UN, Hotbed of New Age Occult: The Spiritual Caucus

This is Part Four of the series, “UN is a Hotbed of New Age Occult”.
The United Nations — supported by $6.347 billion of US taxpayer dollars in FY 2009 – is actively promoting a new paganism that is a hodge podge of New Agism, Eastern mysticism, and covert Satanism. To make my case, I’ve assembled evidence presented in separate posts for you to peruse and make up your own mind.
Part One of the series is about the UN’s “spiritual advisor” or guru. Part Two is about the UN’s creepy Meditation Room, the custodian of which is the Lucis Trust, formerly called the Lucifer Trust. Part Three is about the occult elite at the very top of the UN hierarchy. Here is Part Four.

This pic is on the Spiritual Caucus' Facebook page.

Large stained glass window, entitled “Peace,” designed by Marc Chagall, in the Eastern side of the Public Lobby in the UN Headquarters. Does this look spiritual or peaceful to you? Note the serpent at the bottom.

People’s Exhibit No. 4: The UN’s spiritual caucus

Did you know that the United Nations has a Spiritual Caucus?
Me, neither!
So what exactly is the UN Spiritual Caucus? The website Spiritual Caucus of the United Nations declares:

“The Spiritual Caucus supports the aims of the United Nations as expressed in the Preamble to the UN Charter. We seek to balance and strengthen the endeavors of the UN system and its affiliates with inner reflection and stillness. We meet from October to June at the UN Headquarters to spend time together in silent reflection, share our insights, and explore ways of using this inner focus to serve the highest potential of the UN.”

For the Preamble to the UN Charter, click HERE.
Caucus meetings are held in the Conference Room, NGO Resource Center, GA37, in the basement of the UN Headquarters, UN Plaza, New York. The Caucus last met on March 17, 2011, 1:15-2:30 pm. The website says “During each meeting, 30 minutes are spent in silent reflection” — which means the Caucus spends only 45 minutes discussing whatever it is that they discuss. The next meeting dates are April 21, May 19, and June 16.
In other words, the UN Spiritual Caucus meets nine times a year (once a month for 9 months of the year), spending a total of 270 minutes (4 hours 30 minutes) in “silent reflection” and a total of 405 minutes (6 hours 45 minutes) in actual discussion. Remember that when you find out who are the Caucus members, every one of whom no doubt is paid a handsome salary for being on the Caucus.
The UN Spiritual Caucus’ website identifies the following 11 individuals as being its members: the first two (Nation and Valocore) are the Caucus’ Co-Conveners; the other nine make up the Caucus’ Coordinating Council:

  1. Steve Nation, the United Nations Days & Years Meditation Initiative.
  2. Barbara Valocore, Lifebridge Foundation.
  3. John Clausen, Global Ecovillage Network.
  4. Frances Edwards, Findhorn Foundation.
  5. Martha Gallahue, National Service Conference of the American Ethical Union.
  6. Michael Johnson, Pathways to Peace.
  7. Audrey Kitagawa, United Religions Initiative at the United Nations.
  8. Patrick McNamara, Association of World Citizens.
  9. Nancy Roof, Kosmos Journal.
  10. Tara Stuart, Center for Psychology and Social Change.
  11. Diane Williams, Source of Synergy Foundation.

