UFO Over Jerusalem

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At around 1 am on January 28, 2011, two eyewitnesses captured this amazing footage from the Armon Hanatziv panoramic lookout over Mount Zion and the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel.
At first, the bright light seems to be stationery. Then, at around the 0:50 mark, it begins to descend until it is resting just above the Dome of the Rock. Then, at around the 1:20 mark, it emits a huge super-bright flash and then shoots up at lightning speed.

One of the witnesses, Mr. Eli Gael, notes in Hebrew that he is certain it’s forbidden for Israeli civilian craft to hover over Jerusalem in such a manner.
H/t Look Up Fellowship.
Here’s another video, taken by American tourists (h/t fellow Ted Nougat):

Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem's Old City, which I've found in my travels to 6 continents to be the most beautiful city in the world.


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0 responses to “UFO Over Jerusalem

  1. WHOA! I really AM living in the Twilight Zone!

  2. There is now another video from a different angle, much closer and very clear, taken by some American tourists. The only issue I have with it is their reactions when they see it – they seem forced and rather insincere, given what is taking place before them.
    There is biblical significance with such signs and occurrences preceding major events. Maybe through this, people will turn their attention toward Jerusalem. With the current situation in the Middle East this could prove very interesting – if it’s not clearly debunked as a hoax pulled-off to hype a forthcoming movie.

  3. https://the-end-time.blogspot.com/
    This is a very good site. It’s the lead story.

  4. A grand video, even awesome!
    I’ve been following UFOs ever since my father pointed one out to us children (I was 10, sisters were 5 & 6), when a very bright, shiny small sphere led a lumbering 4-engined military plane on a goose chase in the clear air of a Chicago Summer sky. Hey! It was 1953, and Chicago did have clean skies way back then!! We also had the equally awesome aroma of the Stockyards, quite noticeable even to us who lived on the North Side, near Diversey & Halstead.
    There’ve been many credible witnesses to events which gubbmints should have come clean about long ago, instead of leaving them to ferment into fear states. But maybe that’s what gubbmints want….

  5. this is really neat! I have seen many similar happenings in my lifetime-

  6. close encounters of the 3rd kind good movie sort of. i thought close encounters of the nerd kind a parity along with a pork chop now where better movies than the movies they parodied. no ufo encounters here too many democrats where I live.. remember they are looking for intelligent life i dont believe democrats or liberals qualify as intelligent maybe in their own minds but why do we have to keep dumbing things down if they were intelligent.

  7. May The Schwartz Be With You! – Space Balls

  8. It’s aliens returning to their mosque.

  9. Found this newest video on youtube… its nonsense up until about 4:30 when you actually see the UFO. This video more clear than the other ones as you see light reflecting off the dome (and moving) as the object drifts to the left. You also see cars moving on the streets etc.
    Why it took 3 days to post this latest video (given the nature of it) is raises more questions? But if someone is really hoax’n these… they are doing a great job!

  10. I believe the American tourist version is faked… Here is the still photo used to make the video.
    Nothing moves in their video except the object as the camera is panned around. When the camera zooms in, the video appears even more photo like. There is no “bright flash” like in the other two. The tourist video also cuts out after the object shoots skyward (very strange that they would not continue video taping the sky). The audio makes it somewhat believable, but when you see the still photo (its exact) of the scene uploaded to wikimedia…. simply a hoax.


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