Unhinged Demorats: Washington man says truck was torched for having Trump stickers

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From MyNorthwest.com: A Southwest Washington man’s truck is now a charred hulk after being set on fire. Its owner says it’s because it had two Trump 2020 stickers on its bumper.

“I literally just put those on this weekend, just put them on,”Johnny Mackay told Portland’s KOIN 6. “If I would have known someone would have taken their politics this far … I thought they were funny. Apparently, somebody did not get the joke.”

One sticker said “Trump 2020: Make America Great Again.” The other stated: “Trump 2020: Make Liberals Cry Again!” MacKay recently put the pair of “Trump 2020” stickers on his 2015 Nissan Titan.

He left the truck at the Garage Bar and Grille’s parking lot in Vancouver, Wash. after having drinks there Saturday night. The next day, he returned to find the car torched, the tires melted, and the windows shattered. There was also an anti-Trump message spray painted on its side.

“If you say anything that somebody doesn’t like, you are automatically a target,” he said. “You are automatically the enemy and they have to hurt you.”

MacKay says he didn’t vote for Trump in 2016. He supports him now that he’s the president. He’s also an Uber driver. MacKay says the fire destroyed his source of income. He also has a message for whoever burned his car.

“The person needs to get help,” MacKay said. “Whether it was from drugs or a mental condition (it’s called liberalism), this person needs to get help. If they blow up at this, who knows.”


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7 responses to “Unhinged Demorats: Washington man says truck was torched for having Trump stickers

  1. It says a lot about a person that’s willing to commit a felony based on his dislike of one or two bumper stickers.
    It’s a good thing the bumper stickers were on the owner’s truck and not his shirt.

  2. It’s not looking good out there! These threats of bodily harm will become a reality and not until an innocent life is taken away and the law applied to the fullest, they’re going to stop. And the ones that are accountable are Killary Rotten Clinton, Erick “Holster” and Latrine Waters, they are the ones to pay for instigating the mad crowds commit crimes against people. Does the word conscience have a meaning to them?

  3. For those who don’t know, Vancouver and Portland are twin cities, separated by only a river bridge. Last week I was going to call and ask for some yard and car signs for the upcoming election, and then I thought – do I really want to put my home and car at risk of attack? It has become beyond bizarre out here in this cess pit called the greater Portland area.

  4. It’s not safe to advertise your conservative/republican beliefs. Use to the advantage. There aren’t as many libatards as the libatards think there are. Let the loony lefties believe their polls. Let them listen to the MSM and believe it. Lull them into a sense of superiority. Then come out in droves and drown out their vote in a RED TIDE. Keep the House. Get an unbeatable majority in the Senate. Keep the pressure up until these people either get or self destruct

    • Good advice, and true. There aren’t as many as they like to think. I don’t want to believe that the cops are just letting the little pansies run amok, but they sure have been getting away with a lot lately.

      Vancouver is just across the bridge from Portland. I wonder if the Tele-Tubby brigade was home grown or from there?

  5. EXACTLY. In the end, the only free speech that ULTIMATELY counts is your vote at the ballot box….and, unless Antifa or the Black Panthers go into the voting booth with you (could happen these days)…..this is the ONLY PLACE these days that you can not be denied/ persecuted/ assaulted/maimed/ shot/ vandalized for voting for Trump or any Republican ticket. Rock On! VOTE ON!


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