Under Obama, demons have entered the White House

First Commandment

“I am the Lord thy God; thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.”

Christians believe that any so-called gods or deities other than the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, are by definition demons.

Even before he took occupancy of the White House, as reported by Time magazine in December 2008, Obama, a self-described Christian, was already known for carrying around superstitious “lucky” charms, including an image of Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god.

Obama's lucky charms Obama’s “lucky” charms (l); Hindu monkey god Hanuman (r)

When the POS entered the White House, Mooch’s mom Marian Robinson, then 72 years old, also moved in. In August 2009, it was reported that Robinson had invited an old friend from Chicago — a voodoo priestess — to visit her and the friend performed a Santeria ceremony in the White House.

WH mosqueOn May 31, 2014, another demon “god” was brought into the White House when Robert Bergdahl, the converted Muslim father of U.S. Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl, claimed the White House for Islam with these words: “Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

At that, Obama’s face cracked into a big smile.


Absurdly, Bergdahl said he spoke in Pashtu, aka Afghani, because his son, Bowe, might have difficulty understanding English after five years in captivity.

According to Wikipedia, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim mean “In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, and Most Merciful,” which “is a customary practice of Pakistani and Indian Muslims so they can get divine blessing” from Allah.

This is confirmed by Clare Lopez, a friend of former Congressman Allen West. Lopez is a former CIA operations officer and strategic policy and intelligence expert with a focus on the Middle East and knowledge of Islam and the Arabic language. In an email to West, Lopez writes:

“What none of these media is reporting is that the father’s [Robert Bergdahl] first words at the WH were in Arabic – those words were “bism allah alrahman alraheem” – which means “in the name of Allah the most gracious and most merciful” – these are the opening words of every chapter of the Qur’an except one (the chapter of the sword – the 9th) – by uttering these words on the grounds of the WH, Bergdahl sanctified the WH and claimed it for Islam. There is no question but POTUS knows this.”

When the POS finally vacates the White House, we will need to bring in not just one, but a team of exorcists to fumigate the place.

H/t FOTM’s CSM, Miss May, and Wild Bill Alaska.

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Thank you for your vigilance, Dr. Eowyn.

Idols?! Voodoo?!! Allah?!!!
This is not small stuff. Remember the “Christmas tree” void of Christian ornaments?

Tim Shey

Obama is in the White House because there are so many lukewarm Christians in the United States.

“King Ahab, King Jehoiakin and Barack Obama”


This is nothing new, there has been demons in the white house since the founding, remember washington was a freemason, and freemason’s god is not God proper, but the devil, indeed they even laid the cornerstone of the building. Besides that, unclean spirits have been being invited in to the white house since the times of lincoln (and likely before), lest we forget his wife was big into the seance stuff. I should say as an aside that the words of Ms. lopez should not be trusted to be factual or truthful in any regard, she’s a “spook”/intelligence and her… Read more »


Seumas, you have good information, but Masonic plans do not prevent Islamic plans of overthrow of Christendom merging with those of the Masonic Luciferians. They can work well together. Islam is the pale/pale green/green horse of Islam, horse and rider/death and grave. Green is the color of Islam. Dr, Eowyn’s post reminds me of the teaching that demons can be cast out of a man, but unless the man is cleaned and filled with the Holy Spirit, many more demons will take it over. Thank you for your facts about the 18th century, the age of Skull & Bones, Weishaupt,… Read more »


I would like to suggest your sincerest prayers not just for America but for the whole world. Above all, let not your hearts be troubled and may the Almighty be your armor against the foes.


Reblogged this on The Daily Pause.


A demon entered the White House the day Barrry Hussein Obastard moved in.



Good post! President Lucifer, indeed!


Wow – our noble Founding Fathers must be twirling in their graves. Thank God HE has the last Word!!


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. In addition to the false gods, are the king’s love of himself, narcissism, which sets himself first over God. And the king’s most vile crime is his constant support of abortion, the killing of the Innocents right in front of the Triune God, without mercy, without compassion and most evil.


Scandal after scandal unfolds with this administration. They are becoming the butt of jokes around the world. The house needs to be cleaned.


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