Uh Oh, He's Back. Little Johnny.

Teacher:- “Right, there are five birds sitting on a telephone line. A farmer comes along with his gun and shoots one of them. How many are left?”
Little Johnny:- “None Miss”.
Teacher:- “Could you tell me why?”
Little Johnny:- “Well Miss, when the farmer shot the bird, the sound of the gun would have frightened the other birds away”.
Teacher:- “Well, the answer I was looking for was four. But I like your thinking.”
Little Johnny:- “Miss, while we’re asking questions, could I ask you one?”
Teacher:- “Its a bit irregular, but go on then”
Little Johnny:- “There are three women sitting on a bench in the park, eating ice lollies. One of them is licking the lolly; one is biting it; and one is putting it in and out of her mouth. Which one is married?”
Teacher (rather embarrassed):- “Err… I suppose it was the last one.”
Little Johnny:- “Well I’d have said the one with the wedding ring. But I like your thinking.”

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9 years ago

LOL! little johnny comes thru every time!

9 years ago

Hehe…little Johnny is a smart arse!