Unhinged Left: Man arrested for death threats against GOP senators who supported Justice Kavanaugh

Deranged and stupid DeRisi/Suffolk County Police photo

From NY Post: A Long Island man was busted for making death threats against GOP U.S. Senators Chuck Grassley and Susan Collins for their support of then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, The Post has learned.

Ronald DeRisi, 74, was taken into custody early Friday, and is expected to be arraigned later in the day in Central Islip federal court before Magistrate judge Gary R. Brown.

The Smithtown man is accused of leaving disturbing voicemails on the senators’ office phones following their public support of Kavanaugh’s nomination and confirmation, in an attempt to discourage the pols from voting in the jurist’s favor, a source familiar with the case revealed.

In one message left on September 27, DeRisi allegedly said that he had a “present” for Iowa’s Grassley, growling, “It’s a 9 millimeter. Side of your f—ing skull you scumbag motherf—–r.”

The message concluded: “Yeah, Kavanaugh – I don’t think so.”

In another rant aimed at the 85-year-old senator, DeRisi was recorded saying “We’re tired of this guy sucking taxpayers’ money! Getting a free f—ing ride! How many more years you gonna do it? None! He’s a dead man! 9 millimeter, side of the f—-ing head! If f—ing Kavanaugh gets in, he’s dead f—ing meat! Actually even if Kavanaugh doesn’t get in he’s dead f—ing meat. 9 millimeter, side of the head, you f—ing old bastard.”

Most of the calls were placed from a pre-paid cell phone, according to court docs.

DeRisi took a different tone with Collins, of Maine, calling her a “twit” on the day of the vote.

“I’m gonna get you,” he’s accused of saying. “You better pray this guy don’t get in.”

He left another message two minutes later, saying: “tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.”

Less than an hour later, Collins received another message from DeRisi.

“Listen, you dumb son of a bitch, don’t you know that guy’s a sex offender? How could you not know that…you f–king twit.”

DeRisi pleaded guilty in Nassau County in 2015 to one count of aggravated harassment, for repeatedly calling his target’s office more than 15 times, and leaving threatening voicemails. It’s not clear if that victim was also a public figure. A message to DeRisi’s residence was not immediately returned.

Reps for Collins did not return requests for comment, while Grassley’s office referred the Post to the Public Information Office of the United States Capitol Police, who also declined to comment.

“Representative democracy cannot work if elected officials are threatened with death for simply doing their job,” United States Attorney Richard Donoghue said in a statement. “The First Amendment – the pinnacle of American achievement – protects debate, disagreement and dissent, not death threats. We and all those dedicated to the rule of law will not tolerate the use violence and threats of violence in attempts to prevail in political disputes.”

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Dr. Eowyn
2 years ago

Ronald DeRisi should be charged with felony. Threatening U.S. government officials is a felony under federal law. Threatening Senators Grassley & Collins is a Class C or D felony, usually carrying maximum penalties of 5 or 10 years under 18 U.S.C. § 875, 18 U.S.C. § 876 and other statutes.


DeRisi’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ron.derisi.9

2 years ago

The Liberal Mind – Why Liberals Act & Think The Way They Do – Lyle Rossiter – theDove.us

Author of “The Liberal Mind,” Dr. Lyle Rossiter, describes the psychological causes of political madness and reasons why modern liberals act and think the way they do.


Jim Campbell
2 years ago

Former UN Ambassador Spoke last evening at the Al Smith Memorial Dinner. She was clear that our political opposition isn’t EVIL.


Her remarks clearly made me think. Your article may not discuss an evil being, but one who like many progressives, is politically arranged and potentially dangerous. Thanks.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jim Campbell

“Inside Every (Mentally ill) Liberal Is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out”

“Based on strikingly irrational beliefs and emotions, modern liberals relentlessly undermine the most important principles on which our freedoms were founded. Like spoiled, angry children, they rebel against the normal responsibilities of adulthood and demand that a parental government meet their needs from cradle to grave.” Dr. Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr.,

2 years ago

Nancy Pelosi’s actions and motions reveal a deeply disturbed woman of unstable mind, the type person that feeds her ego instilling hate and evil to those with no concept, no self steem and lacking compassion, and those people are the ones that make the threats a reality. Blood will not be under her fingernails, but evil will be shawl she will be buried in.

2 years ago

I favor the death penalty, by firing squad for this fool. Make an example.

He would present a danger to himself and others were he merely incarcerated. Perhaps after a lobotomy and heavy Thorazine sedation, but that would have to be a permanent prescription, which would be challenged as un-Constitutional and illegal under the law… as “cruel and unusual”.

And it would cost the taxpayer more. So put him out of his misery quickly and keep our US Senators safe.

2 years ago

Geez. Is there a mental institution into which he can spend his waning days? This guy is seriously WACKED. Can we find a place for the next 5-10 years to house him out of public interest/safety? Seems the best we can do right now.

2 years ago

Okay, during the Kavanaugh hearings the Dems made it clear that accusations = truth, and that there is no need for evidence, so I wonder what they are going to do about this:

In a rather remarkable and detailed anonymous posting on social media a man details his encounter with New Jersey Senator Corey Booker, and how Booker sexually assaulted him in a restroom. According to the victim he reached out to #MeToo champion Ronan Farrow who has done little -so far- to support him. Stunning story

2 years ago
Reply to  Amanda

@Amanda, Thanks for posting that, Drama Queenie Corey Booker handed off Newark NJ to a Muslim, sued the NYPD for surveillance of radical muslim mosques (yet had no problem with the communist FBI illegally spying on the Trump campaign) is a “Rhodes Scholar” asked a stunned Mike Pompeo what was his views on “gay sex” during his Secretary of State confirmation, and mentioned “Spartacus” (Weishupt) making a complete fool of himself (not the first time) in unethically leaking emails on Kavanaugh, that he hadn’t even read, which exonerated Kavanaugh on racial profiling. This does not surprise me, as I always… Read more »