and laws to protect workers rights. 




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0 responses to “UNION DUES: It's All About the Payroll Deduction

  1. Candance Moore

    Don’t you understand, Grannie? It takes a lot of money to buy Obama’s loyalty. He is an expensive nut to crack. They’re just doing what they gotta do.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Yup — we’ve got a First Family that farts through silk!

  3. No one should be made to j oin a union, for instance, to work in any state in any job. But that is exactly how this all works. Teachers have to join a union for instance, and union dues are automatically deducted. And we all know where a great deal of those millions goes. And that is to elect liberals who will do what it is the unions want.
    The taxpayers have got to understand they are being held up, robber barons in the unions.

  4. Goonions.
    Gotta love ’em.

  5. Unionism: The delusion that gay marriage and drug legalization are integral to workers not being exploited by 12-hour workdays and unsafe conditions so a union leader who doesn’t even work in his union’s field needs a lavish salary and benefits to achieve them.


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