UK Police and Media can't name islam as the problem

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The man believed to have decapitated‘ 82-year-old Palmira Silva in a suburban garden in North London has been informally identified by locals as a 25-year old recent ‘Muslim convert’, with one neighbour saying: “He was a black man young about 25 to 30 wearing all black, black t-shirt and jeans, about 5’10” and looked like he went to the gym”.

Police disabled and arrested the man on Nightingale Road in Edmonton, London after he rampaged through back gardens with a large, curved blade that has been described as a ‘machette’. A taser weapon was discharged, and a number of police officers received injuries including a broken wrist and cuts during the operation to safeguard locals and arrest the suspect.
The Daily Mail reports that locals claim the killer is known as “Fat Nicholas”, a heavily tattooed Nigerian with “a big belly and tattoos and he walks the streets sticking his fingers up at people like Somalis”.
As Homicide and Serious Crime officers are in the process collecting evidence, speaking to the family of the deceased and waiting to speak to the suspect who is under guard in a North London hospital, official details have been sparse and the police have not been willing to speculate on the motive.
A police commander speaking at a press conference yesterday said: “based on what we know, we do not believe this was a terror related incident”

So what is it? Ignorance? Cowardice? If you can’t even name the enemy, you certainly can’t defeat him. ~ TD

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0 responses to “UK Police and Media can't name islam as the problem

  1. It wasn’t terrorism, just simple murderous lust.

  2. I have a question-Since guns are taboo in England,what do they do if they encounter a REALLY dangerous Criminal,like if somebody opens fire with a fully automatic weapon,full body armor,lots of high capacity mags and no sense of remorse or fear of death (i.e. a terrorist) ? I suppose,if they can get a man close enough to hit him with a billy-club,no-this is a big problem. Better bring out the double barrel billy club…I picture these cops trying to distract this guy with a “machete” so one can trip him or poke him with a long stick or something. Or are they letting just the Coppers use guns,only under special circumstances. (Their law makers must be of a Democrat mind set.)

    • Traditionally the police had access to handguns and long arms if needed only after first measures to quell someone had failed. They also came out when it was clear there was more than one perp and resistance was going to be fierce. Today I’m sure they are far more commonly armed, and quite ready to use whatever it takes to ‘get the job done.’ However, I will check on this w/my British friend who goes there occasionally, and get back to you.

    • England is a prime example of how Liberalism will destroy a country, even a country so vast and powerful that the Sun Never Set on the once mighty British Empire.

  3. Until these idiots can put on their big boy pants and call terrorism what it is, we won’t be able to defeat them. They all seem to reside in Egypt on the river.

  4. I’m surprised they even said he was black. That little tidbit would have been ignored in Amerika

  5. The combination of multiculturalism and PC has neutered Britain.

    • Spot on there DCG: Overall the Winston Churchills are gone and the Neville Chamberlains remain. Liberalism has conquered the once Mighty British Empire. When I hear England mentioned I usually think of the Kinks song; “The Thin Line”

  6. A former Muslim speaks the Truth to Mr. Obama. .

  7. The guy suffered from a mental illness, known from previous hospital records, therefore religion or is irrelevant here. But I see the white skins jump the gun before reading and researching,

  8. Prayers to this old mans family to have been taken from them by a maniac. May he rest in heaven.
    All I can think is; if a white young man did this to a old black man we’d never stop hearing about it. I hadn’t heard of this at all.
    Media is just filling us with propaganda and more propaganda, I rarely read news anymore it’s just used to twist people’s values and scare them into devotion to the government.
    Another horrid thing came to my mind about media. Some of you might have watched 2014 WMA? Oh lord, how can you let your child watch that?
    I saw one clip with nikki minaj, she can’t sing to being with and all she does is showing off the abomination of a rear she has. I wanted to throw up when I saw it.

  9. “If you can’t even name the enemy, you certainly can’t defeat him.”
    Truth in every word.


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