UFO Over Football Stadium

Last Saturday, Sept. 3, 2011, a UFO was spotted racing across the sky above an Indiana sports stadium where the Notre Dame Fighting Irish was competing against the University of South Florida.
When the game was halted because of a lightning storm, the sports reporters began talking about the lightning, getting the cameramen to focus on the sky. The cameras captured a shining long object flying about the clouds, first going straight, then suddenly making a sharp curve disappearing into the same cloud that a few seconds earlier had shot out lightning.
As fans were evacuated from the stadium after the game was halted for a second time at the match, a tube-shaped elongated object was spotted circling in the sky.
Source: Daily Mail

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I love all UFO sightings; one day all the world will see an ultimate one. I’ve only seen one my dad pointed out for us to see on a bright, sunny, clean air day in Chicago, 1953. I believe those who pilot them are benevolent, for if someone w/such superior technical abilities wished to defend themselves or simply eliminate us, they could have easily done so long ago. This hasn’t happened, so it’s likely they have benign intentions. Or we could be distrustful, and think they are being very cagey, leading us to trust them before they attack!


My first thought was that perhaps “Touchdown Jesus” was just waving them in for a landing….but one must wonder if UFOs will precede the grand illusion/deception or,for the real conspiratorialistas,whether they are part of our shadow Air/Space Force…then again ,sometimes a balloon is just a mylar balloon caught in convection currents of an advancing thunderstorm.

Ted Nougat
Ted Nougat

Just before the object begins its arc and heads the other way, there is a second one that comes into view, traveling directly toward it. Look at the top right portion of the screen, right after the lightning flash. It’s like the main object is turning to join up with it. The second object seems clearer on the third (last) looping of the footage in the video.


Too bad there wasn’t a UFO over Sanford Stadium when my Dawgs lost to the Game Chickens. 🙁
LOL – We could have used the distraction.
And I still don’t know what that abomination was at Soldier Field yesterday.
Maybe aliens kidnapped my Falcons and put pod people who didn’t know how to play football in their place.
They may as well have.