New Black Panthers offer $10K bounty on Zimmerman

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What starts out as an incredible tragedy-killing just sorta gets flushed with these statements.  I live in Fla. and we have the “stand my ground law”. Which means if confronted and you feel in danger, you do not have to retreat. I don’t have all the facts , but this does not sound like “Stand Your Ground” when you follow someone when told to stand down by P.D. dispatcher. So it’s a tragedy, but these disgusting racist statements do no good for their cause.
(As facts come in I will reserve judgement on “stand your ground” Statement”)

Group offers $10,000 to ‘capture’ Trayvon Martin’s killer .

Oh I know , we’ll wait for Atty General Holder or our Nobel peace prize winning Flotsam and jetsam, aka Skippy, to step in and restore law and order.
Well, ain’t this just peachy.

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The new Black Panther Party offered a bounty of $10,000 Saturday for the “capture” of a Florida neighborhood watch captain.

Members of the New Black Panther Party rally next to a memorial to Trayvon Martin outside The Retreat at Twin Lakes community in Sanford, Florida, where Trayvon was shot and killed by George Zimmerman. The group is offering a $10,000 bounty for Zimmerman’s capture.

The new Black Panther Party offered a bounty of $10,000 Saturday for the “capture” of a Florida neighborhood watch captain who killed unarmed teen Trayvon Martin.


In my haste to post I left out a very telling Statement. 

“Muhammad said New Black Panther’s chairman, Malik Zulu Shabaz of Washington. (He of the kill white babies fame)

, …..was taking donations from black entertainers and athletes…..

The group hopes to collect $1 million off the outrage by next week.”   Ain’t that grand. Kid’s dead and they use it for a fundraiser.  I say Bring it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” leader Mikhail Muhammad said after announcing the reward for George Zimmerman at a protest in Sanford, Fla.
Muhammad called on 5,000 black men to mobilize and capture the neighborhood watch volunteer.

“If the government won’t do the job, we’ll do it,” Muhammad said, leading chants that included “freedom or death” and “justice for Trayvon.”
New Black Panthers members pointed to what they called the inaction of government officials — from Sanford city officials up to the governor — and accused them of lying and delaying justice.
They also said Angela Corley, the newly appointed special prosecutor, was an enemy of the black community. “She has a track record of sending innocent young black men and women to prison,” Muhammad said.
The Southern Poverty Law Center calls the New Black Panther Party, a black-separatist group created in 1989, “virulently racist and anti-Semitic.”
Martin, who is African-American, was wearing a hoodie and carrying a pack of Skittles and an ice tea on the night of Feb. 26. He was heading back to his father’s fiance’s townhouse.
Zimmerman, 28, called 911 to report a suspicious person in the gated community and followed the teen despite the dispatcher’s request that he stand down.
Zimmerman said he shot Martin in self-defense. Zimmerman’s family says he is Hispanic and race was not an issue.
A Florida man was also charged Friday with threatening to kill Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee and his family. Lee temporarily stepped down as chief over the case.
Trayvon’s mom said she was having a hard time realizing that her son’s not coming home, People magazine reported Saturday. “I look at every door and think, he’s just going to walk through it any minute,” Sybrina Fulton told the magazine.“I just want to see him again, but I can’t. “He’s in heaven, looking down at me.”
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0 responses to “New Black Panthers offer $10K bounty on Zimmerman

  1. Among three – Black Panthers, Louis Farakhan, and the remarks made by Obama ; we have race war to look forward to. And about race nto being an issue; there is no love lost between hispanics and blacks.

  2. Organizing for November’s election. There may be thousands of white voters killed.

    • Yep. Best to embrace your Second Amendment right.
      And Spike Lee is a piece of garbage for tweeting Zimmerman’s address.

  3. The evil slime of Communism creeps along the bottom.

  4. Ah, it’s these guys again…

  5. …hard to wave a false flag around here what with
    instantaneous access to the truth….mainstream media
    propaganda just doesn’t cut it anymore.
    They can declare martial law…but we the people
    will be the ones to end it.

