UK woman arrested for calling “trans woman” a “man” on Twitter

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The UK is toast.

FYI: Some NSFW language toward the end of this video.

If you don’t want to watch the video, read the Breitbart story here.


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13 responses to “UK woman arrested for calling “trans woman” a “man” on Twitter

  1. English novelist/journalist George Orwell (1903-1950) did warn the UK.

  2. That fellow makes a great point that social media terms of use are being enforced as law in GB. During the French Revolution the Republican Guard beat and killed their own while simultaneously guarding the Jewish banking houses around the clock, not unlike those uniformed turds in England abusing this poor woman in front of her little children. However, blaming some nebulous left as fascists and communists for the acts of those uniformed goons undershoots the mark by a mile.

    F Morton in his ‘Rothschilds: A Family Portrait’ writes that the Rothschilds “conquered the world more thoroughly, more cunningly, and much more lastingly than all the Caesar’s before or all the Hitlers after them.” In 1939, on the floor of the US Senate, banking chairman Robert Owen quoted Mayer Amschel Rothschild, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” True as those observations may be, total Jewish control of entertainment and the msm might prompt a present day Rothschild to say, “Let me control the formation of men’s minds by owning propaganda, and I will have the formerly happiest of all Christian nations, England, worshiping evil, and even its police, instead of protecting the mothers and little children most deserving of their care, will abuse them with the sort of coward’s cruelty whose rank stench can be smelled all the way from America.”

    • I’ve been having similar thoughts lately. Just “who” gets to “decide” these things? We have this “PC” culture that is sort of selective tolerance. Precisely WHO decided these parameters? Why should we care what they think?

      The overall pattern seems to always be the same. First it’s “you must tolerate me”. That is followed by “special rights” for those so acknowledged. Then, there are DEMANDS that the rest of us, somehow now “privileged”, must adhere.

      The normal response seems to be a lot of embarrassed stammering and protestations that the accused couldn’t possibly have meant to upset the subject pervert. Doesn’t anyone else think we have an obligation to not allow ourselves to be manipulated?

      • “Doesn’t anyone else think we have an obligation to not allow ourselves to be manipulated?”

        I certainly will not allow myself to be manipulated in this way and yet once these laws are enforced, who wanted to get fined, spend jail time etc. I don’t know what the answer is. As far as the “Odor” as you call them is concerned, they are making the rules without anyones’ consent and acting as if it is set in stone which it virtually is once you can arrest and ruin peoples lives for what they believe or say.

        Now we have the first UK prison sentence for a woman who sang little ditty’s on YouTube about the Holohoax.

        • Yeah, I saw that. I think my point is that we don’t even “hear” objections to stuff like this. Part of that is that we all know the MSM is jus a Zionist propaganda arm.

          I call it “The Odor” because that’s what it is. And they ARE in charge. Yes, they can fine and jail us. They can NEVER get me to acquiesce to their garbage.

          When they stifle speech someone should remind them what this country used to be about. They used “The 9-11 Movie” to destroy the country. That was the whole point. They know from experience how gullible people are, especially when they’re scared.

          What I’m saying is that we all have control over what we have control over. They cannot make me change my mind. They cannot make me not object. They cannot make me agree when I don’t.

          So, if people stopped reacting to name-calling, and a host of other well known ploys, we’d at least present an obstacle for them. The “them” here is actually a VERY small number. What they have is “control”, not popularity.

          • I agree, people have to stop cowering when they start calling names, whether it’s bigot, racist, homophobe or whatever. It’s The only way to break the spell. However, I never ever see anyone doing it publicly and that is where it needs to happen. It should start with our weaselly repub politicians as every time they back down and try to appease this bs they are selling out everyone who voted for them.

            I watched this interesting video on Jordan Peterson, who if you have followed him, know that he got his notoriety from saying he would refuse to be forced to use certain pronouns. In the commie state of Canada one wonders how he got away with it without losing his job. In Uber leftist university. The following video may explain it all. They let you get away with a lot if you are leading the sheep.


            • Yes, that WAS interesting. $8.6m/yr? He’s basically a ringer. Notice his mention of “regressive nationalism”. How is “nationalism” regressive? That implies that “globalism” (communism) is “progressive”.

              Stepping back from it for a minute, just WHY is it so important that they get people to “accept” their buzzwords and catch phrases? Why is any deviation unacceptable?

              Just looking at him reminds me of someone who is terrified and on the edge of losing it. All of that notoriety simply because he refuses to use the mandated terms? Hey, they can kiss my butt. I don’t use them either, where’s my millions?

              • Yeah can you believe it? wouldn’t it be nice? And the amount of young men following this Judas goat now! I know a few. Sent them this vid and crickets. Every single point in that video was astute and well founded, but the part that told me all I needed to know from the get go was that he worked for a Soros henchmen at the UN.

                I know what you mean about his energy. When I first saw him and he was speaking out against the PC one couldn’t help but have some admiration, but at the same time there was always something that didn’t set well with me about him. But you’ve nailed it. He is afraid. Afraid in the sense that he knows he is a hollow bag of refuse, and might be unmasked if he doesn’t keep the bluster going. He’s as phony as they come.

      • Boyd Cathey at lewrockwell today has a go at the ‘neolib’/‘neocon’ fallacy that America is an idea, or propositional nation, and not a people—easily the most lethal of the Big Lies that we’ve been exposing here forever, that’s given rise not least to the wedge of “inclusivity” overturning everything from Christian morality to Western Civilization itself. Inclusivity is by definition inimical to culture, which itself derives from the word“cult” in the sense of shared moral and aesthetic beliefs and so identity—obviously.

        Anyway, it’s heartening to see Cathey specifically denounce Fox News and National Review as two of the worst of cuckservatism’s turds in the punch bowl, making this society very sick while pretending to heal it with more of that propositional logic inexorably leading to the JWO.

        When I hear some Fox talking head or Republican cuck in Congress slyly equate this propositional crap with the rule of law or even natural law, it’s clear, at least to me, that it’s over unless we recognize we’ve been had and move on, because the Republicans, when they’re not being gaymailed to sacrifice our young men for Israel, are destroying the very existence of what they say is their middle-class base. It does’t add up, any more than Fox entertainment & news being at one and the same time the worst purveyor of filth in children’s TV programming and the voice of “family values.”

        • Very well said and yes to all. Obviously, you see through the haze. The media is designed to keep all of the Indians on the reservation. Everything is as they describe it, or it doesn’t exist. There are “left” and “right”, like a Chinese menu, no substitutions.

          The intent is to limit the range of “acceptable” discussion. Any discussion that doesn’t include getting rid of these traitorous scum is a non-discussion.

          They want mindless cattle, period. Cattle don’t have a “middle class”. And yes, their owners live in Israel. Look at the reaction that new Moslem congress critter got when she told the truth. If you asked any of them which they’d take in a pinch, the US or Israel they start jabbering in Hebrew.

          We see and discuss these things repeatedly. The trick is constancy of action with what we claim as our beliefs. It isn’t easy to do when the media is totally owned by the enemy. That is by design. Look at The Protocols. Look at the French Revolution.

          The only thing that works is to step outside of their control. Nothing can be gained by appealing to the source of the problem. Well said.

  3. Yup, the UK is lost.

  4. I wonder how the police would react if a Moo-Slime called a shemale, a male…I bet Achmed would get a pass.


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