UN armored cars seen in Georgia, USA

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UN trucksA man driving on a freeway coming out of Alabama in southern Georgia took this video of at least two flat-back trucks, each carrying two brand-new white armored cars bearing the letters “UN” in black.

One sharp-eyed reader on YouTube observed that the vehicles “appear to have M231 port firing weapon ports on them.”

The United States is a sovereign country, not under the UN’s jurisdiction. There can be NO legitimate reason why armored trucks of the United Nations should be on American soil, unless the UN vehicles had been manufactured here and are being transported by truck to a port for shipping overseas.

But the “Made in Alabama” website’s page on “Alabama auto family: A look at the models produced in the state” does not include armored trucks as a model that’s manufactured in Alabama, nor does it make mention of doing any manufacturing for the United Nations. When I ran a search for “armored vehicles” on the “Made in Alabama” website, the only thing that came up is an armored version of the Mercedes-Benz M-Class that looks nothing like the UN armored cars:

armored Mercedes-Benz

What I find perhaps even more interesting is the fact that the two trucks carrying the UN armored vehicles have no lettering on them indicating their company’s name. The trucks are also painted UN blue.

Truck carrying UN armored carsUN blue helmetsH/t Activist Post


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0 responses to “UN armored cars seen in Georgia, USA

  1. traildustfotm

    Wow! Those things should not be allowed inside America. The trucks are for transporting money, not for combat, but that doesn’t make their presence on American roads much less chilling.

  2. The blue helmets do not appear to be Kevlar.

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  5. ThePolitical Port

    I did a video on this yesterday. One of my viewers said that the vehicles are made in Texas and transported to Georgia to be shipped out. I have not been able to find any info on these vehicles being manufactured in Texas though nor shipped out through Georgia…nor their final destination https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jc518KCmXaA

  6. If you watch the video carefully, the name of the trucking co. is on the door of the trucks. The video just doesn’t pan it long enough for it to be read.

    • I am visually extremely observant. I couldn’t see any name on the trucks but “UN.” What is the name of the trucking company that you see?

    • If you’re referring to the small lettering on the door of the truck which I’ve circled in red (scroll up to pic), it’s too blurry to read, at least for me. So it’s anybody’s guess what the letters actually say.

  7. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. Most noteworthy indeed!

  8. With Bullshit Berry in the White House, nothing, and I truly mean nothing, surprises me anymore. This is just another daily dose of disgusting from the administration.

  9. Dr. Eowyn, the lettering you circled is not on the “door” of the cab. The door is just on the other side of the silver vertical partition further forward. Stop your video at 0:56 and you can get a pretty good view of it. Those who are from that part of the country can most likely recognize which trucking company it is.

  10. Just another long-term business arrangement, not a conspiracy in sight….

  11. Just the fact those trucks have UN on them and they are in OUR country is unsettling. Were they built here? Why are they here? What is their objective? Don’t we have US Military vehicles that could do any job needed? Are they being shipped out or are they here to stay? I keep reading of UN troops at different places around our country.
    Many questions and an unsettling time.

  12. Very interesting! Since when are armoured money trucks all white?

    If anyone ever makes out the trucker company’s name, or even a few letters of it, we might be able to match it by scanning the lists of trucking co’s registered with the USA DOT, &/or individual States’ DOT’s.

    One place to start, this site has the Fed DOT lists by State:

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  14. Too bad you can’t read the license plate numbers! That should give you the owner of the trucks and the company that is transporting them.

  15. https://www.hendonpub.com/resources/article_archive/results/details?id=1858
    “ArmoredCars” has contracts with United Nations to supply BATTs.
    They are probably being transported to a port in Savannah, since it is a super-deep port.
    Let’s overlook the coincidence of the semi cab color, since they are not similarly colored. It’s probably a color the transport company uses, not because it’s UN.

    • Thank you, JEB.

      The Armored Cars website says it has 3 manufacturing locations:
      Detroit, Michigan
      Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
      Toronto, Canada

      So those white UN armored cars were manufactured in Detroit but transported by truck all the way to Savannah, Georgia, to be shipped out? Any idea who owns Armored Cars?

  16. Dont wannasay

    Around the same time these trucks seen, the United Nationa headquarters that is located in Manhattan New York was having a conference.

  17. The vehicles are made by a company called Lenco Industries in, Inc.Pittsfield, MA . the vehicle is called a Bear Cat . They do vehicles for the military and law enforcement all over the world .

  18. RealityCheck101

    get a life morons, ever notice how non of ANY past conspiracy theories ever came true? I feel bad for you people, the internet has made you stupid

  19. RealityCheck101

    Conspiracy Theorist’s are the new sheeple……you guys just automatically assume nothing is real, nothing happened, I think you people have become the F’tards of the internet. I saw an army helicopter the other day in my town, uh oh, could it be the FEMA camps underway? Get a life and notice your current thought-process, notice your decline….

    • traildustfotm

      We have this word of advice for those who say similar things couldn’t happen:

      “Materialism is in fact no protection. Those who seek it in that hope (they are not a negligible class) will be disappointed. The thing you fear is impossible. Well and good. Can you therefore cease to fear it? Not here and now. And what then? If you must see ghosts, it is better not to disbelieve in them.”
      ― C.S. Lewis, That Hideous Strength

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    Work has been done for me. When I saw this on you tube, got me thinking.. Where where they made?

  21. WOW! God bless you, dear Dr. Eowyn, for keeping us informed. Please stay healthy. You are God’s angel!!

  22. @RealityCheck101:

    It appears that you are the one most in need of what you claim to be: a Reality Check 101 class re-visited. As for conspiracies, call them for what 98% are: long-term business arrangements.

    From your displayed ignorance, it’s clear you’re unaware of a website created by and still maintained by Terrell Arnold, former US Dept of State Service Officer, at https://www.conspiracyarchive.com/.

    There’s a fine essay there today, which would help you a very great deal in your search for Earthly intelligence, but I assume you can read. Goodbye, and good luck: you’ll need all you can ever get.

  23. There are a few manufacturers of various products, that any armored vehicle would be incomplete without, that are located in Florida. It could be they were headed to a Northeast shipping port after getting specialist parts from private military company manufacturers of certain goods. We aren’t likely to see these deployed in any operation in the US. We have the national guard, county, state, and federal armored vehicles for all that. I feel quite certain this was a case of A to B for the vehicles. And, also, that isn’t “UN Blue”. It’s Freightliner blue. Do an image search for it and see.
    That is a Freightliner classic truck, and that paint is the age of the truck.

  24. KandM Trucking

    Counselor. Both trucks are Peterbilt model 379. I cant make out the trailer plate on first one in video. Second trailer plate number is 24 tr (with the t on top of the r) 1005 (best guess). Can make out Dixie, and Ser (Service or Services) on the second truck in video. There is a Dixie Drayage Service in Saraland Al. but couldn’t find any images of their logo anywhere. Can not make out the plates state on either trailer but Alabama does issue plates like these with the first 2 #’s corresponding with the county they are registered in. Saraland is not in County #24 in Alabama.

  25. KandM Trucking

    There is a Dixie Sales and Service LLC trucking company in Luverne Alabama which is in Crenshaw Cty. Crenshaw is county #24

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  27. no dot numbers on the tractor?


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