5,200 U.S. troops are heading to Mexico border!

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Please see update: “Operation Faithful Patriot: more than 5,200 U.S. troops deployed to secure US-Mexico border will be armed“.

President Donald John Trump means what he says.

Last Thursday, the President said he was “bringing out the military” to guard America’s southern border against the caravan hordes of mainly young, military-age, male migrants invaders from Honduras and Guatemala trekking through Mexico on foot and by train, bus, and truck toward the U.S. border.

On Monday, Oct. 22, Trump said he had alerted the Border Patrol and the U.S. military that the migrant caravan was a national emergency. He tweeted: “I am bringing out the military for this National Emergency. They will be stopped!”

The invading horde now number more than 14,000.

Reuters reported less than an hour agao that the U.S. military has received a request from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for active-duty troops to be deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Speaking to Reuters on condition of anonymity, a Trump administration official said the military is examining the request that could require deploying between 800 and 1,000 active-duty troops to the border to assist with logistics and infrastructure, but would not be involved in “law enforcement” activities, something that would be prohibited by a federal law dating to the 1870s.

Note: What Reuters means is the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.

That law restricts the use of the Army and other main branches of the military for civilian law enforcement on U.S. soil unless specifically authorized by Congress. But the military can provide support services to law enforcement and has done so on occasion since the 1980s.

However, there are specific statutes that authorize the president to deploy troops within the United States for riot control or relief efforts after natural disasters.

There are already 2,100 unarmed National Guard troops along the borders of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. In April, frustrated by lack of progress on the wall, President Trump had ordered them sent to the border to help secure the border in the four southwestern states.

Also in April, Trump had raised the prospect of sending active-duty military forces to the border to block illegal immigration border-crossers, raising questions in Congress and among legal experts about troop deployments on American soil.

800 to 1,000 troops are a good beginning, but not enough.

President Trump has already called the “migrant” invasion a national emergency. By declaring martial law along the border, he can justify the deployment of troops for riot control.

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53 responses to “5,200 U.S. troops are heading to Mexico border!

  1. Trump told the people at the WI rally that NONE of these invaders would be allowed to enter the U.S., and that we would be very impressed with his temporary version of a wall. Also, legal commentators are saying that he can even send troops into Mexico to stop them. We shall see. Trump is very serious about protecting us.

  2. They previously sent over 4,000 to help the Border Patrol. They are under orders not to do “law enforcement” operations. They are alleged to be using about 2,000 at the present time but it is reported that they are unarmed.

    I am dead serious about this. That is not only not enough, they need to be DIRECTLY INVOLVED in this, not restrictions. Just the classic rules of engagement.

    They need machine guns, Claymores, flares, and wire. It is absolutely doable and easy. He has the unquestioned authority to use whatever means necessary to defend our border. Posse Commitatus only applies to policing. This is not the situation we are facing.

    I hope he doesn’t wimp out, but I’m afraid he will. They must be met with something menacing and real.

    • Lophatt .. . Bravo! You have an absolute excellent grasp of what is going on, and what is approaching our Southern Boarder. I agree, our military troops need to be armed with the latest and the greatest of military armament.

      Although, I know nothing about military logistics . . . in my mind I would say there should be a minimum of 12,000 US troops. Teddy Roosevelt in his great wisdom had a saying . . .”Speak softly, but carry a big stick!” I would say our “big stick” needs to be 12,000 US troops, so that these marauders are so frightened by what they see, they there is no choice but to turn around and go back.

      I had to laugh when I saw some of these “destitute immigrants” many of whom were wearing “gold chains.” Here I thought they were folks who lived hand to mouth. How is it that they were able to afford to purchase gold jewelry?

      God Bless our President, Donald J Trump, may he be blessed to handle this imposing invading army in every appropriate manner.

    • Kelleigh Nelson

      I fully agree, and if they’ll not allow them to use real bullets, then rubber bullets and tear gas. I’d like to see what you’re saying, but it will never happen…the society today is too weak to do what really needs to be done. Every person who illegally steps on our soil should be shot. Sounds harsh yes, but this is costing American taxpayers billions and billions of dollars and this pile of young males are not poorly fed, or underclothed, this is purely Soros trying to destroy this nation with filth from third world countries who will kill American citizens and make us sick with their illnesses we’ve overcome decades ago. I am sick of this.

