UK Equips 10 Year Olds With Birth Control

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What starts in the UK, ends up in the US. Sadly, all this is promoted by our government schools which teach the children every form of sex there is, including bestiality. Yes, even sex with animals has been taught in American schools. The state of Maine is the culprit on that one. In the 60s, our health classes were about hygiene and reproduction, but not outside marriage and not co-ed. Today, everything is taught, including homosexual sex to children as young as five.
And what are we doing to their bodies?  Age 10 is far too young to have a birth control substance in their little undeveloped bodies.  As an aside, it’s been documented that spaying or neutering dogs before age two makes them much more likely to develop immune system problems like diabetes, Cushings Disease, and various other abnormalities. Early fixing of animals does not allow the hormones to properly feed the body until adulthood.  It’s just the opposite with young girls.  They are feeding these youngsters hormones their bodies don’t need and won’t need for decades, and the health risks down the road are looking very ominous.
I cannot imagine what these little ones think, but their brains are programmed from an early age and then is it any wonder we have so many out-of-wedlock pregnancies and abortions on young girls…some of them so young you have to wonder what kind of parents were in charge.
Again, what starts in the UK ends up in the US, and this too is population control, a la UN Agenda 21, along with the destruction of our culture and mores.
Here’s the story from One News Now
While organizations such as the United Nations promote sexual options for children in Europe and the U.K., many Third World countries oppose having those values forced on them.
In the United Kingdom, girls as young as ten years old are being injected with long-term contraceptive implants at the expense of taxpayers. Brian Clowes of Human Life International [says that] while the health impact on little girls isn’t known, manufacturers do list side effects for adults.
sex education
“You can see a list of more than 50 major side effects,” he says. “Everything from deep vein thrombosis, blood clots, death, growing hair all over the body, and so on. I just find it ridiculous. We’re against steroid use in sports but we’re willing to pump our little ten-year-old girls full of steroids like this.
The United Nations and groups associated with it are pushing the agenda even further.
erotic ed
“They’re [essentially] saying Kids have the right to sex education, and if we’re going to educate them about sex, of course then we have to give them condoms, we have to give them birth control without their parents knowing about it,'” he remarks. “And then they turn around and say But this won’t increase sexual behavior. And that is as stupid as saying we will give kids the keys to the car, but it won’t increase driving behavior.”
The program has been spread throughout much of Europe and also into Third World countries, where moral values are much more in line with the Bible than in Europe and the United States. Clowes says many of those countries are tired of having conflicting sexual and moral values pushed on them.
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0 responses to “UK Equips 10 Year Olds With Birth Control

  1. This truly makes me want to vomit. I can only imagine how dangerous it is giving a child birth control perhaps years before her first period. I have read several times of the teaching of perverse sex to first graders.
    Sorry, but this give a whole new title of child abuse. Their minds can’t even wrap their minds around it let alone absorb such abuse.
    This whole admin is huge on eugenics, a whole other type abuse.

    • Glenn, there’s far more to this, it’s so bad. It started with the Soviet/US ed agreement made by Eisenhower in 58, and then again in 85 and 88 by Reagan. That gave us Soviet ED which is nothing more than Pavlov/Skinner…training dogs, not academic teaching. It’s so unbelievably bad, you have no idea. I used to study the ed problems all the time, but it became so overwhelming, I backed away, and the governor here in TN, who claims he’s a Christian conservative, is so in bed with Obama and his ed czar, Arne Duncan, that the TN children have no chance whatsoever. I’ll post an article about it soon. Thanks for reading and posting

  2. Is that what Cecil Rhodes, the Round Table, and others had in mind when they developed policies to extend British culture, values, and morality throughout the world?

  3. Just being good commies…see goals # 17, 25, and 26.

  4. Something I haven’t seen addressed is that,considering oral contraception cause a multitude of health problems to ADULT females,who KNOWS what damage they could to to a CHILD?

