Undercover Video of Democrats Partying in Charlotte

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A brave and intrepid friend of mine has smuggled undercover video of the democrats partying in locations in and around Charlotte after the festivities in the DNC. You should be able to spot several prominent democrats

WARNING! These videos show wanton drunkeness, violence, property destruction and even nudity at bars:

and at theatres:

Fortunately, after a night of drunken revelry exposure to daylight caused them to melt into a puddle of goo:

Too bad this couldn’t happen for real.

Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Undercover Video of Democrats Partying in Charlotte

  1. Hehe, ugly creatures they are!

  2. Metaphorically, it illustrates how the braying “Demo-Donks” have a propensity to out themselves for the total jackasses they are, and how they can no longer be trusted to run the country, let alone the free world.

    This November, we need to ship them off to the glue factory.

    BTW, Isn’t it revealing how these half-wit “PAC mules” nominated a proto-hominid of the sub-species, Homo Islamopithecus Kenyatus to run for Teamster, not once, but twice?

    “Hee Haw!” (sarc/off)

  3. Didn’t we see this already? Is this the Secret Service again? And Hillary in South Africa? I thought so!

  4. Priceless!


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