Underwear only for a cause?


Thousands run through the streets of Salt Lake City in their underwear to protest against ‘Utah being so uptight’
As a kid, I never thought to run around in public in my underwear.  Both mom and dad would have had serious objections to that.  But these days, it’s becoming quite acceptable to some.
Via Daily Mail:  When thousands of people took to the streets of Salt Lake City in their underwear last night, they were not just hoping to break records.  Wearing just boxers, panties and bras, are the crowds of people said they were there to break stereotypes.  “My goal is to change Utah. To make this state lighten up once and for all,” run organizer Nate Porter.  “I’m trying to draw people in that are jaded by politics.”
The annual event, called the ‘Utah Undie Run’ encouraged people to paint their naked torsos with messages about gay rights and other causes.  “We’ve all heard it for years, Utah is boring, Utahans are uptight… well it’s time to change all that, at least for a night,” the group wrote on its website.
Organizers said that they wanted the state, which tightened up its liquor laws earlier this month, to loosen up.  The group is set to enter the Guinness Book of Records if the run is verified.  Organisers estimate that 3,000 people turned up in their underwear, beating the previous record of 55.
Um, ok, whatever.  I’m just glad the TEA party rallies I attended weren’t clothing optional!

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No amount of $$$ or prodding could get me to participate or attend such an event…. 9-1-1 would be inundated with people choking, gasping, fainting, and laughing too hard to catch their breath…. it wouldn’t be pretty… Lol… 😉 Why they feel it necessary to go to these lengths to not look “boring” is beyond me. But I will say.. it must have stirred things up for a day anyhoo.


Typical leftist morons — they think that doing something in bad taste, or generally lame is going to produce political change. Hey guys? All the legislators that you hate are still holding their offices the day after this stunt. Just how effective were those naked PETA protests, after all? The war in Iraq went on, didn’t it?


LOL – Ya know, there is some seriously ugly underwear in this country.


My thought, too, Sage, with a bit more: “Grow up!” All this proves is that they have a disgusting lack of respect and no sense of decency.


hahah,thanks DCG 😉 ,I’m right on your wing,Dave.
Looks more like a stampede than a run IMO.