  6. This is not going to end well.

  7. Harald Sigurdson

    There have been many flash mobs of “youths” as they are called, that’s what the corporate media whores call blacks from the ages of 11-35 when they are committing assaults and hate crimes against whites (some of the flash mobs have had adults in their twenties and thirties in them) beating and hospitalizing whites, including elderly whites in record numbers. There have been games of “polar bear hunting” and “knockout king” and the corporate media whores are silent on the subject. These games involve large gangs of blacks attacking whites, who are often quite elderly, and who are always outnumbered. Anti-white racist and self-hating white police departments and media personnel have covered these crimes up on a criminal scale. They are accessories after the fact.
    One example among a multitude is the rash of black gang beatings and robberies of whites and hispanics in the low-dow, the trendy lower downtown area of Denver. These racist felonies went on for over two years before the Denver Police Department and the Denver media outlets admitted to what was going on and stopped covering up the facts. The attacks were so severe that one man lost his eyesight in one eye and some of the victims faces were caved in, the bones in their faces were smashed. Some of the gang members would hold the victim while the others beat him until he was unconscious and had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The Denver Police and the Denver media like 9 News, Channel 7 News, Channel 4 News, Fox 31 News, and The Denver Post did not warn anyone of these atrocities for two years and they played down the attacks, which were really quite brutal, and therefore people couldn’t take precautions to avoid being beaten to a pulp and disfigured and handicapped. There is an immense amount of racism now in the United States of America mainly on the part of black anti-white racists and their self-hating anti-white racist white patrons.
    Now we read in this article that the justice department is going to muscle in on a local jurisdiction and take over. Please do not forget that Eric Holder openly and proudly stated in his congressional testimony that the Hate Crimes Legislation will not protect whites, only other groups, everyone but whites. Eric Holder and the {IN}Justice Department refused to prosecute the New Black Panther Party members who are recorded on video as they stood in front of a Philadelphia polling place and insulted, intimidated, and threatened white would-be voters with clubs! Now these anti-white racists have the unmitigated gall to claim racism in what has all of the hallmarks of a case of self-defense. The young black man who was apparently 6 feet 3 inches tall was reportedly on top of his would-be victim (who was a Guatemalan man not an anglo white man) when the man shot him in self-defense. There is a display of absolute hubris among militant blacks and the presstitutes as they pander to hysteria about white racism (even though we are talking about a Guatemalan) when they have covered-up and then condoned immense amounts of violent and brutal anti-white racist atrocities consisting of real felonious crimes in the last several years.
    The black pussy cat party and black politicians and leaders seem to be attempting to foment a race war. Talk about hubris! They seem to think that they could win!:) It would be a hilarious joke if it weren’t so terribly serious. Is it any wonder that there are record gun sales? That is a sign that whites are taking these events very seriously and are taking reasonable steps to prepare to protect themselves and their families from violent criminals and militant gangs sponsored by self-righteous self-hating white patrons.

    • Harald Sigurdson

      You are sensible, if grouchy:) No wonder you are grouchy, you got driven out of town:) But seriously, I believe that the attacks happened from 2007 to 2009 before they were reported and I do not know when, or if, they stopped. I do know that just last summer, or within the last year a very large gang of blacks and hispanics attacked and beat some white kids in the 16th St. Mall right in front of the multitude of people that are always there. Apparently nobody comes to the aid of these victims in these cases.
      I’m glad that you got to a safer place if you did. A boom-town is no place to live nowadays.
      It’s better to live in the country, if possible.

  8. Harald Sigurdson

    P.S. I used the link above because it was a link that I found to Thomas Chittum’s book, Civil War II, in which he predicted these and other events. His analysis of demographic factors alone warrants careful scrutiny by those who would like to take precautions and prepare. I also recommend that you skip through and search for his list of signs that Civil War II is approaching. Look at the list and see which of the predictions and predictors of the war have already happened. One example is: Police departments buy armored vehicles. After reading the list, I recommend that you read the whole book. Chittum saw ethnic war first hand in the Balkans and he knows his subject.

  9. Whatever really did happen here, why has it become a “race” issue? There are “bad apples” in every race. The 2 ppl involved are becoming lost in the frenzy. This needs to be about Zimmerman and Martin, not about Black, Brown, White, etc.
    I’m so thankful for the small community I live in! This is a perfect example of why we chose to live here. I’m praying for all involved…they are all hurting.

