UFO blasts Taliban camp in Afghanistan?

UFOIn March 2014, a U.S. Marine in Afghanistan took this video of a mysterious unidentified flying object (UFO) blasting a Taliban camp to smithereens.

The video, allegedly shot sometime in March, was uploaded to YouTube on May 9, 2014, and instantly went viral, collecting 750,000 hits in just a few days.


The video, showing a strange triangular UFO in the sky, reportedly was shot by a soldier standing next to a stationary armored column.

A split-second later, huge explosions erupt as the mysterious UFO hit the purported Taliban camp, sending up plumes of smoke.

After the smoke clears, the cameraman zooms in to shoot a close up view of the triangular-shaped aircraft, which looks unlike any known U.S. military drone.

UFO1KGRA radio shows the video is a hoax, created by blending two separate videos into one:

  1. A video of a purported UFO over Virginia, USA, released on October 10, 2013, which is also a hoax.
  2. A video of an explosion in Afghanistan, without any UFO, taken in October 2007, which has been “mirrored” or flipped, with the armored vehicle now on the right side of the screen, instead of on the left:


Sadly, KGRA’s debunking video has only 2,439 views as of my writing this post, which goes to show human beings not only are gullible, they actually prefer to be bamboozled instead of know the truth.

H/t Daily Mail and FOTM’s CSM


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john molloy
john molloy

Most humans think that being deceived is being informed.
After all, look how many people voted for Obama the second time


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post and for setting forth the truth in this matter.


LOL – So the Martians don’t like the talibastards, either. :-^)



While this may be a photoshop hoax, it doesn’t explain what the UFO is, although I suspect it’s a delta-winged aircraft displayed upside down.

It would be personally good for myself if I learned what UFOs are really about before I go Home!