UK boy, 4, has strange satanic mark on skin

The following story is from an UK tabloid, The Sun (via Malaysia Chronicle), of July 29, 2014, so read it with caution.
The significance of the article is in readers’ comments. They’re hilarious!

Samuel Jones14-year-old Samuel Jones, with his mom, pointing to the sign on his chest.

Boy, age 4, has mark of the DEVIL on his chest

The parents of a boy aged four were horrified when a “mark of the Devil” appeared on his chest.
Sharon Lewis and Robby Jones spotted the cross-hair imprint as they got son Samuel ready for bed.
Samuel Jones2The sinister sign is proving a devil to explain. The imprint has baffled his parents, teachers and even the family’s GP.
Shocked Sharon, 37, of Market Drayton, Shrops, said yesterday: “It’s a nightmare. Some people have said it’s the Symbol of Mammon — the sign of the Devil’s first born — which has been very upsetting. Just looking at it made me shake thinking something unnatural had visited my boy. Something or someone made the sign on him but we just can’t explain how.”
Sharon, an adult care worker, said there was no mark on Samuel when she gave him a bath and put him to bed on May 23. The lad dressed himself for school next morning and the couple spotted the symbol that night.
Sharon said: “I took off his uniform and there it was — two concentric circles with a cross through the middle. I asked Samuel if he’d had a bump at school or fallen over but he said ‘no’. He looked at it in the mirror and — like Robby and myself — could not explain it. Samuel suffers from a rare brittle bone disorder and we assumed he had slept with a toy or something pressing into him. But he said he hadn’t. We stripped off his sheets and found nothing.”
Fearing he had a skin infection or rash, Sharon of Market Drayton, Shrops, took him to her GP.
She said: “The doctor said it was not a rash, the mark was not sore and there was no surrounding reddening. He admitted he hadn’t a clue what it was. We were confused and frightened.”
When Samuel returned to school after the half-term break, Sharon asked his teachers at Hinstock Primary if they could explain it. But they knew of no incidents.
Worried Sharon put a picture of Samuel on Facebook asking what people thought the mark could be.
She even contacted a US website specialising in mysterious body marks and read claims of alien abductions. She said: “They asked me to do a questionnaire. One question was: ‘Have you seen objects in the sky you cannot identify?’ It felt strange getting involved in that stuff but we were, and still are, desperate to find the truth.”
Sharon, who has two children, Joe, 16, and Hannah, ten, from a previous relationship, said: “The whole thing has been a nightmare. You see this kind of thing on scary sci-fi films. It isn’t supposed to happen to families like us. Now we sleep with the landing light on and Samuel often comes into bed with me and Robby. I know it sounds crazy but I have found myself listening out for bumps in the night.”
The marking stayed on the right of Samuel’s chest for three weeks before finally fading on June 16.
Robby, 34, a plumber, said: “You can still make out a faint silvery outline of where it was.”
The symbol features in the 2005 Keanu Reeves film Constantine. A priest carves it into his hand after a nightmare.
Mammon is said to be one of the Seven Princes of Hell and used the cross-hair symbol as his calling card. He is associated with the deadly sin of greed. The symbol appears in Egyptian tomb paintings and carvings dating back to 1500BC and cave paintings in Italy apparently depicting visits by beings from outer space.

Samuel Jones3 symbol for Mammon, son of SatanSymbol for Mammon

Below is a sample of hilarious readers’ comments on the Sun article:
Paul Taylor: “Who stole Obama’s mark”
Brian Young: “Nothing to worry about. The Anti-Christ is either playing golf or at a fundraiser.”
me: “Obummer must have come into his bedroom one night and left his ‘mark’.”
Rob Gunn: “If obama had a white son, after all he is half white”
Karen Cox Callahan: “Has Obama visited them recently?”
Biff Wellington: “What’s the big deal? The Anti-Christ was born in 1961, and is now running the US….or should I say ruining?”
cjccam: “Trouble is, this wouldn’t show up on Obama . . . but we all know its there.”
Ryan E: “The mark is in the wool on his dome”


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It amazes me at times what some people will freak out over, then get famous for 15 minutes… would I honestly have put my son on fb or other media? … in a word… no…. but here they are for all the world to see…it makes me wonder though… her statement… (that can’t happen to people like us) like us? what does that mean? nice people? what qualifies for nice? we seem to be in a world of (dare I say) faithless people…..just looking at their picture, their eyes seem… well, dead…. just my two little cents. :o) Would love… Read more »


As this is from the UK, one would think it would be reasonably rational, but people like to run w/their fantasies, so here we are!
I like what was commented on in the Malaysian posting:
Kurt Steinmetz · Top commenter · SLU
“Lol! This story is hilarious! Got several laughs from it.”


Dr. Ewoyn, Just wondering if you have seen this? Please Pray!!!!
Evil people are trying their hardest to kill us!


looks more like a bull’s eye that “someone” made, probably while the child was sleeping


Very creepy but I feel sorry for that poor little boy. If something evil is behind it he needs to see an exorcist pronto. I think the parents allowing this to be aired to the world is making a side show freak out of their own son.


Their comments are hilarious!


Yeah…and then there were all those British crop circles that NO ONE knew from whence they came……(well, at least for a while….).


If the thing was spiritually generated then they should get a real Christian to talk with the kid and especially about what he did at “school” that day, and apply exorcism if necessary. I tend to suspect this is more something some jerks at the school did to the kid, if not the parents themselves… of course it also could have another purpose, crosshairs = found on guns, saying crosshairs is “mark of devil = “guns are satanic” in the minds of those reading about the story. Besides all that mammon is a demon of money, currency, material wealth, no?… Read more »

jimmy flynn

The symbol of mammon a friend found on back part of my body as well as other scratches.Do you know what this symbol means a circle with an arrow going through it.Thanks

Wayne Howland



My mother who is 53 woke up with two of these markings. I’m not going to automatically rule out that the only way this image can made is by oneself but this has my full attention and concern as a person who himself believes in God.