    • I’m afraid he will wimp out too. First 1000 troops are nothing as was already pointed out for the amount of invaders. Secondly, it’s about the orders they have. Unless they have been given orders to actually shoot the mob if they come on inch past any barrier, then it’s over. They will just mow down the soldiers too. I still think those sound cannons would be a good beginning too. Let’s see if they keep pushing past the border when they feel like they are being fried.

  3. Excellent!

  4. Protecting our environment, flora ,fauna, and the citizens of the United States. Thank you President Trump.

  5. I am surprised that they didn’t call on the Oath Keepers or the 3% group to help, the more they have, the better chance of stopping them. But hey what about all the private property that borders the country can the people who live on the land that own it can they use deadly force to protect their property? And if no who will to protect them since it is private property? This brings on a whole new set of problems for the people living in the area.

    So his back is against the wall and we will see what will happen once they are here. Pray for the people who will get caught up in this and hurt who have no bone in this fight just as usual collateral damage they call it. The invaders will bring this upon the folks who are living on there land in the wake of this invasion. I for one will protect my family don’t care what the government says they make it to the house they will live in a box. God first Family second and the law third that is how I see it. I pray this never happens to me or my family.

    • Brian . . . Bravo! Well spoken, from a righteous and Christian-centered man. I also pray that this hoard will be deterred without bloodshed.

      I must say the idea about inviting the Oath Keepers or the 3% group to guard private property is one heck of a great idea.

      Dr Eowyn .. . Fabulous post! Thank you for keeping up acquainted with up to the minute news regarding this impending Army approaching our land.

  6. It has become increasing obvious that the mob was transported through Guatemala by vehicle. How could they walk so far, so fast, but now in Mexico when the world is watching, they have not even made it 100 miles. Some 500 have accepted bus rides back to Honduras. Some 1,700 have applied for asylum in Mexico. Mexican authorities are refusing to provide food, water and restrooms to those who refuse asylum. It appears that since the photos of cash hand-outs and NWO trucks have gone viral, the NGOs are keeping a lower profile. However, it looks like women and children (the most photogenic) are still being transported. Perhaps the Federales stood down because they know this trek is impossible without on-the-ground support. Better to let the mob poop-out, then present a violent face to the world.

    One migrant I saw said he was going back to MAKE A LIFE in Hondrus. Another quote: “We didn’t know what lay ahead. we want to return to our country, where you can get by- even if just beans, but you can survive there with our families at peace”. Note that he used the word peace, yet we are told there is no peace there. These people are pitiful pawns of Soros and the Globalists. They took the cash and hopped on the truck, but then their joy-ride turned into a nightmare.

    I have been debating people for years about why they come. It perplexes me how people who have never been to Latin America think they know how life is lived there. The LA Times quoted one member of the mob who had recently been deported from Arizona. He was returning, he said, because he missed his PlayStation, Buffalo Wild Wings and his car. All the foreigners I meet talk about American films, celebrities and other bits of pop-culture that I have never heard of. If someone gives me clothing with a brand I give it away, because I will not advertise satanic NWO companies. In Mexico and Central America, branded clothing is like the Holy Grail. These people love satanic American tv dubbed in Spanish. They yearn for all useless, glittery American toys that they see on their smart phones- and you can bet they have the latest model.

    Life IS very different down there. A person who values a slower, more religious, more natural life can be very happy there. However, for someone who wants to ape American pop-culture, who wants more and more STUFF, well I suppose they would not be happy there. Pop-culture is the most dangerous export of the US.

  7. ALELUYA, this is the best news I’ve heard about the invading plebeians. No doubt about it, POTUS MEANS BUSINESS. I can picture him when he was a private citizen conducting business at the Trump Tower.

  8. The same technology [BAE Systems] that eliminated the Somali pirates from overtaking shipping lanes, can be used at the US/Mexico border. We have NO obligation to accept these invaders onto our soil.

  9. Just a thought that I’ve had ever since HS days when the National Guard was sent to Viet Nam (Greencastle PA National Guard unit spent something obscene like 3 or 4 tours in Viet Nam….). Isn’t the National Guard meant to GUARD the nation—our domestic borders—–not anything else? Why haven’t we had rotating National Guard Units at the border for years? Why aren’t our major National Guard units MEETING and training at bases already at the border or in newly-created bases at the border? When our Border Patrol Agents were being KILLED, where was our National Guard? WHO guards the nation? Call me an IDIOT for thinking that it COULD BE THE NATIONAL GUARD. How about the COAST GUARD? Aren’t they supposed to GUARD THE COAST…instead of rescuing hapless people who try to arrive illegally to our nation by the waters around us—hauling them in so they can be turned loose to disappear into our populace? What the heck IS the “Air National Guard” anyway? Do these guys DO ANYTHING that actually keeps our National borders sacred and safe? Just thinking. Probably there is no answer that will satisfy my wondering, b/c there has been no demonstable evidence in years and years to show that these entities exist to “protect” our National interests…which means…OUR BORDERS.