1. Steve Nation, Co-Convener, UN Spiritual Caucus
I couldn’t find Steve Nation on Wikipedia but I did find his bio on the website of the Kosmos Journal, where he is identified as a “contributor” to Kosmos. This is his bio on Kosmos:
“Steve Nation is a writer and speaker on meditation and global issues. He is co-founder of Intuition in Service and the United Nations Days and Years Meditation Initiative. He worked for almost 20 years at the London office of World Goodwill and Lucis Trust. Since 2002, he has coordinated an annual global meditation Vigil for the International Day of Peace. He serves on the Council of the Spiritual Caucus at the United Nations and writes a regular column about the United Nations for the UK journal Caduceus. He is a board member of the  Lifebridge Foundation. He lives with his partner, Barbara Valocore, in the US and in his home country, New Zealand where he is a writer and actively involved with the  Darjeeling Goodwill Animal Shelter in India.”
Did you get that? The chief Co-Convener of the UN’s Spiritual Caucus had worked for 20 years for the Lucis Trust — the organization originally named the Lucifer Trust, founded by occultist Alice Bailey, which is the custodian of the UN’s creepy Meditation Room. [Read more about the Lucis Trust in Part Two of this series on the UN: “The Meditation Room”.]
About Kosmos Journal, where have I seen the name? Ah yes, Kosmos is associated with a member of the UN Spiritual Caucus’ Coordinating Council by the name of Nancy Roof!
2. Nancy Roof, Kosmos Journal


Nancy Roof

Roof is the Founding Editor of Kosmos, a Co-Founder of the UN’s Spiritual Caucus and Values Caucus, as well as a Co-Founder of the New Civilization Initiative — which is inspired by and dedicated to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard! Kosmos‘ website describes the journal as follows:
“Founded in 2001, Kosmos is the leading international Journal for planetary citizens committed to the birth and emergence of a new planetary culture and civilization. We are the pioneers of a global age when new human capacities are arising and old institutions are becoming obsolete. We embrace a comprehensive, integral approach to change.”

This should give you an idea of what kind of journal Kosmos is:

Michael Vlahos, the author of one of Kosmos’ “featured articles” in the Fall/Winter 2010 issue  portrays the post-9/11 United States as the world’s “Dark Lord…the mythic essence of children’s nightmares,” and the American people as “a chosen people beleaguered and a civilization beset by barbarism” who now “hound” instead of “succor and lift up” the “wretched of the earth…to the darkest ends of the earth.”
Vlahos leaves unclear which Dark Lord he thinks the United States is. Are we the Dark Lord Sauron of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy? Or is America the other Dark Lord — Voldemort of J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series?
3. Barbara Valocore, Spiritual Caucus Co-Convener and Administrator of Lifebridge Foundation

Barbara Valocore

Barbara Valocore – SURPRISE! – is also a “contributor” to the Kosmos Journal. She is also – SURPRISE! – “the partner” of Steve Nation, the other Co-Convener of the Spiritual Caucus who had worked for – SURPRISE! – the Lucis Trust for 20 years. This is what Valocore’s bio on the Kosmos website says:
“Barbara Valocore spent most of her life as a performing artist in New York and Los Angeles until the early 1990’s when she had the opportunity in 1992 to found The Lifebridge Foundation with her father, Paul Hancock, an early cable television pioneer. Since then, Lifebridge has funded cutting edge and visionary projects untouched by most small family foundations. Dedicated to promoting the concept of the interconnectedness of all life and one humanity, Lifebridge is associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations, owns a “green” retreat facility in the Hudson Valley and convenes occasional meetings on a wide variety of spiritual topics. Barbara is the current Co-convener of the Spiritual Caucus of the United Nations in New York.”
In fact, Lifebridge Foundation sees itself as a mini-me of the United Nations, with a common purpose. More than a spiritual link, Lifebridge is linked to the UN organizationally: “On Human Rights Day, December 10th, 1997, The Lifebridge Foundation was confirmed as an NGO affiliated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations.”