  5. This “culture” has been gaining ground ever since Obama took office, and started installing “liberal/Progressive” viewpoints as a matter of course, if not law. I read an article about a teacher that took a box of dildos to school to demonstrate their uses to her 5th grade class. The article had a photo of her on her back on a science lab table with her legs in the air holding a dildo pointing down between her legs (she had her jeans still on). By the way she “explained” their use, one of the girls in the class went home and announced to her mother, “I think I might be gay”. Which tells me, the kids were too young for such a demonstration.
    I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my kids learning “sex anything” from a teacher in 5th grade, especially not “positions with a dildo”.

    • And I saw a recent article where they’ll be teaching about homosexual relationships to 5 year olds in kindergarten…it’s truly an atrocity, but this has been going on since the late 60s, and now we have so many generations of dumbed downs that few see the problems or say anything. If you go to local school board meetings you’ll be astonished. I used to go to all of them back in Ohio when my daughter was in school, and we fought tooth and nail to keep good instruction in the school, including Latin, which they wanted to do away with because it wasn’t useful. Well my daughter got a degree in French and it was easy for her because she had Latin in h.s. It’s terrible today, really.

  6. I am an American public school teacher…and will probably teach until I DIE…b/c that is my calling (Think of me when you see the “Statue of Liberty”….”Send me your poor, your tempest-tossed….” etc…b/c that’s what I teach. ) But….before my ONLY, grandchild was 6 months old…we had her private, religiously-affiliated school (K-12) picked out. And, I must add…today as I sat in a staff meeting at my school, after an edict came down from our administration about an issue, a fellow teacher, with whom I rarely associate or sit with/whatever, turned to me and said, “If I had kids of school age today….I’d pull out all stops to get them to a private school education.” It seems to me that when you fail from within…you downright FAIL. Period.

    • I’d suggest to you and your friends that you buy Charlotte Iserbyt’s book, THE DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA…and I will also try to post my article entitled, THE COMMUNIST CORE DIVERSION, because the elitists are trying to control all religious, private and home schoolers, and how will they do that? With vouchers/choice. And how will V/C do that? Federal law states that with one penny of taxpayers’ monies going to private, religious or home schooled children, all federal regulations follow. Ugly isn’t it. As for charters, they are tax supported, BUT they do not have to report to the local school boards, thus it is taxation without representation and we fought a revolutionary war over just that. Thank you for telling us the truth about education and it’s the teachers who get it. So many have left because of what is demanded of them, teaching to the rotten tests, no academic learning. It’s terrible..

  7. Kelleigh, do you have a source on that school in Maine teaching bestiality to kids?

    • Yes, do you know Charlotte Iserbyt? She was in the Reagan ed dept. in the 80s as a policy advisor and she found out what was happening with education. Reagan did the two Soviet ed agreements and Charlotte found out what was in them. She knew if she said something to Ed Meese she’d be in trouble. She wrote Reagan a letter, but of course her boss, Bell, didn’t much like that and sent her to the “library” as punishment. She called her husband and told him to get a u-haul because she’d found a treasure trove in the library. She copied and sneaked all the info into her hotel room knowing she would be fired sooner or later. That’s what happened, and she took all this home to Maine and wrote a book in 1999 entitled, THE DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA. At any rate, Char has the documents on the ed in Maine and found out about the bestiality and has spoken about it on radio interviews and interviews in person. I could ask her for docs if you wish. She had two conferences, one back in 12 at her home, and then another in 13 in Georgia. They were all put on discs. I spoke at both conferences about education in TN at the first one, and about the false friends on the right at the second one. She is really the leadership in this country of fighting what the elitists have done to destroy academic education and replace it with Skinnerian behavioural training as in dog training…terrible.

  8. Oh yes, you can also download the original book THE DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA, with the index…(hooray) on Char’s website. , but she has an updated book that came out a few years ago. It’s on her website as well for sale. The original 1999 book is out of print, but free for download whenever you need to look something up.


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