    • That was the intent. They used to be under the Dept. of Transportation. After the 9-11 Movie they were moved to DHS. After that, an “emergency” was declared and they were placed at the disposal of the President. The Governors used to control them.

      I think they are still treated like Army personnel now.

      • Thank you, LO…I knew you would know. So, I’m seeing the picture now….Governors USED to be able to use their STATE (they are still identified by state and city) National Guard units…..a legacy, I think, of the “MinuteMen” of old…….and of the state militia of the pre-Civil War era…..to guard/defend their own state borders in advance of any Federal decisioin or action when they were under duress from an outside, foreign entity. This is how I read it Constitutionally. But, somewhere along the line…..a PRESIDENT nullified this centuries-old arrangement. WHO?

        Also, I note here that it was Barack Hussein Obama, who, in one executive order, WIPED OUT generations of “retired-but-ready” ex-service members. I never figured that out b/c it was of NO FINANCIAL INTEREST to the US Gov’t. These were retired military members who have professional standings who were “stand-by/on call” (with no money involved) & could be called upon at a moment’s notice to relieve, for instance, VA doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, or other programs participants, so that THOSE could go to an active zone….and the retired professionals could take their place for at least 90 days at a time…

        I know for a FACT that Barack Hussein Obama did this b/c my husband was one of these “stand-by” professionals who stood ready to reactivate, even in later years of his life, to take over domestic situations so that the active military could be called into more dire situations. What was the true AIM of something so stupid as this….so short-sighted? So pre-emptive of WHAT?

        • I’m feeling too lazy at the moment to do any research, but I remember that Sparky Bush was on the throne when the Dept. of Homeland Security was formed after 9-11. That was the excuse to make changes to the reserves.

          It used to be the case that all the state governors had a certain amount of troops at their disposal. The equipment they used, etc., belonged to the state. The Governor could call them up for state and local emergencies.

          During declared wars they could be drafted into the regular Army for specified terms. When the fighting was over they were returned. The federal aspects of this were handled by the Dept. of Transportation just like for the Coast Guard.

          That has changed too. I think they’re all under DoD now. I don’t know the details of how they handled the equipment, what “rights” the governors still have, etc.. I think this has been the case as long as we’ve been in Afghanistan.

          So now, when something comes up, they have to “borrow” what used to be theirs. I don’t know much about the “ready reserve” if that’s what you’re talking about. When there was a draft, all people who did their active duty had a period of years that they were considered “inactive”. They could be called up at any time.

          When officers retire, and I believe certain senior enlisted NCO’s, I think they go to “ready reserve” status for a time. Technically, general grade officers never “retire”. They just move to inactive status.

          I know a few admirals and a couple of generals in this situation.

          • Yes, LO…you have hit on the basics of “ready reserve.” What interest did Barack Hussein Obama have on wiping out the “ready reserve”..for instance , for the US Public Health Commissioned Officer Corp…..a non-paid, ready to serve/take over domestic situtions in order to free up active military personnel…….?????? What was the ‘UP SIDE” of this executive action? Wouldn’t you want your active TROOPS to receive medical care if the present system was stressed by a domestic or foreign situation that took them away from domestic service to military personnel?????? IMO….only to wipe out a legion of patriotic, loyal Americans from serving at a moment’s notice. Instead of this Obama instituted a new Commissioned-Officer Corps that had a 2-week boot camp: here’s a scenario: The Surgeon-General Corps, to which we belonged…..reported directly to the President……..and we had a CAP of 5,000 people. This includes inactive reserve…..SO…if President Obama wanted HIS OWN people to serve in lieu of the old “servants”……he could stack his active reserve with loyal “troops” to him. Reference UCMJ…..Uniform Code of Military Justice. Check Mate. If you don’t go alone with Obama (at the time)…you go to Court Marshall and Federal Prison. Obama and his minions figured out so many facets of the US “system” way before he even became POTUS….Stalin did it…Hiter did it…..Sadaam Hussein did it….. In this way….Barack Hussein Obama “weaponized” even the Public Health Service, as he did the IRS, the FBI, CIA, US State Dept, NSA and other security-intelligence agencies…..blah blah blah……