So what is the Lifebridge Foundation? This is what its website says:

“The Lifebridge Foundation, Inc. was incorporated and funded as a small independent family foundation in 1992. This marked the beginning of an absorbing and compelling journey into the relatively uncharted territory of what could be termed ‘holistic activism’. The idea was to foster the truths of the underlying planetary unity and the factual reality of a single human race through philanthropy. The Foundation was established to provide opportunity for groups and individuals who were working to promote these ideas. Since that time, over 200 non-profit organizations and individuals have been helped to fulfill their missions.”
Alas, the Lifebridge Foundation regrets that it no longer accept any requests for funding — not since 2005 — because the foundation “has been on a break from regular funding as the focus shifted to the work of establishing the Lifebridge Sanctuary, “the Hudson Valley’s newest meeting and retreat centre.”
A look at the Lifebridge Foundation’s list of past “Global Spirituality” grant recipients is most revealing. Among the grantees are the following:

  • Gay Spirit Visions, to create “safe, sacred space wherein loving gay men may explore and strengthen spiritual identity.”
  • John Anthony West, a “noted author on new emerging theories of ancient Egypt.”
  • Program for Extraordinary Experience Research, to conduct “research with individuals who describe anomalous interactions, usually against their conscious will, with non-human intelligences, an experience often called ‘alien abduction.'”
  • World Council of Elders, “a traditional council of indigenous wisdom-keepers from across the globe. These Elders are now willing to share ancient wisdom, and to integrate their spiritual insight and practical solutions with modern cultures and technologies. Their teachings will assist humanity in realizing peace, unification, full spiritual awareness and harmony with all peoples, our precious Mother Earth and all creation.”
  • Robert Muller School for Living Ethics, “a school as well as an adult learning center, which focuses on holistic, child centered development and global learning….in the spirit of the World Core Curriculum….” [Note: Muller was an Under Secretary-General of the UN for 40 years. His school bases its underlying philosophy on Djwhal Khul‘s teaching set forth in the books of Alice A. Bailey. Read about Muller in Part Three of this series on the UN: “The Occult Elite”.]
  • Kosmos journal (SURPRISE!)
  • The Lucis Trust (SURPRISE!)
  • Pathways To Peace, “engaged in international peace-building…and to contribute, through consultation and direct participation, to the evolving mission of the United Nations and to citizens’ worldwide participation in the International Day of Peace.”
  • United Religions Initiative, “a locally rooted and globally connected organization which empowers people to act from their deepest values in ways that share the sacred and serve the world.”
  • Patrick L. McNamara, an “organizational change consultant,” “to research and create a comprehensive report on the emerging field of Spirituality in Business…to facilitate a shift in the overall business community toward a modality of inclusiveness and sustainability”; and
  • Findhorn Foundation, an “intentional community” in the Northeast of Scotland “known internationally since 1962 for its experiment with new models for holistic and sustainable living,” especially the the Eco-Village — a small “sustainable” community of 50 to 2000 people united by a common goal of “not taking more away from the Earth than one gives back.”

Hmm, where have I seen Patrick McNamara, Pathways to Peace, United Religions Initiative, and the Findhorn Foundation?
By George, I remember now! — on the UN Spiritual Caucus website!
Four of the members of the Caucus’ Coordinary Council are Patrick McNamara, Association of World Citizens; Michael Johnson, Pathways to Peace; Audrey Kitagawa, United Religions Initiative at the United Nations; and Frances Edwards, Findhorn Foundation!
In other words, a Co-Convener of the UN Spiritual Caucus — who is married to “the partner” of the Caucus’ other Co-Covener — is the chief administrator of the nonprofit Lifebridge Foundation, which has given grants to at least four other members of the Spiritual Caucus!
4. Patrick McNamara, Association of World Citizens