    • It’s a race issue because 1) libs/NBP always play the race card and 2) flame the fire. Never let a crisis go to waste, even if they have to manufacturer the crisis.

      • Its sad isn’t it? But we are the racist right? (smirk) 😉

      • DCG
        I just wanted you to know that when I asked above “why has this become a race issue?” I was saying it negatively towards the NAACP and the Black Panthers group. I did not mean it derogatory to any of the commenters here. I hope that I did not offend anyone. I re-read my comment and it sounded as though I did. I know that no one on FOMs would make it into a race issue. I hope that you are not upset with me! I forget that emotions do not transfer onto the screen along with my words! I am so super sorry if I offended anyone! 😀

        • No worries M…we don’t see race first unlike the “hustlers” do. It may be a crime, period. Let the judge & jury sort it out, not the SRM and celebrity wanna be’s…

  10. These people are being abused by big city Poison Politics. There are those who feed off of this sort of thing. They profit from it. They amass power from it.

  11. Funny to me that there are black neighborhoods where young black kids get killed every night by other young black kids, why aren’t the Black Panthers and Farakhan doing something about that? They will ALWAYS raise Hell and claim the whites trying to kill them off, when they are actually doing it to themselves! Wake up people, we are NOT the enemy, it’s the Socialist stirring things up, so there will be civil unrest so they can apply Martial Law! DON’T play the Socialist game! Kick them out of our government and things will run a lot smoother! Semper Fi.

  12. Harald Sigurdson

    The declaration of martial law will be a declaration of war on the American people. Those who do so will lose. I do not not care for implications that we have no hope and could not come out winners in that scenario. The kinds of problems that are coming are inevitable because of the situation that has been created by organized criminals. We just need to decide if we are going to be cringing whining victims or winners.

  13. And then we have those who are in the white supremacists groups like my daughters neighbor. They live really close to a predominately black neighborhood. I taught my daughter to NOT be a racist and to love everyone as Jesus would…and she does. Her Dad is Hispanic and my grandchildren are Hispanic.
    Yes, I certainly will be expecting racial riots such as in the year of 1969-70…when the Black Panthers surrounded my high school and I got intimidated and pushed and slapped around by the black girls in my high school…yet I have never been a racist. Even after what they did to my little girl too! Racist is an ugly word and hatred is murder.

  14. How in the world did anyone ever come up with the “N” word!?

  15. Imagine a world that is completely free of speech and writing. A world where only sign language is used for communication. What would the most popular hand sign used?

  16. Trayvon was NOT stalking Zimmerman, Zimmerman was STALKING Trayvon!!! I don’t care if he had “Grass Stain’s or Blood on him!!! You stalk and confront me, then i am going to feel threatened, just as Trayvon felt threatened and clearly for good reason! He was CLEARLY told by dispatch to stand down, police were in route, but that scumbag decided he was going to be some kind of hero?
    As for “The Black Panthers”, they are no different then the “KKK”, only thing different is the color of thier skin. Why do ppl view “The Black Panthers” differently then they do the “KKK”?

    • Glad to know you have all the pertinent facts. Sounds like you were standing right there…
      Who says we view any racist group different from one another? They all are disgusting. Only difference between KKK and NBP (and La Raza) is that Skippy and Holder support two of these racist organizations. Take a wild guess as to which two…

  17. I don’t care what the kid looked like!!! Martin did NOT stalk or confront Zimmerman, it was the other way around!!! AFTER he was told NOT to approach Martin, and the police were in route. Christ Zimmerman was not even in his own yard! Zimmerman is nothing more then a “what a be Cop”. Because of that this kid is dead!

    • And you have spoken with the police and eyewitnesses to gather all the facts? Guess Trayvon punching Zimmerman and slamming Z’s head on sidewalk is just a little inconvenient detail…

    • Hey, renee,
      How do you know that Martin did not stalk or confront Zimmerman? What secret source of information do you have? Why are you withholding your information from the media?
      But most importantly, why did you insert the slashed-out word “Christ” in front of the word “Zimmerman”? Why do you use the title of Jesus in this disrespectful manner? What’s WRONG with you?

  18. Piece of garbage. I hope she sues him.


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