            I believe that Donald Trump…who knew NOT the extent of this “swamp,” esp. as escalated under Barack Hussein Obama….gets up every morning and learns something new and awful about some of what I’ve described. I think he hardly sleeps when he works for the American people who are NOT a part of this miasma….We know and see the attacks that he absorbs…defends….goes forward with in spite of…..I could NEVER do what he does every day…and he NEVER EVER had to do it…at his age…..& he could have retired to his mansion in FLA and never had a care about “us” at all….

            FURTHERMORE—-please remember what was done to this blog that we love, to which we submit our opinions freely…….please remember that “Google” refused to help our own government but is helping the Chinese……IMO this is more than a “cyber” war…it is a war of ideas and a war of 1st amendment rights…..For sure, it is a “new day” in America, and one with which we can hardly keep up with….

  10. This is their primary intent. If they can’t get enough to do this then they should be pulled off all the idiotic foreign wars and sent home.

  11. If these invaders are coming from Guatemala who’s there to say no to Cuba/Castro to send another invasion via Cuba/Key West, the dry foot/wet foot is no longer in place. CUBA/CASTRO is the slithering snake.

    • Yeah, just think some of them may have been trained by the School of the Americas. Well, maybe their fathers.

      Nobody ever won an armed confrontation be equivocation. I can almost see this whole thing unfolding with them using the women and children as human shields.

    • They have exported their red revolution and revolted Latin America against the USA, it was left to grow instead of “slash and burn” I can only blame past governments.

  12. The question may be whether the Fed troops are actually going there to stop invaders, or are they there to stop, with the use of force, those patriotic Americans who are also going there – who are the one who are willing and able to do what it takes to stop the ongoing invasions of our homelands.

    The leftists and jews are already preparing for a fake barrage of news reports against whichever, either the troops or the patriots, or both – based upon the recent probable falsified sensationalized “news” reports about “mail bombs” being sent to some of the bigger-name leftists and jews.

    • That’s a very good point. The numbers scare me. It isn’t nearly enough for any serious defense. If they don’t want to either be overrun (in which case he’s completely lost), or get involved in a back and forth that could go on forever, they have to show that they mean business.

      The best way I know to do this is to blast up a bunch of divots to show them they mean business then fire bursts over their head and walk them back. If some hombre decides to show his huevos, well, sorry.

      It wouldn’t take much of that to get them to lose interest, pronto. If they just sit there leering at each other and provoking each other it will never end. They will slip through in ones and twos forever. If one gets cut in two that traffic will surely slow.

      All you do is set up the wire, draw a line and warn them that if they cross you’ll shoot to kill. It’s all up to THEM.

    • I tend to agree. It’s starting to look like a ploy to turn a cold civil war into a hot civil war. It could be that the plan all along has been to foment vigilantes and military to shed each other’s blood. A favorite tactic of the Freemasonic/Talmudic cabal is to pit one group against another, so their involvement goes unnoticed by the dumbed down flock. I can recall only one incident from history where they actually said the blood was on them and their decendents.

  13. Sorry poor downtrodden healthy military aged men future democrat freeloader voter caravans Hussein Hopenchange is no longer in office to welcome you.
    Contact Nancy Pelousy for free foot washing.

  14. Some of what this Czech Member of the European Parliament has to say in, “Czech Politician: What Multiculturalism Hides”, also applies to our other nations including the USA.

    “This new policy of multiculturalism, which emphasizes the benefits of cultural diversity for society and the state, is an example of the exploitation of others based on a fantasy of virtue. Those at whom the sweet talk of multiculturalism is aimed, can see that it has done nothing to improve their lot, and are now realizing that their future is bleak.”

    Some politicians claim that we need a mass wave of immigrants to care for our elderly. This is controversial: in a new country, if they are unskilled, they will barely be able to care for themselves, let alone for others, and will present an additional burden to our already overburdened social security system. If, on the other hand, we bring in highly qualified immigrants to our workforce, we would be taking away from poorer countries the best they have to offer. What right do we have to use them to solve our own problems?