Patrick L. McNamara

McNamara is identified on the UN Spiritual Caucus website as being associated with the Association of World Citizens (AWC). On its website, AWC describes itself as “worldwide movement to create a Global Community for the 21st century that is free from war and weapons of mass destruction; where disputes between nations and peoples are settled through the framework of world law, and where policy and resources are directed to human needs and securing a healthy and sustainable environment for present and future generations.”
The website also says 40-year UN Assistant Secretary-General Robert Muller had been AWC had been AWC’s Honorary President “for many years.” Like the Lifebridge Foundation, AWC also is organizationally linked to the United Nations as having NGO status within the UN.
McNamara is a business consultant living in San Francisco, as well as the administrator of the Spiritual Caucus’ Facebook page.
5. Michael Johnson, Pathways to Peace
Johnson is a Pathways to Peace (PTP) representative to the United Nations. PTP is a non-profit that’s, as its website describes, “an international Peacebuilding, educational, and  consulting organization. PTP expands the comprehension and substantive expression of ‘PEACE’ and Peacebuilding practices at all levels. PTP is building a Culture of Peace by uniting and  enhancing the strengths of existing organizations and programs along eight paths  to Peace.”
Like Lifebridge Foundation and the Association of World Citizens, PTP also is organizationally linked to the UN in that it “has Consultative Status with  the United Nations (ECOSOC), (DPI).” PTP’s website has Steve Nation, a Co-Convener of the UN Spiritual Council, as an “advisor,” and although Robert Muller had died on September 20, 2010, the website still has him as PTP’s “Senior Advisor.”
6. Audrey Kitagawa, United Religions Initiative at the United Nations

Audrey Kitagawa

Kitagawa sits on the Council of the United Religions Initiative at the United Nations (URI-UN), which was established “to provide an ongoing presence for the United Religions Initiative at the United Nations and to engage the URI in initiatives and agendas of the United Nations.” Another Council member of the UN Spiritual Caucus, Martha Gallahue, also sits on the same URI-UN Council.

For its part, URI itself “is an internationally recognized interfaith network active in 78 countries with its global office in San Francisco, California. We cultivate and connect grassroots change-makers across religious, cultural and geographic boundaries, harnessing their collective power to take on religiously motivated violence and social, economic and environmental crises that destabilize regions and contribute to poverty.”
7. Frances Edwards, Findhorn Foundation
Frances Edwards and John Clausen, another member of the Spiritual Caucus’ Coordinating Council, are the Findhorn Foundation’s representatives at the UN Headquarters in New York. As described by the Findhorn Foundation’s website, since August 1998, the two men are very active in the UN, “attending the weekly UN Department of Public Information/NGO Briefing sessions, as well as regular Values Caucus meetings and events, Spiritual Caucus meetings and meditations, the Conference of Non-Governmental Organisations in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CONGO) Sustainable Development Committee meetings, and various other conferences and workshops at the UN.”
Speaking of the Findhorn Foundation, where have I seen it before?
By George, I remember now!
I first encountered Findhorn Foundation when I was doing the research for Part Three of this series on the UN: “The Occult Elite.” I found that Donald Keys — the speechwriter for UN Secretary-General U Thant, with whom Keys had co-founded the NGO group, Planetary Citizens — “has been actively involved with the New Age Findhorn Community in Scotland and writes regularly for its magazine ’One Earth’.” It is also the same Donald Keys who dedicated his book, Earth at Omega, to the “spiritual entity” named Djwhal Khul and to Sri Chinmoy, the UN’s guru for 23 years.
Findhorn, ScotlandSo what exactly is the Findhorn Foundation? Wikipedia says that it was founded as a commune in 1962, in Findhorn, a village in Moray, Scotland, and is now home to 3000 residential participants from around the world who take part in its programs each year. The community has no formal doctrine or creed. It offers a range of workshops, programmes and events in the environment of a working ecovillage. The programmes are intended to give participants practical experience of how to apply spiritual values in daily life.” This is how Findhorn Foundation describes itself:

The Findhorn Foundation is a spiritual community, ecovillage and an international centre for holistic education, helping to unfold a new human consciousness and create a positive and sustainable future. Our community is an experiment in conscious living, an education centre and an ecovillage. Based mainly at The Park, Findhorn and at Cluny Hill College, Forres, the community extends to many individuals and organisations within the local area and to the islands of Iona and Erraid on the west coast of Scotland.

