Unintended (?) consequence of gun control movement: Man with legal conceal carry tackled for having a gun

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Or should I say the “gun safety movement“?
WTSP.com: A Lithia (Florida) man has been charged after he tackled another man Tuesday who had a handgun in a holster — and a permit to carry — at a Wal-Mart.
About 11:58 a.m., deputies responded to the store at 11110 Causeway Blvd. where Clarence Daniels had been taken to the ground by Michael Foster, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.
Foster had seen Daniels getting out of his vehicle in the lot with handgun, under his coat and in a holster. Foster followed him into the store and attacked the Daniels, the sheriff’s office said.
The report said Foster did not call 911 until he tackled Daniels.
Once inside the store, Foster approached Daniels from behind, placed him in chokehold and took him down against his will and without permission. A brief struggle ensued. When Foster grabbed the man, he began yelling that Daniels had a gun.
Daniels, 62, has a concealed weapons permit and yelled that fact during the struggle. Both individuals were detained until deputies arrived on scene.
Foster, 43, was taken into custody and charged with battery.

Wannabe-hero Foster

Wannabe-hero Foster


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0 responses to “Unintended (?) consequence of gun control movement: Man with legal conceal carry tackled for having a gun

  1. Dip wad! County below me.

  2. F***ING IDIOT

  3. Maybe call 911 if he had concerns back off and monitor the guys actions until the police arrive.
    I’ve seen some nuts in Wal Mart I felt should be ‘detained’ too.
    I do not think alerting an ‘Associate’ would help much.
    But this person did not fit that demographic in my book. It appears from the videos he was walking along with a stroller and a small child.
    Too bad Clarence wasn’t trained to drop Foster like a sack of white trash.
    That would have settled it.
    You got to properly conceal your gun to avoid stuff like this.
    For some reason some states allow concealed carry but not open carry.
    You can walk around with your penanda and penadum, or your nipples exposed but not your sidearm.
    Why not finish the story, and share the ultimate outcome?
    The assailant got arrested and faces charges of battery.
    The ‘Justice’ Department is sending Al Sharpton down to organise a demonstration and burn down Tampa this weekend, afterwards Holder will launch an investigation, and Obama will come on TV during the Superbowl to muse how if he had actually had a father he would have looked just like Clarence.
    Charges will be ramped up to a hate crime attempted murder.
    Were any of them wearing crotchless pants? That’s the unanswered
    We’re going to wake up some morning with a Jihad Squad at our front door.

    • “You got to properly conceal your gun to avoid stuff like this.
      For some reason some states allow concealed carry but not open carry.”

      This is why I put a (?) after “unintended” in my headline. If people are freaked out by seeing a law abiding citizen carrying a gun, then gun grabbers are motivated to make stricter laws regarding carrying.
      In Seattle (WT ST allows open carry) cops will ask you to conceal your weapon because people freak out by seeing guns (doesn’t happen in the eastern part of the state, I’ve seen open carry there and people don’t freak out). Stuff like this is more “ammunition” for the gun grabbers, IMO.

  4. Forget People of Walmart, how about Idiots of Walmart?

  5. Oh, it’s probably intended… making so many people afraid of they do dumb stuff like this plays right into Bloomberg’s “gun safety” bullcrap.

  6. Yes, dip-wad Foster needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law–then Mr Daniels needs to bring suit in court for say several million for this needless assault, particularly since Mr Daniels called out that he had a permit to carry. Perhaps that would stop dumb heads from needlessly assaulting innocent Americans as they go about their own business. Man of man! How I would love to serve on that jury!

  7. Superman complex??

  8. They have open carry in Virginia, and Florida has reciprocity deal with Virginia.
    Another minor point is they sell guns and ammo in Walmarts.
    But the Nazis are doing everything they can think of to take away all privately held guns.
    How about that: you get a job patting down Walmartians as they come in the store. Yuck.

  9. After considering this scenario again, Foster say Mr Daniel’s gun in holster as he (Mr Daniel) got out of his vehicle. I would think that someone who was driving would not necessarily have their jacket closed up while driving. That that person might well adjust his jacket, close it and then proceed to go about their business. Whereas, Foster purposely did not call 9-1-1, instead, as Jane has pointed out–he let his Superman complex overtake him, and he committed assault on an innocent stranger. To those who do “carry” –do you wear your jacket buttoned, or zipped up while driving, or is that to cumbersome? I don’t know these things, since I do not “carry.” I would like to know how this is handled? I also would like to know if Mr Daniels was injured by this attack.

    • Haven’t heard about any injuries to Mr. Daniels…thank goodness. I carry in my purse. I would think that zipped/unzipped jacket would depend on size of firearm, holster and fit of jacket – comfort and access preferences vary.

    • Auntie, about 2 yrs ago they closed a little loophole in the law. See if I’m carrying and I reach up to top shelf and say my shirt/jacket pulls up and my gun becomes exposed for a brief second technically I could be in a wee bit of trouble if some dip-wad citizen decides to either play hero or call 911.
      Now if that happens it’s OK. No harm no foul. This is freaking Fla and you better damn well know the laws concerning firearms.
      That’s why I consider it such a safe place to live. I assume everyone has a gun. And I want them to assume the same. Trust me there is very little
      “Road rage” or things like that.
      With all that being said…Concealed does mean concealed.

  10. I don’t have a CCW,but I open-carry often. I use a tactical holster (with 3 loaded extra mags),hung low enough on my thigh that none of my jackets cover it. I believe,Constitutionally,I can carry openly,or concealed,but like many of us I don’t have the money to fight an “Unlawful Concealed Weapon” charge in Court,and so far my observation is that my gun would be confiscated and not returned (“lost” or something). If I was financially able,I’d make it a point to carry however I chose to,and hire the GREAT Constitutional Attorneys to fight the “sanctions” in Court,until I made it obvious,without question,that ANY sanctions regarding my RIGHT to own,carry and use a gun violate my God given Second Amendment protected RIGHT to self defense. If everyone who had the money to do this would do it,before long ALL these towns that don’t allow gun ownership or variations of that would see what their unconstitutional acts actually COST them.
    Just my 2 cents worth


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