    Under these circumstances, the nature of multiculturalism has changed. It has become a means to exert fierce psychological pressure primarily on the middle- and lower-income sectors in Europe. One form this pressure has taken is the equating of the plight of the current refugees to emigrants escaping to the West from behind the Iron Curtain. The comparison, however, does not really apply. The Eastern European at that time emigrants did not aspire to achieve “multicultural status”. Their goal was to integrate — to adapt to a society that was so generous as to have accepted them. [Flanders: Instead of engaging in the overwhelming of our systems and taking over].

    Our insurance systems, which were founded by, and developed for, the nation states whose populations they were meant to serve, were simply never designed to cover them.”


  15. We all have known it, of course, but now it’s been “Confirmed” about jew Soros and other “stealth” jew organizations, which allied with other leftists, operate behind Front Group names [using foundations, corporations and other entities] as cover.

    “The open borders group behind the illegal alien caravan marching to the US border is funded by several liberal organizations including Soros’s Open Society.

    The Pueblo Sin Fronteras (“People Without Borders”) is a project of La Familia Latina Unida, a Chicago, Illinois-based 501(c)(4) illegal immigration advocacy organization formed in 2001 by Elvira Arellano, an activist for immigrants living illegally in the United States.

    The group is part of the CARA Coalition* and is funded by a number of major left-of-center grantmaking foundations, including the Open Society Foundations, MacArthur Foundation, Ford Foundation, and Carnegie Corporation of New York.”


    • * “Pueblo Sin Fronteras organized the caravan in conjunction with the CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project. The CARA coalition consists of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, the American Immigration Council, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association, all groups advocating for legal status for illegal immigrants and expanded immigration overall.[12] These organizations have been funded by a number of major left-of-center grantmaking foundations, including the Open Society Foundations, MacArthur Foundation, Ford Foundation, and Carnegie Corporation of New York.”


      • Of course. All those Africans don’t arrive in Europe on new inflatable Zodiacs with brand new outboard motors, sporting new, clean clothes and new cell phones either without “help”.

        We are told that Soros is a billionaire. That wouldn’t even pay for all this. He is an agent of the Rothschild’s pure and simple. All these people did not just get up and decide to do this.

        These Global Marxists have plans. They have fellow travelers who for money, power or out of ignorance, assist with this hoping for a seat at the new Odor table.

        So basically, we are at war. We have been at war since this began in earnest. After all, some cabal has decided to eliminate our ability to govern ourselves. Our choices are to either allow this to happen or fight back.

        None of us here arranged for this to happen. They will simply do this unless they are stopped. In some sense they have achieved much. It is doubtful we will ever regain the ability to unite this country again. That isn’t our fault either. It is the result of their efforts, conditioning, and the weak minds and spirits of what we call “The Left”.

        • You do call it exactly right, Lophatt. There is no concern in the slightest for our own people, nor for the ones whom those globalist’s who head the jewish international state are importing to our countries by their subterfuge. It is all about the jewish plans for a communist JWO, with them at the head of all nations. The jews chose America because of it’s military strengths to act as policemen for their wars against other nations and now they seek to subdue completely our own America.

          By the way, I have come across this information which can become somewhat of a natural talking point illustrating another danger which can be posed by this massive invader caravan.

          “New Zika Warning Issued After Cases Seen in Mexico Near Arizona Border”

          “Mexico has never left the list of countries affected by the virus, but the increase in cases in Sonora, with 45 confirmed in the last two weeks, has concerned officials and prompted the warning.

          “We want to make sure that if someone is going on vacation and they are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, that they know about the risks,” Dr. Rebecca Sunenshine, medical director for disease control at Maricopa County Public Health, told KSAZ.

          “We are asking that they avoid travel there if they are pregnant.”

          Men who travel to Mexico should also be cautious after returning, Sunenshine noted.
          More than 3,000 women were infected with Zika in Colombia in February 2016. Hundreds of women were affected by the virus in America in May 2016, reported The Epoch Times.

          The virus eventually died down, and no cases acquired through local mosquito-borne transmission or sexual transmission inside the United States have been reported in 2018, the CDC said on Oct. 3.

          However, 98 cases acquired through presumed local mosquito-borne transmission have been reported in U.S. territories this year, and 46 Zika cases in travelers returning from affected areas have been reported in the United States this year.

          There’s no known vaccine or medicine for the virus, making prevention crucial.”


          • Good points. There’s also a “Polio-like” virus going around too. It works fast and its deadly.

            I truly would not put anything past them.

