Homeless man in Seattle uses bear spray to set fire to pedestrian out for a walk

Even the homeless know they need to be armed in Seattle…

As reported by MyNorthwest.com: Thomas Warmack may go by the longtime nickname “Candle,” but he did not expect to be set on fire while out for a walk with his girlfriend at Ravenna Park two weeks ago.

He had just sat down on a bench near the park’s baseball field to make a phone call around 11 a.m. Suddenly and with no apparent provocation, a man came up to him and violently assaulted him.

“A guy comes running up, mumbling gosh knows what, and then yells out, ‘Stop [expletive] with me,’ when no one is even messing with the person, and tries to stab me in the neck with a coat-hanger, and attempts to stab me in the stomach with a big stick,” Warmack told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson.

Warmack yelled at the man to stop, and warned that he would call the police. In response, the attacker allegedly sprayed Warmack with bear spray, which is highly flammable, and set his arm and chest on fire.

Luckily, Warmack and his girlfriend put the fire out quickly, but Warmack did not realize at first how serious the burns were. They were later deemed second-degree, he said.

He informed police of the attack and they later arrested the suspect. Police said that he is homeless and that this is not his first violent incident.

“Prior to attacking me, he came up and attacked a friend of mine’s husband,” Warmack said. “And before him, eight other people — so the guy was already known around Ravenna Park and the Ave area as someone who was attacking other people.”

While Warmack is relieved his attacker is off the street, he would rather the man spend time in a mental health facility than time behind bars. “He needs mental health, not incarceration … lock him up in Western State,” he recommended.

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Dr. Eowyn

This happened in broad daylight, at 11 AM!

It used to be that the criminals and crazies come out at night, like cockroaches. But America’s left-infested cities are no longer safe in daytime. Berkeley, CA, is plagued with daytime muggings and robberies where people’s cellphones and laptops are snatched by, almost always, blacks. See this latest example: https://www.berkeleyside.com/2019/05/10/another-defendant-charged-after-yet-another-berkeley-laptop-grab-series


In the 80’s many of the homeless were long-term mental patients who, because of various “human rights” initiatives, were dumped on the streets from state hospitals. Some got into community-based MH programs, some went to prison, and many died. They were annoying but generally harmless, paranoid, afraid of their own shadows. Now in places like Seattle, thanks to the demoncrats, they are dangerous. Now they have “grievances”


What happened to Seattle?!!! How did it descend into this mess? Was it the nuts from California rolling north?

Jackie Puppet

I almost feel sorry for him…almost.

He only yelled at the bum, and threatened to call the police.

He should’ve ended the phone call by dropping the phone on the ground, and deal with the threat that was right in his face.

Especially when he knew about the guy already!


Time to start packing the wasp spray. That’s serious stuff. If you hit ’em in the eyes it’ll blind ’em. If you light it with a lighter it becomes a flame thrower. It’ll shoot 40 feet.

Steven Broiles

Poverty is not the parent of crime: TOLERANCE of crime is the parent of crime. It’s plain to me this homeless bum, whoever he is and whatever “mental health” issues he has, does NOT “need help.” He needs to get his freaking head busted open, and then he might—I said “might” learn.

But it’s a no-brainer: Whenever animals like this come out, the hemophiliac leftists come out of the woodwork!