Creation: Ultrasound shows baby smiling in womb

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Pro-aborts would have us think the unborn baby living and growing in a woman’s womb is merely a piece of tissue, to be disposed of as the woman sees fit.
Here’s a question for you:

When was the last time you saw a piece of bodily tissue SMILE?

The Telegraph reports, Nov. 14, 2014, that Amy Cregg and Leighton Hargreaves of Church, Accrington Lancashire in the UK, say their son Leo David Hargreaves could just be the cheeriest baby in the country because he smiles all the time since he was born on June 30.
In fact, little Leo was smiling even before he was born.
The 4D ultrasound image below is of Leo grinning in Cregg’s tummy when he was 31 weeks old.

The 4D scan – which captured gender, growth and the weight – was taken at Babybond Ultrasound Direct clinic in Burnley. A spokesman for the clinic said: “Our sonographer who scanned Amy and her gorgeous baby was overwhelmed at her smiley baby throughout the entire scan. I think we can safely say that Amy’s baby has been the smiliest baby we’ve ever seen.”
Cregg, a rehabilitation support worker, said: “Leighton and I were absolutely shocked – even the people who did my scan were amazed. I’ve been walking in the park and had people come up to me and say, ‘What a gorgeous baby!’”
Modelling companies, and Next, the high-street fashion chain, have already been in touch with the couple to express an interest in signing-up Leo.
But Cregg and Hargreaves, a painter and decorator, say there’s no rush to put pen to paper. “I’d be interested in doing modelling, but only when Leo’s older.”
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0 responses to “Creation: Ultrasound shows baby smiling in womb

  1. BFD – so what if a body moves in the womb. Can you prove, scientifically with a 0% chance of error, that it actually is a life with a soul before it is born? What gives you the right to decide what is right for someone else? They have to walk their own path, make their own mistakes, and deal with their own opportunities for growth. Try dealing with your own, and keep your nose out of other people’s business.

    • What a hateful thing to write so early on Sunday morning. I feel sorry for you. May God have mercy on your soul.

    • Vermin, did you not see the above photo with the smiling human face? Are you saying that is not a life? To do so is the height of stupidity.
      No one here is deciding what’s right for anyone else. God has already done that. Do the words “Thou shall not commit murder” mean anything to you?
      You say, “keep your nose out of other people’s business”, yet that is exactly what you are doing, which makes you a hypocrite.
      Are you responsible for aborting a baby in the past, as either a father or mother? If so, I hope you reconcile yourself with God and ask forgiveness.

    • Maybe you should have a discussion with the federal government and the 38 states that recognize “The Unborn Victims of Violence Act”, which recognizes a child in utero as a legal victim, if they are injured or killed during the commission of any of over 60 listed federal crimes of violence. The law defines “child in utero” as “a member of the species Homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb”.
      Or perhaps you’d prefer we keep our nose out of other people’s business when they commit homicide or feticide?

    • Vernon, once again, the pro-abortionist absence of moral judgment comes forth through you. Science has already proven it is life via the tests which show the smiling baby child which reflects the movement of the child. What gives you the expertise or right to say it is not life? Your statements are illogical, non-sequential and completely idiotic.
      You miss the point of the post right away, which Dr. Eowyn pointed out to you with her response to you.
      The preservation and acknowledgment of Life in all of its forms is everyone’s business, and if you disagree, then you are lukewarm. Our Lord Jesus Christ said he would vomit the lukewarm out of his mouth. That is why we must protect the unborn because it is our business.

    • vernon,
      here is a video by Garth Brooks called “Mom”. It is a song about a baby BEFORE it is even conceived. One doesn’t need “scientific proof” to know that life is precious and God created man in His image, therefore, ALL human beings exist in the womb with souls and are destined by God to exist. And who’s to say the path a female walks, mistakes she makes, and her own “growth” weren’t destined for her to realize how precious life is and the importance of doing God’s will by bringing forth life instead of terminating it. God bless…

    • This is a handy excuse to bed women, kill children and not look back at the destruction men like you leave in their wake. Sex is not a sport Vernon, it has consequences. As far as who gets to decide if that person has a soul, GOD did, he says so in the Bible;
      Jeremiah 1:5New International Version (NIV)
      5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew[a] you,
      before you were born I set you apart;

      • Men like me? You know nothing about me. I’m over 50, married, and a father. I have never treated sex like a sport – not even when I was in the US Army. So get off your high horse and back up – take the time to realize that just because you believe something that does not mean it is based on fact or that everyone else must agree with you.

    • So just how many descendants does Joseph Mengele have, anyway?

  2. Vernon, that’s a very good question: What gives you the right to decide what is right for someone else?? What gives a woman the right to choose what is right for someone else? Shouldn’t the baby have a say in the matter? Oh, yes… like Ellen Barkin barked “babies, toddlers and probably mutes are not people because they can’t talk…”
    Of course, we have to take in consideration that a baby might be a burden for the mother… as well as a rich old husband might be a burden for his young gold digger of a wife. Has she also the right to get rid of him because he is burdensome, and is stopping her from living her life at the fullest??

  3. Great post, Dr. Eowyn! I hope Leo’s nickname becomes Smiley. (I also hope his parents stay away from all modeling agencies.)
    In that photo, he looks like his fingers are on his chin, as if he’s contemplating a pleasant memory. I wonder what it is?

  4. Life is precious…..

  5. What an adorable picture! I hope Ver-none is young enough for Leo to grow up and find him,and “teach him the error of his ways”.

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  7. What a sweetheart! I wonder how many people change their minds on abortion, etc., once they hold this gift from God in their arms?

  8. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this absolutely magnificent post. What a happy and dear little child!

  9. So beautiful, that baby should be on a billboard everywhere to show the stunning beauty of pregnancy!! How sad that as a society we no longer feel extremely protective of these little innocents. How far we have fallen, how very sad for our country.


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