          • A few of these could be just what the doctor ordered:

            • They are planning to “control” all of us with the 5G network now being installed here and worldwide. Same technology.

          • Those are excellent points. For some reason not many people seem to know what its like down there. If Hell has openings it might be a better choice.

            Besides the suffocating humidity there are the giant insects and snakes. For variety, as you pointed out, there are the diseases. They have diseases there that haven’t been around most parts since the Spanish Conquest.

            By the way, I try to “like” your comments and others but it doesn’t always allow me to do that. Just so you know.

  16. Anybody who’s visited TrueNewsUSA in the past will remember this (the blog was shutdown almost a couple years ago by Blogger:


  17. Its the Cloward-Piven strategy along with the Kalergi Plan to genocide White people, their cultures,societies, and nations. The Death of the West as prophet like Pat Buchanan wrote and has been warning us for decades

  18. Zika and a polio-like virus has been mentioned above. Here’s what the CDC itself and the Border Patrol say is also coming across our border and passing through medical screening: HIV, measles, pertussis, rubella, rabies, hepatitis A, influenza, tuberculosis, shigellosis, syphilis, scabies, chickenpox, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, viruses, lice.

    A Mex philosopher interviewed on Internet radio a few years back stated it was government policy down there to ship their criminals and criminally insane people up here. The Bush cabal positively had to know this almost twenty years ago.

    As I understand it from reading Michael Jones, the CIA (a Wall Street excrescence from the get-go) was as much created to control Americans through black ops as foreign nations. That’s almost 75 years of bankster subversion to bring about the new feudal Dystopia we see coming to fruition in California today. We can hope otherwise, that it’ll be different this time around, but as California goes, so goes the rest of this country.

    To bring the Wall Street connection full circle, the (money interests) Deep State is as likely a candidate as a European Rothschild cabal for orchestrating this invasion through puppets south of the border, and likely only a little taste of what’s in store. I’d also consider whether these Sorosian-style billionaires (posing on the left and right) who’re funding the destruction of our country aren’t fronts and cut outs of the Deep State itself rather than its enemes—or otherwise how explain the inexplicable immunity they’re afforded on both the left and the right.

    But beyond identifying all the thousands of groups that have been funded by Wall Street and Hollywood money to annihilate us, we can see the results. The reason nothing gets done isn’t because we’re lazy slobs more interested in TV or shopping deals, but because we’ve been betrayed by the Tepublixans at every turn down the road to hell for middle class America.

  19. Here’s a nice touch. American (USA) trucking company hauling invaders. I wonder what they’re paying them?

  20. Thank God for coyotes -they’re waiting for the slaughter!

    • I read this morning that a group of kids who were being trafficked were taken into state custody to keep them away from their abductors today. They said that there was a lot of that going on in the caravan.

      They interviewed several of them. They all said exactly the same thing, going to the US for work, education, the usual. You could tell by their eyes they weren’t telling the truth. Many were well-dressed and looked VERY shifty.

      There were Indians (Bangladeshis) and alleged Syrians as well. Obviously someone organized and put these people together. Many of these would be recognized as criminals in Mexico and they’ll be the same here.

  21. It is quite clear that Bergoglio is behind this ‘socialist invasion’ with the help of his other globalist operatives. American citizens are exhausted with this political BS. We either operate by the ‘rule of law’ or we devolve into a ‘banana republic’. I vote for the former which is lasting and give my children a future based on solid rock.

    • Yeah, I watched an interview in Spanish where they were all lined up telling the reporter where they were from. Some were from the Middle East, India, and Brazil. There were some blacks who could have been African (probably Somali).

      Trump actually surprises me at times. He talked to the reporters today and couldn’t be baited into “accepting blame” for either the phony bombing or this. It drives them crazy. I love it.

  22. As our British friends would say, it’s about bloody time.


  23. How many soldiers per “Troop”?

    Google’s drop-down-menus of similar questions said anywhere from 14-50 soldiers Per Troop, to 250 soldiers Per Troop.

    Big Difference in numbers. Is there a legit number?

    If 50 soldiers Per Troop x 800 Troops (AP) = 40,000 men. That MIGHT work: 40,000 unarmed (=worthless) soldiers to “stare down” 14,000 invaders.

    Or will the unarmed soldiers instead play “arm wrestle” with the invaders to see who “wins”? :-/

    Sigh of relief. Everyone can feel Safe now. (/sarc)

    Great post & comments everyone. I feel your pain & frustration.


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