U.S. white pre-school kids think they can grow up to be blacks

America has gone mad.
When transgenders — a biological imposssibility no matter how much sex-change genital mutilation surgery you get — became all the rage, we on Fellowship of the Minds joked that before you know it, there’d be transraces. The latter term refers to people who imagine themselves to be a different race than the one their heredity and DNA say they are.
Then came Rachel Dolezal — the white president of Washington’s NAACP who was outed as a pretend black, but to this day still insists she is a negro, although her biological parents and childhood pictures of her say otherwise.
Rachel DolezalNow comes news that her lunacy is spreading.
CBS Detroit reports, May 19, 2016:

Can a person’s race change over time? No — but preschoolers seem to think so.
According to a University of Michigan study, white preschoolers often believe a person’s race can change over time, and the youngsters even think they can can grow up to become black adults.
Steven Roberts, a U-M doctoral student and the study’s lead author, said that although children may be aware of races other than their own, they don’t have a strong understanding of what race is — at least not to the degree of adults.
Roberts and colleague Susan Gelman, U-M professor of psychology and linguistics, examined the extent that children believed race was stable; that is, whether a black child would grow up to be a black adult.
The experiment included 74 children and 28 adults. Children were recruited in the Midwest at museums, and adults were recruited online.The data were collected between 2014 and 2015.
Researchers showed participants pictures of children who were happy or angry and black or white, and asked them to indicate which of two adults each child would grow up to be. One adult matched the child in emotion (but not race) and the other matched the child in race (but not emotion).
Participants could have chosen a same-emotion but different race match, or a same-race but different emotion match.
White adults, white 9- to 10-year-olds and racial minority 5- to 6-year-olds selected the same-race matches, which meant they believed, for instance, that a white child would grow up to be a white adult.
But white 5- to 6-year-olds showed a different pattern. They selected the same-emotion and same-race matches at equal rates, which meant they were not committed to the belief that race was stable.
“These data suggest that beliefs about racial stability vary by age and race, and that at an early age, children do not have strong beliefs about race. They don’t even believe that race is stable,” Roberts said in a statement. “Because of this, white 5- to 6-year-olds may be less likely to use race as a way to discriminate against other children when selecting who to play with, for example.”
One possible reason underlying these differences could be experience. Roberts says black children might learn about racial differences at younger ages because of their exposure to more racial diversity, whereas their white peers might not get those experiences until they attend grade school.
This research was funded by a Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship, a National Science Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship, and a grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. The findings appear in Developmental Psychology.

God help us!
See also “Transgender & transrace are so yesterday. Here’s transspecies!

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They may be confused about race yet know if they were born as the wrong gender! /sarc


[…] via U.S. white pre-school kids think they can grow up to be blacks — Fellowship of the Minds […]

Steven Broiles

When I went to Boys Town in 1970 for one year, there were kids from almost every ethnic group, and the adults saw to it that we got along. We had to get along regardless, for many of us had nowhere else to go. When I went to John Bowne High School from 1971 to 1974, the whites and the blacks got along. We tolerated each other, in the good sense. But we did not want to become like the black students. Was this racist? NO: We wanted to better ourselves, not measured against them, but measured against what we… Read more »


the devil is the master of confusion and his followers are confusing our children in every way possible.
God, please help our country.


back in 1984 (before the mormons changed their “bible”) I was in Utah and a white family that adopted a black kid were telling the kid that he’d eventually become white, which was needed because being black was a sin. (I wonder how screwed up that kid ended up when he never became white)


The interesting thing in this is that everyone is to a degree “mixed race,” so what is the point of seeking a sort of “racial hegemony?” The fact that we are still using race to define and categorize people is sort of sad in a way. Martin Luther King Jr. talked about being judged by the quality of one’s character rather than one’s skin color or ethnic heritage, and we haven’t gotten there yet. It seems as if we are still staging a struggle for hegemony- that x race is “privileged” over y race. Until we get it that reverse… Read more »


the elites want us to all be a neutral tan color and no ethinicity so that we can all be obedient slaves that all think and talk and look alike.


I’m reminded of two things:
1. The George Carlin comedy routine about putting a group of white guys and a group of black guys in a room, and then coming back a month later and discovering the white guys walking and talking like the blacks.
2. In the 1970s, suddenly white dancers started dancing like black people.
A small thing, perhaps, but the first step in ‘blending’… and now it seems that all female dancers act like whores onstage..
Morality would seem to be out of fashion.


Hell Michael Jackson grew up to be white didn’t he?


Well over half the peer-reviewed, published “findings” and “research results” in the soft sciences are not only irreproducible and not only false, but frequently outright fraud. Worse still, this pathetic crap will “earn” grad student Steven Roberts a PhD based on the intellectual judgment of 5- and 6-year olds about an incomprehensibly vague notion of “race stability.” A quick look at a photo of “Dr” Susan Gelman, however, is prima facia evidence that the woman is undoubtedly insane and that anything she writes about is not worth reading except for laughs.


You have to wonder why so many from one race is attacking white people so hard. They protest everything we do, but can provide or suggest nothing better.
You have to wonder, if deep down, they really hate being black and want us to feel bad also. Is it jealousy? Look at the color, shapes of people, slimmer feet, nicer hair, etc. are they protesting too much and really hate their race?

Christian Zionist

Just in the last few months, the country seems to be totally mad. All Cloward Piven plans to destroy. But this is off the scales. Remember the woman who pretended to be black and worked for NAACP, and was found out to be white…people have so many mental illnesses today….this is just another one of them.


Today I am identifying as black, so I slept in and had Mountain Dew and a Moon Pie for breakfuss.


Why don’t I mix up the routine a little,and identify as a Black Muslim woman today? Tomorrow I can identify as an albino trans-gender pygmy goat,and marry my refrigerator…..