Like the Lifebridge Foundation and Pathways to Peace, Findhorn also is organizationally linked to the UN: “On December 8, 1997 the Findhorn Foundation was approved for formal association with the United Nations, through the Department of Public Information, as a recognised Non-Governmental Organisation.”
8. John Clausen, Global Ecovillage Network
Wikipedia says Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) is “a global association of people and communities (ecovillages) dedicated to living “sustainable plus” lives by restoring the land and adding more to the environment than is taken.” GEN was founded in 1991 in Denmark by the Gaia Trust, a charitable foundation established by Hildur and Ross Jackson from Denmark. The Network includes a variety of types of sustainable settlements and ecovillages, among which is the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.
John Clausen is identified on the UN Spiritual Caucus’ website as having an association with GEN. Among other hats worn by Clausen is membership on the Advisory Council of a United Nations NGO called the Committee on Spiritual Values and Global Concerns (CSVGC). Interestingly, at least two other Spiritual Caucus members are also connected with the CSVGC:

  • Audrey Kitagawa is the Chairperson Emeritus of CSVGC.
  • Diane Williams is the CSVGC’s Founding Chairperson.

9. Martha Gallahue, National Service Conference of the American Ethical Union


Martha Gallahue

A Council member of the UN’s Spiritual Caucus and the United Religions Initiative at the UN, Martha Gallahue, as her Linked profile page says, is also “Leader with the National Ethical Service of the American Ethical Union” (AEU) A biographical sketch of her on ESNW.org indicates she is on the national board of the AEU as well as President of the National Service Conference of the AEU at the United Nations.
According to the American Ethical Union (AEU) website, “The National Service Conference, affiliated with the American Ethical Union, works with other non-governmental organizations at the United Nations and within the AEU on ethical peace-building and other programs. The AEU works at the United Nations with other members of the Council of Ethics-Based Organizations.”
The ESNW.org bio also says that Gallahue was a sister (Catholic nun) in a Dominican teaching order for 11 years, but that she now “lives with her life partner” and has three grown children and one grandchild. At the UN Climate Conference in Cancun, Mexico, in late 2010, Gallahue was listed as being with the NGO, the Maryknoll Sisters of St. Dominic, Inc.
10. Tara Stuart, Center for Psychology and Social Change


Tara Stuart

The UN Spiritual Caucus’ website has Tara Stuart as being associated with the Center for Psychology and Social Change — an elusive organization about which I had great difficulty tracking down. An old website of the Kosmos Journal also identifies Tara Stuart as being Kosmo‘s Assistant to the Editor.
According to the October 1994 newsletter of the Radical Psychology Network, a group that aims to challenge the status quo of psychology, “The Center for Psychology and Social Change is an affiliate of the Harvard Medical School at the Cambridge Hospital and is an independently incorporated non-profit organization. Previously named The Center for Psychological Studies in the Nuclear Age, the Center, which sponsors action-oriented research, experiential programs, and public education, has been in existence for 10 years.” Among the Center’s current projects were ecopsychology and an investigation into the alien abduction phenomenon.
11. Diane Williams, Source of Synergy Foundation
Williams is the Founder and President of the Source of Synergy Foundation (SSF), a non-profit that describes itself as:
“[An] educational organization whose purpose is to synergize individuals, organizations and efforts by tapping into the infinite source of collective consciousness, creativity and potential for the common good. Our intention is to support the release of synergistic energy that will exponentially expand and create a global ripple effect in planetary consciousness. We all recognize that when individuals, organizations, communities and nations unite in a shared sense of responsibility for the common good their collective efforts have a far greater effect on the whole. Recently, we have seen an extraordinary number of networks, alliances and coalitions of individuals and organizations uniting in a shared sense of responsibility to help solve some of the world’s most pressing problems–climate change, hunger, human rights violations, and conflicts. There is a great shift accelerating across the planet where the power of the collective spirit is activated. The Source of Synergy Foundation is dedicated to creating opportunities for synergy that support a conscious evolutionary movement for global transformation.”
As Chairperson of the UN NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns (CSVGC), Diane Williams sees her role as “co-creating the Sacred Place at the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development so that people could join together to manifest the spiritual dimension,” whatever that means.
So there you have it —
The United Nations has a Spiritual Caucus that is comprised of 11 members — The Eleven.
Two of The Eleven are the Caucus’ leaders — its Co-Conveners. They are married to or in their hippy-dippy parlance, “partners.” The male of the two, Steve Nation, had worked for the Lucifer/Lucis Trust for 20 years. The female of the pair, Barbara Valacore, is the chief administrator of the nonprofit Lifebridge Foundation, which has given grants to at least four other members of the Spiritual Caucus.
One of the Caucus members, Nancy Roof, is the Founding Editor of a New Age journal called Kosmos, for which some of the other Caucus members are “contributors” and, in one case, its “Assistant to the Editor.” Kosmos is also the recipient of a grant from Lifebridge Foundation.
There are other linkages besides these which connect The Eleven. On top of that, the various nonprofit organizations in which The Eleven serve in some leadership capacity or another, themselves are organizationally tied to the United Nations.
One would be hard pressed to find another group of eleven more incestuously interconnected and mutually reinforcing in their beliefs as the UN Spiritual Caucus. Only one member of the Caucus appears to be Christian, but she is a former nun and a “Progressive” Catholic, which is really an oxymoron. The other ten members of the Spiritual Caucus have no identifiable religion other than the mumbo-jumbo that passes as the New Age “religion” of the Left.
Yet another curious characteristic of the Spiritual Caucus is that, with the exception of one Asian, all its members are white. So much for the Left’s cause of affirmative action and racial diversity!
Leaving aside the question as to why the United Nations would need a spiritual caucus in the first place, these are the people who “advice” the UN on “spiritual” and “faith” matters — the kind of addle-brained leftists one finds in abundance on American college campuses, especially in the English and Humanities Departments.
And to add injury to insult, we American taxpayers are paying their salaries.
God help us!

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Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

Eowyn, you hit the nail square on the head again!
“Pour out Thy fury upon the heathen that know Thee not, and upon the families that call not on Thy name; for they have eaten up Jacob, and devoured him, and consumed him, and made his habitation a desolate”. Jer. 10-25 Dies irae, Dies illae.


Truly infuriating that our tax dollars support this BS. Utter madness.

A family member
A family member

This is lovely. Not.
I do know one of “The Eleven”. Grew up with her (she’s family). She’s not what you seem to think. But I have a rather strong suspicion that “Eowyn” has a lot of time on his/her hands and not much else to do. Congratulations, you meet the working definition of “wack job”.
Oh, and I can’t imagine that this post will make it. But, thanks anyway.

Please Explain
Please Explain

You do this for a living???


OK, here it is: ask any accountant. He or she will explain to you how all of that works. It’s roughly analogous to Rupert Murdoch’s tax position (although the order of magnitude is a bit different). Murdoch’s businesses ended up in something like a -$4.6B tax liability last year – yep, negative, which means that the U.S. actually owed HIM that much money – all through perfectly legitimate accounting practices. And I’m no fan of Murdoch, but it’s a tax code problem, not the problem of the individual. What I think you are complaining about is what you perceive as,… Read more »

Jim D.
Jim D.

I urge everyone to read, or listen to the audiobooks, of the Christ Clone Trilogy by James Beauseigneur (In His Image, Birth of an Age and Acts if God). It is a fictional series about the antichrist and at the base is the UN and Lucis Trust. It is obviously fiction, but very eerily reflects this “stuff.” As the Jesus said “no one may come to the Father, except through me.”

St Joseph
St Joseph

This UN Spiritual Caucus is the root of evil, woe to you when Jesus Christ returns with billions of his angels.


Interesting reading. I recently met with a friend, who is in possession of the hand written works of Donald Keys. I couldn’t read it for long. Very disturbing volumes of conversations with demons. Dark stuff that substantiates everything you are saying about the spiritual foundations of the UN.